A Rejoinder to Danjume’s “ASUU: Strike as Lucrative Business” By  Bello Umar-Farouk Jega


The fact that for almost the first time in the history of our ivory towers, it is not only the “unpopular” ASUU that is presently on strike but also all other university workers’ unions, explains the justification and encompassing nature of our current struggle. Even the subservient vice-chancellors who government usually employs to harass ASUU members when they go on strikes are in support of the current strike Details


NIGERIAN ELECTIONS 2003 UPDATE # 11:  INEC Website is UP! By Mobolaji E. Aluko, Ph.D.


As we continue to be “surprised” and/or  “befuddled” by the on-going election results, the INEC website showing some overall and state-wise summaries of results has sprung alive – it is up!  Details


Towards a Saner National Assembly. By Mike Ikhariale


So far, so good, the people of Nigeria have indicated to a very skeptical world that they have firmly resolved to embrace democracy, judging by the orderly way that they conducted themselves during the just concluded national legislative elections. This is quite contrary to the perennial doomsday prediction that scarily preceded the April 12 legislative elections. Details


People and Politics. By Mohammed Haruna


Those in power have the means, financial or otherwise, to manipulate us into acting unwisely. They also have the crude force to frustrate our collective will. Our experience at all three levels of government in the last four years shows quite clearly that not only do they have the means to buy or rob us of our conscience, they are more than willing to use such means. Details


APRIL ELECTIONS - Welcome Happy Mornings. By Banjo Odutola


“Well, at least we can elect our own leaders; we must welcome April 12 and 19, as the happy mornings of the Christian Easter. We should see these two days as the rising up of our nation from the macabre of the last four years.” Details


For a Stable, Secure and Prosperous Nigeria; The First Rule is Law and Order. By Uzo Igbanugo


In all, a vote for Buhari/Okadigbo team will be a vote for a return of law and order.  This will bring about stability in the country.  It is under this regime that we would seek first the wisdom of law and order that Nigeria needs to stand and prosper. Details





Crime and Circumstance

The senate’s shameful constitutional dalliance has its precedent in the Constitution itself.  Consider for instance that the Constitution prohibits the criminal prosecution of the president, the vice-president, the governors, or deputy-governors.  Only in Nigeria is this type of immunity tolerated. Details


SUNDAY MUSINGS:  National Assembly Elections without Candidates? By Mobolaji E. Aluko


On the other hand, a backlash of sorts against the PDP party (rather than individual candidates) traceable to this zero-candidate development is also in the offing in the North, where incumbent senators Idris Kuta (of the Kuta Report fame), Idris Mantu (Deputy Senate Speaker), Prof. Iya Abubabar (PDP), Ghali Na'Abba (PDP Speaker of the House), and intending senator Jubril Aminu (ex-US Ambassador), ALL PDP members, are reported to have lost! All the Senatorial candidates in Atiku's Adamawa State (where the otherwise popular and favored-son Jubril Aminu’s loss is particularly surprising) are in the ANPP column. Details


Federal Nigerian Army Blunders of the Nigerian Civil War (1)


On April 19th, Captain Francis Mokonogho and his DC-3 crew lifted off from Port Harcourt airport for yet another routine tactical airdrop over Owerri. But, unknown to them, fate beckoned. They flew right into a Biafran offensive. Biafran anti-aircraft gunners were no longer in the mood to accept the free aerial gifts from the federal government, nor were they going to allow Etuk the luxury of any more ammunition or food, no matter how small. Thus, they shot at the plane furiously, forcing Mokonogho to abort its final approach and turn around to Port Harcourt with its cargo. He barely made it back. The DC-3 was badly riddled with bullet holes. It would be the last attempt by the 3MCDO to resupply its beleaguered brigade. Details


For Continuity and Change Not for the Bugle. By Abdulrazaque Bello-Barkindo


In actual fact it is not the voting that's democracy but the counting and only yesterday while casting his vote candidate Buhari of the ANPP enumerated how the government is preparing to manipulate the counting. Even more worrisome is that his wife Aisha could not find her name on the voters register. Details


Omo Omoruyi Vs Ndiigbo (II) Exploring "Ethnic Suicide" and Other Fascist Themes in Omo Omoruyi's Essays. By Mazi  K. O. Ani


We may well reach a stage where it will become necessary to launch a mass civil rights protest involving the picketing of any institution whose equipment and other facilities are used to create and disseminate anti-Igbo literature. By the time Ndiigbo are done with him, every Igboman woman or child anywhere in the world should be able to identify the name Omo Omoruyi as a rabid Igbo-hater, the Nigerian equivalent of France's neo-fascist leader- Jean Marie Le Pen. Details


Need for Healthy Learning Environment. By Victor E. Dike


As Nigerians await the result of the 2003 National Assembly elections, which took place on April 12, 2003, it becomes imperative to reflect on the unhealthy learning environment prevalent on the campuses of Nigeria’s educational institutions. Because the failure of the society to vote into office those who are education-friendly during the on-going elections, would mean the continua-tion of the sordid condition of affairs in this crucial sector, and final demise of education in the society. Details


Gowon's Apology to the Igbos Lacks Sincerity. By Femi Olawole



The apology credited to Gen. Gowon was directed at the Asaba people of Delta State and not to the Igbo.  As far as many of our Igbo brothers (including my own very close Igbo friends) are concerned, the Delta State Igbo will always be simply known and referred to as fake Igbo.  Just like bats, they are neither rats nor birds to the Igbo. Details


The Roots of Political Violence. By  Stephen Lampe


Compared with other Africans, Nigerians are generally regarded by foreigners as aggressive and combative. This is sometimes thought to be a virtue in relation to those Africans who submissively accept injustices. But quite often our aggressive behaviour smacks of a lack of personal refinement, a sign of an inner weakness; it is not the result of reactions to perceived injustices. Details


Reasons for not Endorsing Obasanjo: Re: Prof Omoruyi' s 'Goal of Obasanjo....' By Abdulsalam Ajetunmobi



However, with a passionate desire for a new grammar of government and a thriving Nigeria after decades of sometimes merciless, always brain-deadening rule, I am tended to view with curiosity rather than affection the Professor's dogged endorsement of Chief Obasanjo whose victory he has since linked to the "interests" of his "people of Edo and Delta." Details


Nigeria On the Brink: Election Jitters Grips Nigeria. By Chika Onyeani


The Igbo will continue to be marginal in Nigerian politics because of their so-called individualism and lack of coherent leadership.  Everybody looks out for himself, and can easily be bought and their so-called intellectual elites are the greatest panderers to the term "any government in power - AGIP." Details


Nigeria police: Do We Need this Type of Police? By Sonny Onyegbula



Although the Nigerian Constitution and the Evidence Act, 1960 in particular, prohibit coercion of suspects during interrogation, studies have established that the Nigerian police indulge in the use of torture for the extraction of criminal "confessions" during interrogation of suspects. In the study conducted by the Constitutional Project (CRP) 69% of the respondents alleged that statements or confessions made by suspects during police interrogation were not made voluntarily. Details


The Dishonourable Africans – Part IV. By Sam Abbd Israel


It is understandable why most enlightened Africans who have closely followed the story of this nation often feel ashamed as Africans when the case of Nigeria is under the searchlight. They would ask themselves in umpteenth times, how could these prodigal sons and daughters of Africa from Nigeria be lacking in shame. How could they have the gut in any international forum to be seeking leadership role or opportunities? Details


How  Not to Endorse a  Candidate: Omoruyi Vs.  Himself. By  Jonas Okwara


I have carefully done a content analyses of  Prof. Omoruyi’s contributions to  internet sites and  have found  out  that  he is always in the midst of where things are happening but strangely does not tell us  how he wriggles away when  things go sour.  Prof Omoruyi  served in the government of  General IBB and  led a cast of intellectuals including Prof. Sam Oyovbaire to study the  Egyptian and Indonesian models of democracy in preparation for IBB to succeed himself. Events that happened afterwards  including the annulment of the  June 12th 1993 elections are what  made Omoruyi to leave for the United States on exile.  The man was  reportedly shot by unknown  people in the  days following the annulment, yet in all  his contributions, Omoruyi has not  thought it wise to narrate these events.  What we have  seen all along are attempts to blame others for the mess he (Omoruyi ) contributed to in Nigeria. Details


Breaking the Succession Jinx. By Mike Ikhariale


From my little knowledge of the politics of Nigeria, all the odds squarely favor Obasanjo for a re-election. Power would remain for a while in the South West before it goes back to the children of Arewa who seem to have already laid the foundation for that eventual return. Quite tragically, however, and risking the usual ill-informed abuses and reckless stigmatization thereafter, I dare say that the Ndigbos are just not yet on the political radar of Nigeria. Details


Nigeria Airways and National Decision-Making. By Isaac Ehikioya


Take the Lagos-New York route for another example. South African Airways pulled out of the agreement with Nigeria Airways on the route because it was not making money on it. She wanted the terms of the agreement revised and Nigeria Airways would have none of that. The following week after South African Airways pulled out, Nigeria Airways surfaced on the route. Nigeria Airways had been away from this market for at least five years. Whatever market data she had on the route was out of date. Yet she plunged headlong into the market with leased equipment the next week, a market where an airline with its own equipment and up to date market statistics was losing money. Details


Letter to Fellow Nigerians on the April 19 Presidential Election. By Aonduna Tondu


The moment of truth is here. In slightly over a week, fellow countrymen and women will be going to the polls to elect the presidential candidate of their choice. In a practical, concrete sense, what the Nigerian voter is being asked to do on April 19 2003, is to make a critical assessment of the track record of the incumbent while at the same time paying close attention to other democratic alternatives being proposed. Details


Obasanjo is Set to Win Again...Can Buhari Stop Him? By  Tai Balofin


AS the April 2003 election starts this month in Nigeria, President Olusegun Obasanjo is set to win again. The people of Nigeria like this present administration to continue because of the huge progress made so far. But can General M Buhari stop him? My stunted crystal ball says no. He cannot. He is a weaker candidate and I know that Nigerians will use the opportunity of the polls to rebuild the country by voting persons of integrity and competence. Details


Reflections on the Crisis of Leadership. By Stephen Lampe


I share the sensing of many Nigerians that the outcomes of these elections will not  put the country on the path of sustainable and peaceful progress. Looking back, we may well find that these elections are about who will preside over the country’s collapse. To salvage the country requires fundamental restructuring. Details


General Buhari and “Defence of Democratic Struggle" in the Past--Obasanjo/Atiku Campaign is Right: A Rejoinder to Muhammad Jameel Yusha'u. By Professor Omo Omoruyi, mni


What did General Muhammadu Buhari have in mind when he terminated the democratically elected government of President Shagari and placed many Nigerian politicians in detention in December 1983?   Did he know that many politicians died as a result of his action?  One would also want to know what he did when he had opportunity to give to the Nigerian people as a military Head of State a democratic order?  Why did his colleagues overthrow him?   Why did his colleagues call him a dictator? Details


A Letter to the Analysis Magazine. By Ibrahim G. Wala


The so-called scandalous presentation made against His Excellency, Gov. Mua’zu, by The Analysis, would have gained ground and be justifiable if only your source was capable enough to telescope documents containing details concerning all allegations flavoured by the chef-like writers.  But it succeeded in describing Gov. Mua’zu an achiever, especially by reflecting the history of the past Northern governors and their achievements. Details


Are we ready for Buhari?

By Ihas Idriess


If personality, sincerity, credibility, patriotism and massive acceptance are the prerequisite for success, I stand to be corrected; I believe Buhari has no rival in today’s Nigerian political dispensation.  Since democracy is a game of numbers, then come May 29, 20003 Buhari will be matching to Aso Rock Villa either the Kenyan style or the Ravolmanana way...Details


Cry My Beloved North.

Musa Hadari


What would many of you have been if not for the SBS system which was funded then by morally upright gentlemen who were governors before you -  I wonder what would have become of the likes of Bukar Abba Ibrahim, Adamu Mua'azu, Makarfi, Saminu Turaki etc if this school did not exist, possibly motor park officials...Details


A choice between Obasanjo and Buhari

By Sonny Onyegbula
[Republic of South Africa]


The presidential elections slated for 19 April 2003 is drawing closer by the day. As the grain is separated from the chaff most commentators have seen the race as between two retired Generals and former military Heads of State. The reason for this is obvious. General Obasanjo is the incumbent president and candidate for the ruling party PDP while General Buhari has a track record of impeccable, transparent and accountable service to Nigeria. He is also the candidate of the largest opposition party ANPP....Details


Rejoinder To Peter Opara's Omoruyi on Ojukwu, Buhari, Obasanjo - Lessons from Fraudulent Pieces

By Osa Igbinosa

First you accused the Professor Omoruyi of "ethnic chicanery" - "the bane of  Nigeria, and shrouding such in pseudo-economic treatise".Dim Ojukwu's politics is ethnically based. APGA is and will remain an Igbo party. Your exhibition of double standard is clear in your writings. You are aware of the role Dim Ojukwu, Comrade Chukwumerije, Former Attorney General Clement Akamgbo played in propping up Abacha's regime...Details


Consummate Interpretation Of INEC's List Of Registered Voters  

By Mora Akin


First, it emerged yet again that the North, as a geopolitical zone, has more registered voters than the South. Secondly, although a voter’s register has no serious bearing with population of a country, the result is such that politicians are likely to use the new figures for making political statements...Details


My Reaction to Those Who Questioned My Rights to Endorse Obasanjo and to Reject Buhari and Ojukwu. By Professor Omo Omoruyi, mni



I touched raw nerves when I used technical and constitutional factors to classify the Presidential candidates published in the Guardian of February 24, 2003.   In that classification, based on the “geographical spread” provision in the Constitution I argued that only Obasanjo and Buhari are the two credible national candidates in the 2003 election and that Dim Ojukwu has no chance and is at best out for stalemate and maybe working for Buhari. Details


No Tears For Saddam? How About The Principle? By  Paul I. Adujie



The majority of the peoples and governments of the world are opposed to the axiom of might is wisdom or might is right, the countries that are opposed to the invasion and occupation of Iraq are so opposed, because, it a violation of the political independence, territorial integrity and the national sovereignty of a member of the United Nations; That used to be the tenets of International Law! Details


Marketing Boni Haruna for Second Term. By Babayola Muhammadu Toungo



Governor Boni Haruna of Adamawa State is a man I consider not worthy of the mental stress to discuss his style of governance.  Trying to understand a man who ascended the exalted position of a State Chief Executive without setting out to do so, and despite all machinations by those who never wanted him to ascend and with a bountiful goodwill cutting across all social strata, yet fail woefully can only be better understood when the man decide in the future to honestly account for his stewardship and come clean. Details


The Minoritization of Ndigbo and the Colossal Rigging of the 2003 Presidential Election. By Chidi Peter Eze



Mr. Abel Guobadia has just released the new "Census" figure. For the first time Ndigbo are now the new minority tribe in Nigeria. Ndigbo rank the least on the positive line, but rank  highest on the negative line. This is an unprecedented height of colossal marginalization. I hope Messrs. ABC Nwosu, Ojo Maduekwe, Iwuanyanwu and all the other Igbo glorified traitors are taking note. Details


Consummate Interpretation of INEC's List of Registered Voters. By Mora Akin


Voter’s register and population data are not deriving in a vacuum. This is to say population and voter’s register are not abstract figures. They are figures acting as indicators in the sociobiological cum socio-economic of a given society. Therefore, either population or voter’s register figure interpretation cannot escape the factors that make up a human society in terms of what differentiates one group from the other. Details


The National Energy Crisis:  Saboteurs as Scapegoats. By Abba Gana Shettima



Nobody is working in the country.  Absolutely nobody and nothing perhaps with the exception of some busy rascals and vandals called saboteurs who work tirelessly like ants to grind the nation.   Since it is a lawless nation with moribund security services, the vandals have a field day, and night too.   That is why 120 trucks, each loaded with 33,000 litres of fuel can get ‘missing’ in the midst of the present biting scarcity. Details


Omoruyi on Ojukwu, Buhari, Obasanjo - Lessons from Fraudulent Pieces: A Rejoinder. By Hilary Odion Evbayiro


It is true that Professor Omoruyi is an Edo man, a man of great intellectual prowess and erudition, but he has never claimed at any time that his views represent the opinions or expressed aspirations of the Edo people.  Why would Peter Opara capitalize on what some people see as a probable miscalculation of one man in the analysis of our national politics to judge all Edos?  Details


Do We Really Need Interim Government? By Ibrahim Dan Halilu


If we still maintain that the 60 days moratorium must be observed, then we rather have the tenure of the president and all other elected representatives, including the legislators, extended beyond May 29, 2003 through an amendment to section 135 (2) by a month or two month so that the elections can hold, and power handed over to elected president.  It is easier, safer and neater to do this than to hand over power to an unelected pro-tem president that would not be accountable to anybody. Details


A Rejoinder to Professor Omo Omoruyi's "The Winning of the April 2003 Presidential Election is a Function of Geographical Spread and Only Obasanjo and Buhari Merit it". By Chidi Peter Eze



I may not know of how Omo Omoruyi defines democracy,  good government and good leadership to his college students, but I do know that he lives in a democracy where  government and its leadership continually strive to provide for her people, social justice, economic freedom, security, infrastructure for social, political and economic progress. Details


No Tears For Saddam

By Prof. Mike Ikhariale


 No one denies that it is within the sovereign prerogative of the Iraqi people to decide on who their leader should be. The question, which Nigerians should be asking is why is it that one man, should hold on to power for so long in a country of several million other citizens. What is more, how come that the people of Iraq did not have the political privilege to chose their leaders outside of the iron autocracy of Saddam? ..Details 


Re:Buhari and Democratic Struggle

By Ibrahim Dan-Halilu 

[Kaduna- Nigeria]


But I bet the Buhari's qualifications for holding the position are his reputation as a military head of state and Chairman of Abacha's Petroleum Trust Fund, PTF. He has boasted of achieving much in three years with just 12 billion Naira, where the present administration has failed in four years despite a sound revenue base that has quadrupled since it assumed office...Details


This Is Our Chance

By  Emeka Duru


We The People Of Nigeria must seize the opportunity afforded to us by the principles of the Democratic tenets to reorder the course of things in the governance of Our Country. It is in Our Hands.



Bruce Willis 'Tears of the Sun" is a total failure 

By luka kazah


From the detailed account of the so-called fiction, Nigerians  do not relate to it, because for over 30 years Nigerian has never been at war within or outside the country. I suggest the actor was trying to remind us in reverse manner  how the slave trade was so blatantly brutal to an extent that the actor's  grand parents were ...Details


Nigerian Presidential Elections 2003 An Epistle To Ndigbo At Home And In Diaspora, To Ndigbo South Africa In Particular And Nigerians As A Whole.

By Mr. Sunny-Unachukwu Chukwuemeka John



We are citizens of a very well endowed nation but unfortunately mismanaged by constant mis/rule and decades after our hopeful and promise-filled independence from British colonial rule, our nation has sank into a quagmire of corrupt misrule, characterized with their unrepentant and wicked psyche to hold the average Nigerian in a deadly stranglehold....Details


Omoruyi on Ojukwu, Buhari, Obasanjo - Lessons from Fraudulent Pieces

By Peter Opara


As cumbersome as the Nigerian experiment has been for its people, it still promises to be more so, even worse. The experiment so-called will get worse for Nigerians especially when the likes of Professor Omo Omoruyi (hereafter Omoruyi) continues to engage in ethnic chicanery - the bane of Nigeria, and shrouding such in pseudo-academic treatise...Details


The Difference Between Obasanjo And Buhari By Paul I. Adujie
[New York, United States]


Again, fate led Obasanjo to the helms of steering the state’s stern in 1999 as General Abubakar handed over to civilians and a democratically elected government; Whereas, Mr. Buhari on the other hand overthrew the democratic government that Mr. Obasanjo had installed, this was coup ploting and an illegal act against the constitution, an expression of his hunger for power by any and all means! ...Details 


I Endorse Chief Olusegun Obasanjo-Aresponse

By Bello Arabo

[Harrogate, England]

The comparison between Obasanjo and Buhari is most unfair, though not totally surprising coming from somebody like Omo Omoruyi. Obasanjo does not appear to take the job of being Nigeria's president seriously. He has nothing to show for the last four years apart from his catalogue of failures...Details


The Dishonourable Africans - Part III



You might be wondering what is the relevance of the history of Europe to leadership problem in Africa. I think it is necessary to trace the problems of Africa as far back as we can in history if indeed we are sincere about finding solutions. The important reason for the brief excursion into the history of Europe flows from the realisation that Africa, as at today, has no original identity of its own...Details



By Babayola Muhammadu Toungo 


Obasanjo and his handlers have a way of blaming everyone other than themselves for their failures and all the woes wrought on this poor nation by their administration.  It used to be all the past military regimes excepting his own and the new fad is ‘saboteurs...Details


SATURDAY ESSAY:  Monitoring Nigeria’s Elections – The Carter Formula  

 B y Mobolaji E. Aluko Ph.D.


The monitors in 1999 were unanimous in their reports:  massive irregularities existed in all of the elections.  For example, while the international monitoring groups put the voter turnout to be in the order of 20%, the election results indicated one of about 30-40%....Detail



By Chibuzor Anyanwu


Especially, in today's Nigeria, where ethnicism, regionalism, tribalism and religious fanaticism have become the trademarks of our political and social discourse, it is indeed, refreshing, to see a Northern Nigeria based publication take the lead to instill and foster intellectual breadth and depth in Nigerian journalism...Details 


Obasanjo/Atiku: Continuity for What?

By Ibrahim Dan Halilu

[Badarawa - Kaduna]


I wonder why defenders of the present government close their minds to other views and suggestions regarding the performance of this government under the erroneous belief that all critics of the administration are saboteurs or disgruntled elements that have lost favour with the government.  But this is far from the truth....Details


Advancing Democracy in Africa _ADA)- Goal Of Obasanjo Is To Avoid Stalemate . Stalemate As A Goal in April Election Is Anti-Democratic.

By Professor Omo Omoruyi, mni.


May I appeal to the “Stalematists” of various strands in the name of a coalition against Obasanjo that they are playing into the hands of the anti-democratic elements in Nigeria.   I hope that the Nigerian political leaders in other parties who are genuine democrats such as Gani Fawehinmi, MD Yusuf, Balarabe Musa and General Ike Nwachukwu would appreciate that planning to coalesce is not only to take away votes from Obasanjo but it is meant to indirectly work for Buhari...Details--



Forwarded by

Auta Umaru 


It is today widely acknowledged by the vast majority of rational and objective assessments of events in our country that the defunct Petroleum (Special) Trust Fund (PTF), which operated between 1995 and 1999, and in which I had the honour and privilege to serve as the Executive Chairman, represented one of the most positively creative development initiatives in the History of Nigeria...Details


Buhari And Democratic Struggle.

By Ekpoh Inyang 


I have read several reports of how Buhari has shunned opportunities to appear in debates, and in fact on one occasion, his party opted to send a representative rather than him appear in person to face the Nigerian people and articulate his purpose...Details


Rejoinder to Segun..THISDAY Of 3/4/03: Nigeria Is Temporary Out Of Service.

By  Moses Kantiyok


We also know that even if a northern Christian is challenging Obasanjo you people will always find a way to tarnish his image to the advantage of your tribe. why did you keep quite when one of your elders said ''any yoruba that voted for Buhari is a BASTARD'', Christian leaders in the past have made inflammatory remarks against Islam and Muslims, what would you call non Yorubas that voted for Obasanjo...Details