Further Harassment Of Iwu Rings Hollow After Yar’adua’s Tribunal Victory. By Olufemi Prince Omoyole

The Presidential Election Tribunal has spoken and it is loud and clear, and in case you haven’t heard, then hear this: Professor Maurice Iwu is the chief returning officer in the presidential polls in 2007 and the result he declared has been upheld to be absent of any irregularity that can merit any consideration for nullification. Details


What Manner Of Judgement Is This? By Jide Ayobolu

The recent judgement by the Court of Appeal which is the first court of instance in the presidential election tribunal came to many perspective Nigerians as a rude shock. It is the weakest and perhaps the most compromised judgement ever delivered in the annul of court judgements in Nigeria.  Details


Nigerians as Toothless Bulldogs!! By Kabiru Inuwa Tsakuwa

The recent judgement by the court of appeal which upheld the selection of  'yar adua as the executive presidents of  the Federal Republic of Nigeria had no-doubt left a sour taste in the mouth of  many traumatised Nigerians. And the question being ask  is: how comes that a respected courts upheld an election widely adjudged to be flawed even by Mr President, who happened to be the greatest beneficiary and the international communities on the ground of insufficient evidence! Details


Sacking Yar’Adua: Over Obasanjo’s Dead Body. By Hakeem Babalola

Look at it this way. If Nigerians have been giving the judiciary a laudatory remark over the past months for a job well done, why should they change the song all of a sudden? Why should they weep now? Why should they confuse us further by castigating the judiciary they had earlier called “our hope after all”? Details


More Reasons Why Maurice Iwu Prevailed On Super Tuesday. By Prince Femi Omoyole

Apart from the many legalisms cited by the tribunal in its dismissal of the petitions against Iwu’s declaration of Yar’Adua as president, I have many reasons of my own why I believe that Yar’Adua stood the best chance of winning the presidential poll. Those reasons are to be found aplenty in the events that occurred in the period before the elections, and they had absolutely nothing to do with Maurice Iwu or any rigging or irregularity. Let us now candidly examine those reasons in seriatim. Details


When Kano Chamber United PDP Ministers with ANPP Government. .As Shamsudeen, Bichi is honoured. By Salihu Othman Isah

The setting was serene. The venue was Pink Peacock Hotel, a Chinese restaurant located along Dantata road in Bompai area, a business hub in Kano. One of the finest Chinese outlet in town and the event was when Kano Chamber of Commerce, Industry, Mines and Agriculture (KACCIMA) organized a reception dinner in honour of two of the illustrious sons of Kano who are holding strategic ministerial positions in President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua’s government at the centre. Details


Glory Of Benin Kingdom And Shame Of British Empire. By  Anthony Okosun

The ancient Kingdom of Benin was described in glowing terms by early European visitors. When the British came to Benin kingdom they were shocked and awed to find a very well planned capital city. Details


Who Should Be Blamed for NNPC's Inefficiency? By Ifeanyi Izeze

President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua was very correct when he said at the opening of the eighth edition of the Nigerian Oil and Gas Conference in Abuja, that the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) had derailed from the objectives for which it was established and had been unable to play its statutory roles in the nation’s oil sector.

He was also very correct when he attributed the loss of focus by the NNPC to what he described as “the paucity of the policy, regulatory, operational, fiscal and managerial frameworks that govern the country’s oil and gas industry. Details


Tribute to former president Alhaji Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari, GCFR, at 83. By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

Monday February 25 2008 marks former president Alhaji Shehu Usman Aliyu Shagari’ 83rd Birthday. Although he does not celebrate his birthdays as usually done in Nigeria, we at the Shehu Shagari World Institute for Leadership and Good Governance (SSWI), join numerous individuals and organisations to wish him a very happy and memorable birthday, excellent health and peace of mind. Details


Vision  2020 As A Welcome Development. By Haruna Ibrahim Adaha

Unfortunately the Vision 2010 died a natural death with the regime that initiated it .The report is currently gathering dust in Nigerian Libraries and archives. However Vision 2020 can be more effective and sustainable if it could get a legislative backing for its implementation and sustenance. Details


Promoting Gender Equality For Sustainable Development Using The National Gender Policy. By Dr. Otive Igbuzor

As we approach the international women’s day for the year 2008, there is the need to revisit the position of women in society and what needs to be done to promote gender equity and bring about sustainable development. In this paper, we argue, that the National Gender Policy is one instrument that can be used in Nigeria if it is effectively operationalised. Details


Zero Salute To A Four Star Casanova. By Mahfuz Mundadu

Recently the political tempo in Nigeria is changing. From bad to worse of course. Those that  His imperial majesty of the recent past loved to hate have been conditioned to reciprocate the macabre dance of  the Nigerian Pol Pot with similar dose of alacrity. It did not really take long for the then Aso rock tenant to realised that life outside Aso is definitely going to be one hell that should be avoided at all cost. Hence the birth of sad term. Sorry… third term. Though as Gambari it does not sound dissimilar to yours sincerely. Details


The Fall Of The Admiral. By Usman Garba Santuraki

So, in far away Jos the judgment delivered by the Appeal Court upholding the nullification of the election, of Admiral Nyako as the Governor of Adamawa does not come to a lot of people with surprise. In otherwords, what surprised a lot of people is the fall of an Admiral and a person, who has made his mark in his chosen career in the Nigeria Navy that culminated in his appointment as the Chief of Naval Staff during the reign of former military President Ibrahim Babangida. Details


RMAFC: Watch Dog Of Our Economy? By Haimd Abubakar

When you read on the pages how much is stolen through fictitious accounts by Government Officials in this country and in millions and billions, one is amazed, that this Nation is so rich, but so poor, due to conscienceless leaders. You cannot imagine the prevalent poverty in our villages, poor infrastructure and how uneducated and unlearned our citizens and our children are; yet we have abundant to rescue such situations. Details


How Maurice Iwu (INEC) Saved Nigeria  from Being Another Kenya. By Ugo Harris

In both Nigeria and Kenya, the EU offered some money, demanded pride of place at meetings of national electoral umpires and wanted unchecked access to the biometric data on all registered voters. In Nigeria, a patriotic Maurice Iwu and a confident INEC refused the EU money and the demands based on sound national security considerations. And this was the point when the EU at once began a sustained international and local campaign of discrediting the Nigerian election and INEC leadership. Details


Yar’adua Prevails: Thanks To Iwu And One Nigerian Lawyer In Diaspora. By Dr. Bashir D. Musa

The ‘Super Tuesday’ victory for President Yar’Adua at the tribunal may have surprised many Nigerians but not INEC’s Professor Iwu and a certain Barrister Aloy Ejimakor of Nigerian Lawyers in Diaspora, both of whom have led a solitary but effective public defense of the elections. There was also a Barrister Otorofani and a Danlami, who both chipped in occasionally with fine presentations of their own but all in all, Iwu and Ejimakor were the forward-troopers who inspired a few others to conquer their complacency and rise in opposition to the calls for nullification of the elections. Much of Iwu’s single-minded defense of the result he declared was articulated in the foreword of the official report on the elections which he released late last year. Details