Just as the Federal Government-appointed panel to look into the causes of last year’s religious crisis in Jos was settling down to business, the Plateau State capital erupted again. And according to Plateau State Commissioner, Mr. Gregory Anyanting, this eruption was started when Muslim youths launched an unprovoked attack on Christian worshippers attending a service in church.

If this is true, it raises a number of questions. First, it indicates a signal failure of the police force in Plateau State. Barely a year after a major crisis, and on a Sunday—one of the two days, the other being Friday—when security surveillance around places of worship should have been enhanced, the nation expects that the police won’t be caught in sixes and sevens. Details


Jos:  Jasawa Blame Yourselves! By Yusuf Muhammad Inuwa

But why is this happening to this town that was once the most serene city in Nigeria? The answer dates back to historical antecedences that occurred and the subsequent manipulations of facts and documented historical evidences. First and foremost Plateau State is a State in Nigeria and as enshrine in the Constitution a Nigerian citizen can resides anywhere within the country and equally conduct his or her business without hindrances irrespective of his creed or ethnic affiliation. And because of the hospitable tolerance of others, we have what is called Sabon Gari across the Northern Cities of Nigeria and in some Southern States that is where what other intolerable hosts called Settlers dwell. Details





Today is January 15. On a day like this in 1966, Major Chukwuma Kaduna Nzeogwu staged the first coup in Nigerian history. It took over thirty years before his best friend Obasanjo told the world what he knows about him in a book titled Nzeogwu. I have reviewed below and reached three important conclusions: 1) Youths who appear self-disciplined and daring should be watched closely. This is further confirmed by the recent unfortunate story of Umar Farouk Abdul Mutallab. 2) Though the January 15 coup did change the history of the country, it did not change any of the fundamental flaws in its composition or improved the quality of its administration. Nzeogwu's maiden speech would perfectly suit the listeners of today if a coup were to be staged. 3). Nzeogwu was simply a scapegoat. He was not alone. The complicity of even some northern officers who might have been working in tandem with some powerful figures in the region can clearly be discerned from the manner they spared and honoured the assassins. Details


There is a fire being kindled in Nigeria and it must be put out immediately, else, it will spare no one. Nigerians were asked at the last crossover night by Pastor E. A. Adeboye to pray that people in authority would not abuse the constitution. I thought at least these people would have heard the warnings and restrain from going that route or at least not go this fast. From all indications now, it seems our leaders are bent on circumventing the constitution not caring what the consequences will be but I have got news for these people: when the events of today are written in Nigeria’s history, their names will not be forgotten. Details



Denial, Acquiescence or Indifference, we are all Causalities. By Dr. David Ogula

There has been considerable outpouring of condemnation, expression of shock, anger, confusion, anxiety, and of course, a bit of the absurd. Many have written and commented on Umar Farouk‘s act and its implications for Nigerians at home and abroad. Major Umar spoke candidly and courageously about a dysfunctional family structure among the northern elite, citing instances where heinous crimes had been covered up. The portrait of dysfunction painted by Major Umar, goes beyond the northern elite; it is characteristic of Nigerians who perceive themselves to be privileged – influenced by a misguided “Aje butter syndrome,” credulous replication or by the post-modern maladies of ambiguity and emptiness. Details


Dasuki Goofed on Sardauna Title. By Saka Raji Audu

I read with disgust the statement credited to the former deposed Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki where he stated in the Daily Trust of January 8, 2010, page 2 that people aspiring to the Sardauna title do not possess any of the attributes of the late Sardauna of Sokoto, Sir Alhaji Ahmadu Bello. In his words, Dasuki stated that, "I don't think there is anybody living now who knows him more than me. I was his private Secretary for two years. In fact, his first indigenous Secretary and later I became a Minister in his government. It saddens me to hear present leaders of the country claiming to be Sardauna. They should stop likening themselves to him because they don't possess any of his attributes", he said.  Details


Democratic Alternative Points To Way Out Of The Yar’adua Constitutional Trap. By Abayomi Ferreira

Those who have been loud in commenting on the negligent situation have called for his resignation. Some have called for an interim government. Some have even called for military coup de etat! They are all wrong. There is a constitution. The president, his kitchen staff, his cabinet members and his party members are all acting wrongly. But their collective wrongdoing can be corrected. The country will not derive any benefits or advantage from any extra constitutional actions. The confusion would become more complex, more confused. Details



Wailing for the Wrong Reasons. By Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

We’ve all –the Government and people alike- cried foul aloud about the designation of Nigeria by the US as a terrorist breeding ground.  Our Senate has threatened a diplomatic imbroglio. We’ve marshaled our arguments which sound quite logical and fair enough.  We have shouted our throat sore with the same logic; Faruk Abdul- Mutallab did not live most of his life in the country and that he had received most of his education outside the shores of the country, so we can’t be held responsible for his actions. Details


Letter From Wada Nas: Abdulmutallab! You Sold Frauk to USA. By Yusuf Muhammad Inuwa

irst you ran to the Americans and the Nigerian securities in order to report your sons suspicious activities because of his passion to acquire Islamic knowledge, the Americans build upon your report and led your son into their country drugged and strapped with bobby explosives, which the CIA knew would not detonate and stage a movie like operation in the aircraft in order to continue the justification of their so-called war on terror. Abdulmutallab I am sure because of your busy schedule you would not have opportune to come across a movie called 24 Hours because if you have watched that film produced in America and by American film director and possibly with the hand of either Homeland Security, FBI or even the dreaded CIA you would agree with me that Umar Faruk is being use as a tool for the American government to justify their misadventure in and around the Muslim world simply because of their resources OIL Details


Mutallab Terrorist Incident As A Teachable Moment Or Lesson To All Nigerians. By Paul I. Adujie

Those Nigerians abroad or in the Diaspora, who are too often badmouthing Nigeria and are too quick to engage in ethnic, religious and regional jousting, claiming superiority, engaging in chauvinism, bigotries and flame-throwing, are now lumped with the rest of us. The rest of us, who have often pointed out that it is infinitely more beneficial to focus on tackling Nigeria’s national challenges and national issues, and refrain from the debilitating negative matters of ethnic, religious and regional difference or claimed superiority. Details


Is Nigeria a Terrorist "Country of Interest"?  (Part 1). By Max Siollun

Terror on American soil began only in 2001. Americans are simply not accustomed to tumbling skyscrapers, and exploding planes and city centres. Obama has to worry about something that Nigerian leaders rarely care about: public opinion. Obama does not want the Neo-Cons and Republicans to “out security” him. There is competition in U.S. politics to see who can be more rightwing and hard-line on terror and security. In America, elections are REAL and if Obama is not seen as being tough on terror, he might get voted out of office. In America, election results are determined by votes cast at polling stations, not by shady deals struck in hotel suites with bag fulls of Naira. Obama made this move for domestic consumption. He has to LOOK as if he is doing something proactive to protect his people. You will not find many Americans that have problems with the List. Details


Who is Nigeria’s President? By Salim Salihu Muhammed

I don’t underrate Nigeria when it comes to surprises, to me, wonders may rather be an understatement for a country to thrive this far without a president; after all, why should I bother when all machinery of government works without hitches, all infrastructure are intact, health care delivery is so functional that our mothers and wives need not travel to Ghana for birth delivery? Even our rural clinics are said to be running on steady power supply with standard medical equipments and well trained medical personnel, in spite of the rate of maternal mortality at a geometric progression. What’s more? Details


Farouk Mutallab: Passenger Haskell’s Testimony. By Aisha Umar Yusuf

What this passenger’s testimony proves is that there are many unanswered questions regarding Farouk Muttalab’s alleged attempt to blow up an airline in mid-air just before landing. The most obvious question is: Who was that well-dressed man who wanted to get him on the plane without a passport? Why did he lie that Farouk was from Sudan? On what authority was he speaking when he said ‘We do this all the time?’Why was Farouk Muttallab poorly dressed? What king of ID card was his companion carrying that he could make such an outrageous demand of wishing to get someone on an international flight without a passport without raising an alarm? Even more importantly why was Farouk himself not talking? A young man who spent years studying in England can not possibly have problem speaking English. Details


National Security: The Emerging Challenge Before NIPOST In Nigeria. By Emeka Oraetoka

The task before NIPOST therefore, is to double its efforts in this laudable effort of securing and defending the integrity and security of Nigeria via effective interception of fake currencies, related items and security threatening mails/parcels. Federal government should as a matter of urgency, ensure proper funding of NIPOST in the area of security Details


Nah! That Was Not Umaru (And the BBC should investigate itself). By Garba Deen Muhammad

Ideally, Malam Umaru Musa Yar’adua should have turned down former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s invitation to contest the 2007 presidential election.. Umaru knew, more than even his doctors that he was too sick to take up the most challenging job in the country. The decent thing to have done was for him to have locked himself up in a room with OBJ and confessed his infirmity, and then offer a suggestion or two on who he thought would be the next best thing. Ideally. Details


No African Power For Haiti Quake Confirms Nigeria's Irrelevance. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Conspicuously absent is one single African power that could have emerged as the Chinese on the ground, not only in Haiti but in any disaster of this magnitude. Individually, Nigerians are very generous people because of our extended form of family system but in many cases, it takes a cluster of individual as a country, organization or continent to achieve a purpose. We continuously blame our leaders who look only after themselves with canning ability to start businesses and organizations anywhere but only to cater to their needs. Details


Is Nigeria a Terrorist Haven? By Max Siollun

What did Nigeria do to find itself mentioned in the same sentence as "terrorism", and be blacklisted in the same illustrious company as Somalia, Afghanistan and Libya? Firstly, the U.S. list of countries that will be subjected to additional security scrutiny (the “List”) did not list Nigeria as a state sponsor of terror. The List has two parts. The first part consists of countries the U.S. considers as "state sponsors of terrorism": Cuba, Iran, Sudan and Syria. The second part of contains countries that the U.S. considers as "countries of interest": Afghanistan, Algeria, Lebanon, Libya, Iraq, Nigeria, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Somalia and Yemen. Details


Self-Flagellation and The Abdulmutallab Affair. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

Don’t get me wrong. While we are exhibiting righteous indignation at being “defamed”, the truth is that Nigeria has always been one kind of infamous list or the other for a very long time. We are on a corruption list (especially official corruption); on a money laundering list; on drug smuggling list since the 1970s; on fake drugs list; on a prevalent internal religious strife list; on an internal insecurity list (warnings to Western travellers on the high incidence of armed robbery within Nigeria and in the early 2000s, the incidence of kidnappings in the Niger delta area); on a fake passport and visa list by almost all Western countries and even in some other countries. And only God knows on what other hidden lists. Details


President Yar-Adua and Short Memories of Nigerians. By Ralph Zaiyol Karl

As the debate over the Yar-Adua hospitalization in a Saudi hospital rages, political opportunists have totally misplaced the concerns of Nigerians and the impacts of his absence on the society. While there are practically no foreseeable impacts of his absence on the society, there is a legitimate concern to Nigerians. But this concern is not about constitutional crisis as has been mischievously speculated by pundits, political predators, and a myriad of corrupt politicians seeking headlines; rather, the concern to many Nigerians is the attitudes of Nigerian leaders towards health care system in Nigeria. Details


Why is the President Still Holding on to Power? By  Abdulazeez Abdullahi

Nobody is saying the man should relinquish his so called mandate which INEC claimed he got overwhelmingly from Nigerians during the last presidential elections, the point of many Nigerians however is that he should abide by laid down procedure and allow the vice president – with whom he secured the mandate – take charge until he is fit to rutern. Details


My Northern Brethren! Let’s Face It, We Have An Explosive Religious Problem On Our Hands (And What I Think We Can Do About It). By Sadiq  Muhammed

Meanwhile, my anger as hinted above is with a different twist. If we are to be honest with ourselves, then we should admit that we have a serious religious problem in the north that is brewing and would soon explode in all our faces. By ‘all’ I mean all of Nigeria. Let us go to the 90% of southerners, and believe me I have sympathy on such religious issues. However, I strongly disagree that most northerners are fanatics. Details


AdbulMutallab: Why Working Class Alternative Is Imperative. By Ademiluyi  Ayo

On the Nigerian scene, the dephaxiating ruling class has been losing sleep over the matter as it considers  its ubiquitous ‘’rebranding’’  project in the woods with the current Mutallab matter. United States in their usual imperialistic manner has been crying foul and ready to spill blood in revenge. For what could be considered to be a turn of reaction to the Mutallab arrest, Boko Haram elements in Bauchi lit the tinderbox sending over 30 souls to the world beyond with reports that crisis is spreading to other usual trouble spots. Definitely, the Bauchi crisis is a blow out of the widespread plague of acute fuel shortage, neck-deep misery and apparent mass anger that attend even this season of yuletide. Details


Ahmadu Bello University Charting A New Course, But On Slippery Grounds. By Usman, Sule Machika

It is indeed pathetic that members of the ivory tower would lack the patriotic shame and the sense of national pride in the conduct of university affairs and degenerate to indulge in politics of corruption, nepotism, religious bigotry, and ethnic sentiments in the appointment of a Vice-Chancellor for the university. In the long analysis, it is not only sad for the university, but indeed pathetic for the nation at large. Details


Suicide Bombing: Nigerian Muslims Are Peace-Lovers. By Isa Ali Ibrahim-Pantami

The entire western world should not take this as a pretext of subjecting Nigerians to unnecessary investigations, harassment and checking. The British witnessed the ugly trial of their Shoe bomber, Robert Reid their fellow Briton. He attempted to blow up a transatlantic flight some years back.  Timothy McVeigh, the man who blew up a Federal Building in Oklahoma City in 1995 was an American. This is just a tip out of the iceberg. Details


Bill On Presidential Address Not Frivolous. By Abdulrahman Muhammad Dan-Asabe, Ph.D.

No, Mr. Michael Aondoakaa, this bill is not a frivolous one and there is plenty for Mr. President to come and address the legislature for.  At minimum, the president’s appearance and presentation to the peoples’ representatives, the MPs, will bring transparency and possibly spark-off debate on policies of the government among the people. Details


Prepare For Profiling As If Nigerians Don't Have Enough Causes Within. By Farouk Martins Aresa

If charity begins at home, Nigeria is it. We want a Country where charity, milk and honey flow at it natural level to all the people, not just the very connected few. At the risk of using absolute terms, Nigerians are survivals not suicide club members.  Any idle fool willing to die as a dummy is a product of foreign indoctrination. Details


Back to the Bad Old Days. By Abdulazeez Abdullahi

Things have not changed much in this country not even with the so called advent of democracy some ten years ago. What one would have thought could only happen during the many military dictatorships we have had to overcome is very much with us, and it wasn’t as if the signs were not there. They were! Details


Almajiri Bill: The Masochism of Integration. By Mustapha Shehu

I cannot see how colonialism or neocolonialism has anything to do with trying to make the lives of these children better. Almajirci is purely a Hausa culture in which the Almajirai are separated from the loving warmth of their parents very early in life. It is in fact un-Islamic because the child is Allah’s trust to the parent who is supposed to cater for his well-being, education, health, discipline and proper moral upbringing. Details


Mass Poverty In The Face Of Huge GDP And Budgets. By Tony Ishiekwene

Why should a country be making more money annually and yet the misery index is growing year-on-year? You just do not need to be an expert in economics or mathematics to figure out what is happening in the Nigerian economy. The Nigerian economy is largely a “rent” based economy with public office holders and their cronies in the “private” sector milking the economy dry while those not so connected suffer abject poverty, unemployment, under-employment and other misery index. Details


EFCC: The Number of Charges Don’t Count. By Abdulazeez Abdullahi

If it has concentrated in digging up a strong evidence to support just one of the 170 charges against Ibori, perhaps it would have secured a favorable judgement. As expected, the EFCC has said it will appeal the ruling. I hope the EFCC has learnt a lesson or two from this ruling and also hope that by the time it gets to the Appeal Court it will be able to provide the necessary evidence to nail Ibori. If cannot, then it had better not waste our time with its ineptitude. Details


Generalizations Against Nigerian Muslims, Nigerians And Nigeria. By Paul I. Adujie

These unwarranted attacks, maligning and denigrations of Nigeria, have occurred despite the facts. The facts are that the father of the Nigerian citizen in question, acted forthrightly, as he took actions, he clearly and specifically notified the United States of America of his worry, regarding his son’s radicalization or extremism. A father acted against his son, that is profound and heroic! How is it possible for some, to still generalize about Nigerian Muslims and Nigeria, in the face such division between good and evil even at a nuclear family level? Details


Election Fraud In Nigeria And The Way Out. By Dr. Wumi Akintide

I totally agree with Ojukwu and Chinua Achebe that Democracy cannot thrive in Nigeria until Nigerians are allowed to pick their own representatives and leaders in a free and fair election. I might also add that Nigeria cannot thrive until we also solve the problem of census fixing in Nigeria. Details


Are There Really No Alternatives In Nigeria? By  Ahmad Sajoh, MNIPR

First of all it is in the nature of the Nigerian state. Nigeria is undoubtedly one of the most backward neo-colonial peripheral dependent sates in the world. It operates a peudo-capitalist economic system that is neither here nor there. The capitalist system practiced in Nigeria is not developed enough to allow market forces genuinely determine who gets what, when and where. This is largely dependent on the vagaries of the ruling elite who in turn heavily depend on the dictates of external collaborators who help in milking the system dry. Details


Revolution Per Se? By Comrade Sylvester Igbirobo Ukusare

Although it maybe the turn of the vice president to take over position as an acting president, otherwise other modality that would suit the citizenry, either by collective consensus to elect or appoint a new president for the federation in the meantime; merely for the alleged skirmishes by his party scribes in a cold war of power games shows that the tiger is quasi asleep. Patriotically, the truth must be told but, the Nigerian morality is opposed to this credence, while the populations are familiar with deceptive tongues these days and for the reason that they have been reduced to monkey mindset. Details


Nigeria: A Constitutional Crisis? What crisis? By  Omoba Oladele Osinuga

The machinery of the executive arm of government notwithstanding comments to the contrary have been lawful and the fact that no one has called the Vice President, Acting President is neither here or there, in other words it is not non sequitor, his powers constitutionally is that of Acting President and he has since the day the President took ill to all intents and purposes been the Acting President. Details


Delineation of the Niger Delta Problems and Proffered Solutions. By Professor Dennis O. Balogu

If the Federal Government of Nigeria surrenders all the oil funds (proceeds) to the state governments of the Niger Delta today, Nigeria can expect to experience far more problems because of the complex and deep-rooted caused of the problems there. There are apparently, strong dislike and mistrust (that predates independence) between and among the several ethnic groups and communities that make up the Niger Delta region which is primarily, a result of stiff competition for resources, land-use, farming and fishing rights in the past. Details


President Yar’Adua Should Not Resign; But Obey The Constitution Instead. By Paul I. Adujie

The current political climate in Nigeria is everything, but, it is certainly not only President Yar[Adua physical health. This is not about the president ill health at all, it is about his unwillingness to obey the laws of the land and to respect section 145 of the constitution of Nigeria 1999. The current constitution, until it is amended or repealed completely, remains the supreme law of the land. Details


Who is Playing Politics With the President’s Health? By  Abdulazeez Abdullahi

Those who describe the calls on President Umaru Musa Yar’adua to resign as a result of his ill health as unpatriotic and assert that those who do so are playing politics with the serious matter of the president’s health miss the point. In my opinion, it is those who insist that the president continues to hold the reigns of power despite his apparent failure to do so effectively who are actually guilty of playing politics with the matter. Details


Yar’adua: Away From Duty. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD

The Minister of Justice and Attorney General of the nation, Mr. Michael Aondoakaa was reported as saying that those who had called on Yar’Adua to resign due to his frequent medical pilgrimage abroad and severe ill health were “immoral.” He went on to say that there was nothing in the constitution that said the “president should not fall sick.” It irks the senses that a Minister of Justice could be so disingenuous. It would surprise me to no end if the Minister genuinely does not know that the Nigerian people are not blaming President Yar’Adua for reportedly falling sick. We all know that the Nigerian constitution does not forbid the president to fall sick. But this is what we know; and the Minister ought to share in this open knowledge. Details


Democracy Made in Nigeria: Government Vide Email and Facsimile By An Incommunicado and Sick President. By Francis Adewale

For weeks, President Umaru Yar'Adua has been hospitalized at King Faisal Intensive Care and Research Centre, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, for what staffers say is a serious heart condition. With no clear successor, Nigeria is roiled by uncertainty and many of Nigeria prominent citizens have called for his resignation. Curiously, Nigeria primarily law officer, Mr. Michael Aondoakaa, came out with the above shocker and then went further to enthused as follows: “The powers of the President are not exercised territorially. Yar’Adua can exercise his powers anywhere in the world, on the plane, at the meeting of the United Nations or even on his sick bed, as long as he is not incapacitated by the sickness.” Details


The Land of the Hopeful and Hopeless. By Buhari Bello

Any time the thought of Nigerian state come to mind, I always ask myself the question if there is any hope of redemption from the current hopelessness we found ourselves. Naturally, we are a blessed country. God in His Infinity Mercy Has blessed this country with abundant resources both material and human. But, the question is why we are not developing all these years, with all these resources at our disposal. Details


Youth Unemployment and Poverty in Nigeria:  A Call for Action, Not Rhetoric. By Victor E. Dike

The Minister of Education, Sam Egwu, while addressing the recent convocation ceremony of Yaba College of Technology, Lagos, assured the millions of unemployed, poor and unskilled youth in Nigeria that technical education would enjoy government support in 2010 because of the role of technology in national development (BusinessDay, December 8, 2009).  Any person who is familiar with Nigeria’s convoluted politics knows that such pronouncement is not new. Details


Alternative Approach To Nigeria’s Development. By Okachikwu Dibia

Nigeria, greatly endowed and created 95 years ago has remained underdeveloped. Hence I have being reflecting on Nigeria’s current development approach and it appears to me that as long as this approach has kept Nigeria underdeveloped, it is not the appropriate approach. Nigeria therefore needs alternative ideas with which to develop. Meanwhile, let us briefly understand the existing approach, but a good insight is for you to check-out election posters or the newspaper pages by state governors on how they have developed their states. Details


A Nation In Coma: Beyond Constitutional Provisions. By Jideofor Adibe

Nigeria is once again at one of those junctures where tripping over the precipice cannot be ruled out. At issue is the President’s serious illness, and increasing calls by some Nigerians for him to hand over the reins of government to Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan. Militants from the Vice-President’s Niger Delta area have threatened to secede from the country if Jonathan is pressured to resign, as is being rumoured, so that another Northerner would succeed Yaradua, if he is unable to continue in office. Details


There Should Be No More Presidential Election In Nigeria ! By Dr. M. M. Wokili

In a nut shell, elections will be conducted as usual and I doubt if any future election in Nigeria can ever be different from the previous ones because rigging has been rewarded so far and will continue to be rewarded by the system --- no any form of deterrence. In any case, let the elections take place and with my suggestion, it is assured that it will be the last flawed elections and the last presidential election in the country. Details


The Minister’s Cave. By Sufuyan Abubakar

With just two weeks left to go before the end of the year, it can be stated categorically that there is absolutely no chance that the government will meet its stated target of supplying 6,000MW of electricity. Everybody in PHCN knows it.  The Minister of Power knows it. Even uninitiated folk in the streets know it. And yet, the government and its friends in PDP continue to stake their reputations and credibility on this chimerical target, suggesting somehow that not only will this target be achieved, but that, once achieved, the problems in the power sector will miraculously be resolved. This is curious behaviour indeed. Details


While We Pray for Mr. President, ... By Salim Salihu Muhammed

While we pray for Mr. President, it is also important that the fate of the nation comes first as shown by the Americans, the Israelis, and the Cubans. The first option is for the National Assembly to take it as a matter of urgency and serious legislative business in addressing the incapacity of the ailing President and immediately swear-in the Vice-President to carry on with the business of governance while he recuperates at the hospital. Details


Season of Discoveries! By Kabiru Tsakuwa

And while we continue to pray for his total recovery, we hope Mr. President would consider the exceptional favour done to him by Allah (S.W.T.) to among other requirements allow for the adoption of the undiluted Uwais electoral reports and ensures the Niger-delta debacle and on-going dredging of the River-Niger is fully implemented to logical conclusion. He should also allow free and fair elections to hold in 2011 to elect a credible Nigerian to replace him, while he peacefully retires to his native Katsinan dikko. Allah ya ja kwana. Details


Repositioning Religion For A Sustainable National Economic Development. By  Rev. Sunday Bobai Agang, Ph.D.

The primary aim of this paper is to establish the intrinsic role and connection between religion and a sustainable economic development. The paper raises pertinent issues: the potentials of using religion as a veritable tool for socio-economic TRANSFORMATION. It argues that religion has transforming power if there is sincere commitment to religious TRUTH that sets its adherents FREE. Details


“Strength In Our Diversity”. By Peter Pacqueens Aisagbonhi

Everything has been turned into a game, including our suffering and even death of both Christians and Moslems, in the face of no Light, no water, no good roads. Is it not Christians and Moslems that get stuck at Benin Ore road, suffering, crying and many dead.  Right now, we do not even have mere consulting clinics to go to, yet we have enough for our needs but never enough for their greed.  Merrily merrily I say unto you, get rid of corruption and we can eliminate religious/ethnic riots. Details


On Northern Nigerian Literature And Related Issues. By Richard Ugbede Ali

In Nigeria, when either of these words is mentioned, a flurry of images is created in the mind. Some of these can be stated without fear of a faux pas while other images, of social unrest, illiteracy and a billowing ultraorthodox Islam, are hinged upon very persuasive prejudices and are for this reason not openly expressed. Details


Almajiri Bill: The Masochism Of Integration. By Attahiru Muazu Gusau

The Almajiri system  is an informal form of teaching and learning of the Islamic religion that is centred around the teacher who may be domicile or itinerant scholar and to whom parents entrust their wards for training with or without up keep allowance and pittance. The fact that pupils of Almajiri School go out begging to survive is not a necessary and intrinsic element of the system as a lot of exceptions abound. However, the complete negligence of the institutions by elites and successive governments that see themselves as the heirs, custodians as well as defenders of values of colonialism and colonialist institutions Details


Bafarawa:  EFCC Salvaging The Nation Or Pursuing A Political Vendetta!! By Yusuf Dingyadi

The EFCC claimed that the Former Governor allegedly diverted N5billion belonging to the state but to our utmost charging surprise it made a u-turn alluding that the alleged stolen funds was N15 Billion contrary to the N5 billion earlier claimed by the anti graft agency. Does it mean the EFCC is not fully sure of the funds it claimed that the former Governor Bafarawa allegedly stole during his eight years he governed Sokoto state and yet went ahead in commando style to arrest him? Details


Bafarawa's Many 'Sins'. By Kaltume Jauro Arkilla

Since the arrest of ex-governor of Sokoto state, Alhaji Attahiru Dalhatu Bafarawa by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) on Wednesday, December 9, 2009 at Sheraton Hotel Abuja where he was attending a political meeting, many a Nigerian expressed shock on the current administration’s claim to Rule of Law vis-à-vis the fight against corruption. Others were surprised that it was same Bafarawa who, few hours after handing over to his successor, wrote to EFCC requesting it to visit Sokoto to ascertain the financial position of the state as par his handing over notes. Surprisingly, the Commission chose not to honour the request, not until some days to gubernatorial bye election ordered to be conducted in the state in April 2008 when it invited him to shed more light on the matter. Since then, not much was heard from EFCC on the case. Details


Sultan Saad Abubakar Among The Most Influential Muslims In The World. By Babandi Gumel

Though the position is mainly ceremonial yet Alhaji Sa’ad Abubakar the 20th Sultan of Sokoto wields great power and influence among the Muslims not only in Nigeria but the whole Muslim Ummah throughout the world. In a new Book titled 500 Most Influential Muslims only seven people from Nigeria that included President Umaru ‘Yar Adua were included in the book published last Month. Details


Coming Home this Christmas? By Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

With all these and more in mind, you might really wish to ask yourself again if you will be home for Christmas this year. Though it is said that the fact that people die in war has not  stopped countries from going to war, you might really wish to look again to see if you are generous enough to give out a million naira to a group of boys who chanced upon your lovely daughter or your aged mother. Details


Beyond Colourful Campaign Posters: The Leadership Kano Needs and the Leadership it Deserves. By Muhammad Sagagi

Over the years Kano has suffered de-industrialization and long-term social and economic decline. KN has transformed into a rudderless and apathetic society and economy. Several years of neglect and inadequate protection have robbed agriculture of its capacity to support a modern, fast growing economy. Sustained industrial production which holds the key to growth, wealth creation and employment generation is similarly constrained by an inhospitable investment climate. Faced with the challenges of ‘economic reform’, the business community appears indifferent to modern industrial pursuits. Details


Kano 2011 and the Ulama Class? By Kabiru Inuwa

There is no gainsaying the fact that Kano is a highly religious town and whoever takes that for granted does so at his own peril. The people have no apology whatsoever in that regard. We have seen ample demonstrations of religious fervor on many occasions to do with elections, and it bears no repeating that many have lost out totally in the political permutation for their failure to adequately go with the crowd; while others have used it amply and to maximum advantage! Details


In Celebration of Mediocrity. By Mukhtar Ahmad

It had almost become a given - that no elected governor would serve two terms in Nigeria’s most popular and arguably most politically enlightened state. Along came Ibrahim Shekarau, an unassuming civil servant who was taunted into politics by his predecessor as Governor and erstwhile boss. I was too far away to vote in the 2003 elections but followed them closely and was excited by the outcome. There was never a time I was more proud of my origins from this historic place. Kano set an example for the rest of Nigeria and indeed the world of what it meant to defend the vote. Details


Chief Emeka Anyaoku’s Excuse. By Ibrahim Chonoko

A few months ago, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, former Commonwealth Secretary-General said he would not get involved in the nation’s politics because Nigerian politics was neither issue-based nor policy-oriented. At a book launch in Lagos in March this year, Chief Anyaoku lamented that the ‘do-or-die’ politics in Nigeria have remained “politics of no issue”. "The nature of politics as it is played in this country is such that I could not be happily involved”, he said, adding: “I am concerned about issue-oriented politics; politics of service to the community and the electorate, and not seeking power for power sake.”  Details


Uba’s Honorary Doctorate: Why UniZik Was Right.  By Jideofor Adibe

The recent award by Nnamdi Azikiwe University (UniZik), of an honorary Doctor of Public Administration (DPA), to Andy Uba, during its eighth convocation on November 21, 2009, generated some controversies.  While some hailed it as a worthy appreciation of Uba’s donation of a communication centre, said to be worth over N50m, to the university, others condemned it as being utterly in bad taste. Former Governor of Anambra state, Dr Chinwoke Mbadinuju, was quoted as calling the award ‘a reward for evil’. Details


Again, A foreign Coach for the Super Eagles to Be or Not to Be. By Ndiameeh Babrik

I am gradually coming to understand the fact the problem with the average Nigerian is that he does believe in himself and therefore does not naturally believe in the ability of the other Nigerian. That is why practically the average Nigerian believes in anything foreign especially if it is from Europe. The average Nigerian it seems have developed this defeatist attitude and  is ever ready to surrender his birth right to anything foreign even if it is from Republic of Benin or Niger Republic I am not even mentioning South Africa or Europe yet. Details


Of Death, Rumours, Curses And Superstitions. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

Now, again it is being rumoured that Yar ‘Adua is dead, we just thought, all well and good, good riddance, serves him right, etc not thinking about the repercussion of his death on the Nigerian polity, all because we regard his tenure as illegal and un-progressive. We did not think we could wait for him to complete one term and then try to boot him out via the vote. We want him out now, but we want God to do it for us. As Olusegun Adeniyi, Presidential spokesman recently said, “I think the daily pre-occupation of some people is to kill the President in their imagination and if that makes them happy so be it... I am tired of responding to what has become a common pastime of some idle politicians... maybe when the President comes back I will ask him how he keeps dying and resurrecting everyday”. What we should be praying for, perhaps, is for the sickly Mr President to have the wisdom, the sense and the courage to resign or retire...Details


Again, A foreign Coach for the Super Eagles to Be or Not to Be. By Ndiameeh Babrik

I am gradually coming to understand the fact the problem with the average Nigerian is that he does believe in himself and therefore does not naturally believe in the ability of the other Nigerian. That is why practically the average Nigerian believes in anything foreign especially if it is from Europe. The average Nigerian it seems have developed this defeatist attitude and  is ever ready to surrender his birth right to anything foreign even if it is from Republic of Benin or Niger Republic I am not even mentioning South Africa or Europe yet. Details


This oil drought in Abuja. By Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

Yesterday, a cab to the Nnamdi Azikiwe Airport charged me N4000.00. The normal cost is usually between N2000 and N2500.00. The driver told me a tale fit for a best selling novel, of how he had spent a full twenty four hours at the NNPC Mega filling station before he could fill his tank, of how his wife had continued to call him perhaps scared that he might have spent the night in another women’s bosom, of how some smart women have quickly raised up makeshift restaurants around the filling stations to provide food for the drivers who now have an abode there. Details


Nigeria’s Bank Crisis and the Limit of Sanusi’s Capitalist Reforms. By Kola Ibrahim

So much have been written about the Nigerian bank crisis and the ‘surgical’ operations being carried out by the capitalist financial doctors, led by the Central Bank governor, Lamido Sanusi. Revelations of crass swindles by the “larger-than-life” bank ex-chiefs have generated bank  ss fraud  Nigerian bankingmuch angst against these hawks who lived like Shakespearean Shylock. Details


Bill On Presidential Address Not Frivolous. By Abdulrahman Muhammad Dan-Asabe, Ph.D.

Rigorous demand for accountability of this nature is also capable of sanitizing politics in Nigeria. It could put off all pathologically lazy and criminally minded moneybags that now think that leadership of Nigeria is a simple task of chairing the distribution of the nation’s commonwealth to the three tiers of the governments, using any formula they fancy, and pocketing the rest. Details


Conditions For Deregulation Of Petroleum Products Prices. By Marwan Haruna Abdulkarim

Yet Nigeria is still importing petrol and selling what the poor man has never enjoyed. It is an open secret that very few homes use gas for cooking, and even some that use it, sometimes resort to firewood because of non availability of this product in the market. What then is wrong with my country? Is my country mature for the deregulation of prices of petroleum products? Details


We Talk Too Much. By Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

We talk and talk and talk and do nothing. It is not just about buying recharge cards now, it’s about our very conduct and attitude to those things that affect us. We react by talking. The light goes off and we are content to shout “Nepa” and then we put on the generator. We hiss and curse inside the buses about the pot hole infested road and that is all. In the secured comfort of our homes we lament about the failure of leadership yet we don’t own a voters card against the next election. We decry deregulation but when NLC organizes a rally against it, we sit back at home and do more talking. Details


Saving Buhari. By  Abdu Isa Kofarmata

I look at the General as a person of proven integrity, high moral standard and corrupt free Nigerian. To my little understanding of this country, I also see him as someone who chooses the path of honour and remain resolute in both public and private life. For these and many more reasons my respect and appreciation of his person goes beyond the political inclination or division. Details


The Emerging Buhari Persona. By Mustapha Shet Shehu

Being God-fearing, he was portrayed as a “religious bigot,” being disciplined he was portrayed as “mean and rigid” and being fair he was portrayed as a “hypocrite” who allowed the “smuggling of some 53 suitcases (of whatever) into the country by his ADC” while he was jailing others. Details


We Have Feared Long Enough. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

Seeing that Nigerians are highly religious, I boldly project that true public arousal for change may not be completely devoid of religious influences. So long as church and mosque leaders remain watchers at the door steps of political power, so long will the people remain, in the words of Dr. King, “superstitious”, asking God to do for them what already they are divinely equipped to do for themselves. Details


Corruption And The Death Penalty. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

When I first read Senator Adeyemi’s call for the death penalty to be applied to corrupt public and political officials in Nigeria, my first instinct, being very cynical of our politicians, was to think maybe he was just playing to the gallery; maybe! I had this feeling that he was not sincere, coming from him, himself a beneficiary of a corrupt system of politics and governance. However, it was a most noble and brave call. Details


Whither Nigeria's Secularism? By Nafata Bamaguje

It used to be the Sharia Northern states that flagrantly violated our supposedly secular constitution. But since the complicit Federal government was unable to put its foot down and decisively deal with the Sharia menace, the unsavoury practice of government intrusion in religion has spread down South. Details


It’s Time To Outsource Federal Civil Service! By Olushegun Olapojoye

Now that it is very obvious, as indicated by Dimeji Bankole, the Speaker of the House, that the Federal Civil Service is not capable of delivering on the programs of the PDP led government, I strongly believe that the best short-term solution to this problem is a large scale outsourcing of government services and programs that are currently run by Ministries, Departments and Parastatals, which have failed miserably year in - year out to deliver programs and services to Nigerians. Details


Like Kano, Like Lagos? By Kabiru Tsakuwa

In terms of performances, Fashola seems to have taken the gauntlet right from day one in office. He was reported to have said that: ‘only non-performers crave for second term’. Any body with a faint knowledge of ‘Eko’ three years ago will readily testify to the giant transformations taking place at a super sonic speed today. The indefatigable governor has succeeded in debunking the long held belief by other governors that, one had to waste so much time to acclimatized and learn the nitty-gritty of governance before beginning to erect a landmark. Details


Edo State: Leadership Redefined. By Dikko A. Abbas

Yes, who said he cannot record any meaningful achievements because of the unprecedented level of rot in the system, time frame, merger resources, stiffer opposition, greed and selfishness? Today, Gov. Adams Oshiomhole has proved not only his cynics, colleagues but even the central government wrong, with a post six months budget that was more less one-third of his predecessor’s income, Oshiomhole was able to positively touched every sector of the state economy. However, people will be overwhelms to know what were the magical wands behind his success within a little time frame? Details


Governor Mimiko and  Deji Of Akure: A Short Gun Marriage And Honey Moon That Will Not Last. By Dr. Wumi Akintide

He, the Deji should have realized by now that his claim to be the reincarnation of Deji Odundun or Deji Ademuagun is hogwash. He is neither of the two, because he lacks the bravery and their charisma and will power. Deji Ademuagun’s academic pedigree and personal appeal as a brilliant attorney was enchanting. He did not believe in voodoo as much as this Deji, and he was a quick study in the History of Akure, and he was better prepared to learn from those who knew our History. Details


Anambra State Needs Liberation. By Jideofor Adibe

Anambra state has been in the news, often for the wrong reason, for much of the 4th Republic. It has in many ways become a microcosm of all that is wrong and right with the Igbo nation, even the Nigerian state. While the state has continued to produce new talents that excel to dizzying heights – the Philip Emeagwalis, Ngozi Chimamanda Adichies and the Onitsha entrepreneurs that reinvented home videos into Nollywood – it simultaneously appears to have reached a new level of notoriety by its apparent inability to organise itself or enthrone order and civility in the conduct of its affairs. Details


Nigeria: Between Immorality and Ethnocentricity-A Response to an Ethnic Bigot. By Mohammed Dahiru Aminu

I don’t know how Ezekwe had come to conclude that the Hausas are a disgrace to Nigeria, but if at all they are, then I guess the Hausas are just following suit; following the footsteps of the Igbos, who clearly brought more shame to Nigeria. Details


The Other Side of  Kidnapping. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

I think for me, kidnapping is the safest option, if I want to go criminal and make money. It is certainly lucrative, especially in the South-South and South –East of the country, where the crime was initially introduced by the Niger Delta militants (and I do support them in view of the decades of injustice in that part of Nigeria; they are rightly aggrieved), until one thing led to the other, and kidnapping got out of hand – everybody that has a gun and smoked a few weeds of marijuana can kidnap, and also politicians were using it as a tool against opponents. Details


Whither The Federal University Of Petroleum Studies In Ugbomro/Effurun, Delta State? By Dr. Emmanuel Ojameruaye

It will be recalled that the issue of the alleged plan by the FG to relocate the FUPRE from Warri to Kaduna was one of the issues that became a clog in the wheel of the amnesty deal until President Yar’Adua...Curiously, N412.4 million was allocated to the NCPS in Kaduna (in addition to the N14.5 billion approved for it in May 2009). Why was this new allocation the NCPS included in the list of Niger Delta projects? Since when has Kaduna become part of the Niger Delta? Details


The Only Way Forward For Nigeria. By Dr. M. M. Wokili

The Nigerian President will be remembered as the father of modern Nigeria even by generations unborn if he can devote his tenure in effecting these fundamental structural changes within our system before the next election. It will be foolhardy for any other party except PDP, to participate in the next general elections without these fundamental changes. Details


It’s time to Re-structure and Re-brand the PTDF. By Abubakar A Nuhu-Koko

Throughout these years, the PTDF existed just as a Desk within the DPR and was only known to a very few members of the general public (probably beneficiaries of its largesse), petroleum sector and industry bureaucrats and technocrats that managed its affairs. All that long, the agency was never subjected to any reform and/or amendment of its mandate or organisational set up. Details


Heroes, Democracy, and the ‘Ph.D.’ Syndrome. By Jideofor Adibe

Who for instance will today question that Awolowo’s free education in the western region was visionary or that Lincoln’s stance on the abolition of slavery was truly progressive?  If, as they say, history will vindicate the just, how will history judge Obasanjo, Soludo, Sanusi, Nuhu Ribadu and other candidates for Nigeria’s public heroes and heroines? Only time will tell. Details


Sir, Ahmadu Bello Memorial Foundation: Is There The Need? By Abbas A. Dikko

Be that as it may, the memorial foundation fund raisin had taken place; people’s resources were donated by the 19 northern states governors contrary to appropriation bill or budgetary provision, an offence punishable by impeachment. Other individual donors too, have made their own contribution perhaps, fisabilillah or the inverse of that.  However, what became evident, unfortunate and baffling after the ceremony was all these were done without a comprehensive and well articulated plan of action on ways and manners on how to utilize the proceeds. No Board of Trustees, National Working Committee and Subs and, no demarcated areas or sector where the fund will be expended, its time frame and likely benefits and beneficiaries until just the recent Details


The Parody of Nigerian Education and the Alternative Search for Foreign Certificate: Whither the Hope of a Better Future? (Part II). By Mr. Adebiyi Jelili Abudugana

Government should stop waiting for strike before it can address the ills in the system. This will neither benefit the system nor the government because whatever comes out of such will not fully transform into a monitorable developmental fruits and resuscitative rescue outcome. The only thing that can move us in the right direction is to marshal a bailout plan that will make our system self-sustaining in all ramifications. Details


Nigeria's Forgotten Heroes: Abubakar Tafawa Balewa (Part 2). By Max Siollun

Despite political involvement, Balewa remained suspicious of Nigerian unification and feared that the Northern Region would be dominated by the better educated and dynamic south. He said that "the southern tribes who are now pouring into the north in ever increasing numbers...do not mix with the northern people in social matters and we...look upon them as invaders. Since 1914 the British government has been trying to make Nigeria into one country, but the Nigerian people themselves are historically different in their backgrounds, in their religious beliefs and customs, and do not show themselves any sign of willingness to unite. So what it comes to is that Nigerian unity is only a British intention in the country." Details


An Open Letter To Wada Nas. By Usman Falalu Funtua (Engr.)

Sir, this page cannot accommodate so many things you suppose to know but I would like to restrict myself to some vital which you need to know and reserve some to some other time. But my write up will be in complete if I fail to inform you about the security situation of the nation. The country is battling with violent crimes; killing rapping and stealing was rampant, kidnapping appears overwhelming as it was even spread over  to the northern part of the county where such cases does not exist. Details


Rebranding Nigerian: Another View. By Nasiru Suleiman

And the pitiable thing about this is that most of these criminals that are giving the country bad name are being celebrated and given titles in most of our villages; they are chiefs and even in most churches these people are Deacons and Deaconess, some of them are Baba Adinni and the rest of them, even in the society this people are seen as role-model to some younger generations. Details


Why Is Nigeria Condemned by Our Own Actions? By Habu Dauda Fika

For a country so illustrious in the world for its people; who participate in all spheres of human endeavor and excel at almost anything in this world, it is unfathomable why we have failed to move Nigeria forward by any measure. Ours is a nation that has failed in all aspects of nationhood. But we perpetually complain and fail to take action as citizens. Details


Ojukwu And His Declaration Of ‘War’. By Solomon Iliya

I have been reading with amusement the ranting of our erstwhile Lt Col (General??? Self declared) Ojukwu that there will be another war with him as Commander-in-Chief if… To be honest, we the Nigerians are to blame for the idiotic ramblings of jokers like him. Those were people who got the best of this country and what have they left for my generation and future generations of Nigerians? A country that is seen as a joke for the fact that we have all it takes to have become a force to reckon with in our 49 years of autonomy. Details


The New Nigeria School Curriculum Review: Alienating Arabic And Muslim Students. By Jibril Idris

In the old curriculum, you either choose French as elective subject or Arabic for which both are languages. With the new system in place, French for whom historically we have no any cultural ties whatsoever in any form or shape is now elevated to the same status as English and mathematics in our education system to detriments of our indigenous languages like: Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa, Tiv and host of others .Does this sound as a quest for our country‘s total emancipation as an independent entity, our Dear Professor? Details


Some Challenges of Allocating 10% of Federal Government Equity Stakeholding in Oil Companies to Oil Producing CommunitiesBy  Dr. Emmanuel Ojameruaye

In conclusion, the plan by the FG to allocate 10% equity stakeholding to “oil producing communities” is a bold step towards resolving the lingering Niger Delta crisis caused largely by the struggle for “resource control”. However, there is need to carefully work out the implementation modalities to ensure that the benefits of the initiative reach the “common people” in the oil producing areas and help to alleviate the grinding poverty in the midst of plenty. Details


Deregulation, PDP Government And Development In Nigeria. By Dr. Abayomi Ferreira

The public discussion and showmanship that accompany the inevitable and impending implementation of the deregulation programme of the right wing PDP and other governments in Nigeria are at the verge of a crescendo. The Labour movement naturally is very vocal in its opposition to the imperialist imposed programme in respect of the downstream sector of the petroleum industry. On the exploiter side of the contest stand the right wing governments of Nigeria led by the Peoples Democratic Party PDP. Details


Furore Over NLNG Literature Prize For 2009. By Onike Rahaman

Candidly, one may not be able to rule out the possibility that there was technical error or procedural hitches in the management of this year’s edition of the prize for literature. However, such probable lapse is not a sufficient reason to condemn the decision of the jurors not to award any of the nine poetic entries. Details


Troublers Of Nigeria. By Leonard  Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

A government that talks of de-regulation of the oil sector because the government needs to save the subsidy money for national development should first convince Nigerians of their seriousness by reducing significantly the salaries and allowances of the less than 18,000 public officials, which amount to over 1.2 trillion naira every year. Details


Militancy, Amnesty And National Security. By Max Gbanite

Therefore, it is commendable on the part of President Yar’Adua, for having the perspicacity to initiate a workable program that at least brought to an end the carnage wrought on the nation’s economy by the terroristic-actions of these young-Turks on the oil-pipelines, which is estimated by International Crude Oil sales monitors, to have cost the nation about 92 billion dollars between 2003 and 2008; averaging 18 billion dollars per year.President Umaru Yar’Adua, may be slow in actions and, sickly too (by his own admission), but he did achieve within 2years in office what Chief Olusegun Obasanjo; a healthy-sexually-rambunctious-man, could not, in his 8years of governance; imagine what the former could achieve for the nation if his health is even half as good as that of the latter; may God be praised. Details


In Changing Nigeria Strategically: First We Have To Make People Eat. By Dennis O. Balogu, Ph.D., M.P.A. The fundamental principles of change either in Malagasy or Nigeria must first take care of hunger in compliance with Maaslow’s Law. First, people will find food to fulfill their hunger for food and then they will search for shelter. And other higher level needs, self-actualization, social expectations and recognitions may follow. Details


Crime, Justice and Punishment: Bode George as a Case Study. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

Since the BIG news broke, I have been agonising. I don’t know whether I should consider this as a victory, justice, retribution, or insult. Like many Nigerians, home and abroad who heard or read the news of Bode George and his co-conspirators’ conviction and sentencing, the news was met with mixed feelings.


On the one hand, I was actually happy and felt good to know that a man of Bode George’s standing and calibre in Nigerian society and politics, could be convicted in our corruption-ridden judiciary... On the other hand, I, like many Nigerians felt aggrieved at the size of the punishment, that is, sentencing to only 30 months imprisonment, stealing billions of our money, Nigeria’s money, that belongs to you and I, that is meant to develop our country, that is meant to alleviate or poverty and other problems. Details


Tribute: Between Alkasum’s Fantacies And Reality. By Dr. Abdullahi B. Pen

The tribute that was written on the late Bala Usman by his student Dr. Alkasum Abba, dated Tuesday, November 15, 2005 which I got a copy a year later, was read and filed believing that with the crop of personalities: scholars for that matter the late Dr. Bala Usman have groomed, made me conclude that, it is only the ‘physical Bala’ that is gone and we would only miss, but the ‘content Dr Balas’ are all over with us, and perhaps became relaxed that the ideas and the good work of Dr. Bala Usman will continue not only in A.B.U., not only in Zaria, not only in the Centre for Democratic Development Research and Training, CEDDERT, not only in northern Nigeria, Nigeria, Africa, but in the whole world. Details


Amnesty Success Story At A Glance. By Abbas A. Dikko

Primordial sentiment apart, another point of note, worrisome and some level of alertness and caution must be expedite, the existing system, consciously, sub or otherwise, has built or better put it, promoted regional bigotry that would probably, begets another national problem; the creation of the ministry for the Niger Delta . With due respect to Niger Deltans, methink, it’s unnecessary, a waste and duplication of effort, NDDC, should have been properly funded; ensure accountability and judicious utilization of the appropriated resources. Details


Sustainable Environmental Project In Kano State. By Emeka Chiakwelu

Nigeria as a nation and sociological entity does not give any credence in the maintenance of her ecological and environmental integrity. Rubbish and debris are carelessly littered on the roadside and in the gutters. Some parts of Nigeria's landscape are being reclaimed by desert, erosion and gullies. No adequate attention has been given to these disasters and the disfiguration of the environmental aesthetic of our great country Nigeria. Details


Nigeria and Ghana Imbroglio: A Case of Envy or Stupidity? By Zents Kunle Sowunmi

Ghanaians like the Jews, they were persecuted all over the world, became cleaners on Nigeria Cities, underpaid laborers on Nigeria road, those who were teachers were never allowed to head the very institutions we Nigerians  knew they were better than  other Nigerian academic instructors in the same department or institutions, Kojo was the best instructor in the new Ogun State Polytechnic in Abeokuta, he was deprived of all benefits he could have because he was a Ghanaians, same thing happened to all Ghanaians that came as economic refugees  to Nigeria when  Shehu Shagari was President. Details


The 1959 Federal Election: Aftermath and Lessons. By Anthony Akinola

Our experience of the acrimonious politics briefly reviewed above makes one wonder why some are still nostalgic about the parliamentary system of government.  The great Sir Arthur Lewis in his book, Politics in West Africa, concluded that the adversarial politics of “government” and “opposition” was unsuitable for a divided nation like Nigeria.  The great Nigerian scholar, Professor Ladipo Adamolekun expressed support for the “Lewisian” consociational viewpoint in one of his books and, of course, this writer shares their view of a “grand coalition” as the better option. Details


The Menace of Campus Prostitution in Nigeria. By Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

The growing rate of campus prostitution in Nigerian tertiary institutions today is raising a serious concern among Nigerians. It is often said the ivory towers is the last stage of moulding leaders of tomorrow, in preparatory for their engagement as leaders and policy makers of the future. So, if such towers are now saturated with the menaces of prostitution and it control syndicate, then the nation is in deep crisis. Details


Nigeria: Between Immorality And Ethnocentricity. By Mohammed Dahiru Aminu

Thus the Igbo “were responsible for the first military coup in this country; they were responsible for the first attempt at ethnic cleansing; they were responsible for the first violation of constitutionally laid down succession procedures; they were responsible for the destruction of the federation and the creation of the unitary system of which they are now victims (since the initial objective was for the Igbos to dominate other groups); they were responsible for Nigeria’s first civil war”. Details


Rebranding Nigeria: Another View. By Suleiman Nasiru

Nigeria as a brand has suffered too much and most people who have come into contact with Nigeria are skeptical about patronizing the country as a product. This is as a result of the negative connotation attached to the product call Nigeria. Truly the country has been in mess over the years and this is as a result of the experience most client of the product got after having contact with the product, the experiential aspect of the brand Nigeria culminated into psychological issue of the brand which, is a symbolic construct created within the minds of people and consists of all the information and expectations associated with the Nigerian people. Details


Good Governance And Accountability In Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) Management In Nigeria. By Otive Igbuzor

Promoting civic expression entails strengthening the capacities of civil society organizations to freely amplify the voices of ordinary people and promoting civic engagement requires fostering interaction between citizens, their associations and other institutions to ensure that public institutions reflect the will of the people and are accountable to them. In our study of civil society in Nigeria under the auspices of the Civil Society Index (CSI) developed by CIVICUS, we discovered that the structure and environment dimensions of civil society in Nigeria are less developed than the values and impact dimensions. Details


Anambra Governorship Election: Incumbency, Credibility And Past Record As Deciding Factors. By Omenife O Mbanefo, Ph.D.

It is no longer a question of hiding behind one godfather somewhere or a question of ‘we formed this political party’ or ‘when did you join’, which has always been considered before candidates are chosen. Even when the godfathers are still part of the picture, it is no longer enough to hide behind the strength of their bank accounts or the force of their endorsements. Today, governorship candidates appear to be chosen based on three major yardsticks: incumbency, credibility and past records. Details


The Parody of Nigerian Education and the Alternative Search for Foreign Certificate: Whither the Hope of a Better Future? (Part I). By Mr. Adebiyi Jelili Abudugana

In one of the activities held to commemorate the 49th anniversary of Nigeria independence from the clutches of colonial despondency, I had a sparkling tête-à-tête with some Nigerians who were grossly dissatisfied with the country’s state of haplessness. The thematic spotlight of our discussion was wide-ranging, but, it was soon narrowed to education because it held on one of the citadels outside the shores of Nigeria. Details


If Northerners Plunder Just Watch Southern Bank Looters. By Farouk Martins Aresa

The banks chiefs are a reflection of the greed and incompetence we see in our ruling political class. It is the same malady that infected our banks and no institution with our kleptomaniacs is in safe hands. Some people see a conspiracy against the South and they see Northern revenge in dormant EFCC sudden CBN zeal: if you think Northerners are looters, wait until you see the Southern bank pen robbers. Details


NAFDAC’s Blanket Approval For Supermarket Imports. By Les Leba

Investigations by some of the local sectoral associations of manufacturers have revealed that NAFDAC appears to have been arm-twisted by ‘powerful’ Nigerians and government agencies including the Nigerian Investment Promotion Council (NIPC) to grant potential so-called foreign investors who wish to establish supermarkets or shopping malls with a blanket approval for the products they needed to import to stock up their shelves!  In other words, while the small and humble Nigerian manufacturer is kept under the rigid gaze of NAFDAC, with regular inspections and the payment of annual fees for product revalidation, and changes in labeling or packaging sizes and strict compliance with good manufacturing practices, the supermarket investor only needs a single general approval without NAFDAC’s physical inspection or validation of product content, and no additional payment of  fees for modifications to size or packaging at any time. Details


Politically Motivated Kidnappings And Hostage-Takings: The New Challenge Before Mike Okiro And His Men. By Emeka Oraetoka Having successfully checked Organized Bank Robberies and achieved appreciable level of success in reduction of criminal activities in Nigeria , Mike Okiro led police, is being confronted by a new wave of politically motivated kidnapping and hostage taking, with serious threat of making nonsense of 2011 general elections? This scenario generally demands that Okiro-led police must go to the drawing board, with their thinking cap on, to fashion out an all embracing intellectual approach to tackling the threatening monster between now and next year, to avoid Hobbnisian state in 2011 Details


Garba Gadi, Please Resign Now. By Dr. Aliyu Tilde

The Yuguda camp is orchestrating the impeachment based on the logic that a spare-tyre is useful only when it accompanies its parent vehicle and the two belongs to the same brand. This rule is true to politics as it is to physics. Though Yuguda and I are poles apart in our conception of politics and governance, I can hardly fault him here. Instead, much of the fault lies with his Deputy, with whom I share some political space, for choosing docility in place of valour. One can even accuse him of complacency because of his failure to give the House the leadership it needed to impeach the Governor for jeopardizing the political future of all ANPP members in the government. It is difficult to see how he comes out a winner or a hero out of the mess at the end of the day. Details


Branding, Re-branding, Teleprompting and Managing Nigeria’s Image or Reputation. By Paul I. Adujie

As for those Nigerians who have and still argue against branding and re-branding in the midst of poverty and competing needs, they must be told that branding and re-branding is a wise investment, especially in the long term. New York City knows this, and it is why she spends billions of dollars annually on advertising New York City as the greatest city in the world! And billions more to market the term, I Love New York in songs and T-shirts etc. Details


OPEC and Oil Price: Stabilization Good for African Economies. By Emeka  Chiakwelu

Most of these African nations planned their budgets and tied their budgets to the price of oil. With the sharp increase of oil price, they enjoyed bountiful spending and relied less on the donor nations and the reverse is the case with the nosedived of oil price. The major problem with these African nations are their total dependency on oil for their total revenue and foreign exchange. They mostly operate a mono-commodity economy and without economic diversification they become vulnerable, unsecured and weak in the globalized market economy. Details


Yar’Adua Vs. Militants. By Garba Deen Muhammad

... in his handling of the Niger Delta crisis the President is dead right this time. Along with poor infrastructure and corruption, the Niger Delta problem is one of Nigeria’s three biggest National problems. (The problem of endemic poverty, rising illiteracy, child abuse and street begging are regional problems for which the governors of the northern region where these problems are pervasive are solely responsible). Details


How to Wrap Roasted Yam. By Salisu Suleiman

Many Nigerian professionals, experts and businesses, both at home and in the Diaspora send hundreds, even thousands of proposals to government ministries and public sector agencies every year. These proposals cover a wide range of products and services which they might have seen elsewhere and thought of introducing back home. Somehow, most of these usually well intentioned and well packaged proposals simply disappear in the labyrinth of government. What happens to them? Details


Stone Pen Or Armed Robbers To Death. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Too often we blame our leaders for everything for ignoring available solutions to our misery but at the same time we adore and defend their personal aggrandizement. They have obliged with a sucker of all time - the rule of law.  If your arm is infected with cancer, you cut it off. Why not do the same to those known as chronic looters since the first Republic, as drug peddlers, as 419 masters and as gun runners turned politicians. So we expect them to alter their hot chase for loot. Stones and sand thrown into our gari must come back, like agaracha, to hunt these Barawo. Details


Attempt On Formation Of Mega Political Parties In Nigeria – The Rivers State Example. By Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

The history of mergers and alliances in Nigeria reveals an idea that is always conceived with prospects, but devoid of strategic drive to achieve its objective. In the Second Republic for instance, despite several moves amongst the defunct Unity Party of Nigeria (UPN), Nigeria Peoples Party (NPP), Great Nigeria Peoples Party (GNPP) and Peoples Redemption Party (PRP) to fuse into a political body with the view of wresting power from the then ruling National Party of Nigeria (NPN), the mission proved to be an exercise in futility at the end. Although the parties succeeded in evolving into a platform, the United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA), protagonists of the idea, Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe of NPP and Chief Obafemi Awolowo of UPN, failed to reach a compromise on who should lead the alliance. Details


Sanusi Lamido Sanusi: Who He Is. By Abbas A. Dikko

Barely three weeks ago, newly confirmed CBN governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, stepped-in to replace Chukwuma Soludo for a five year term period, many Nigerians, might have expected as usual, writers/columnists to throw-light on who Sanusi is, a one time Executive Director, UBA Plc and until his appointment, immediate past Managing Director, FBN Plc, not good enough. Negligibly or otherwise, that was never given any serious thought, reason why I took the challenge with my little knowledge of the personality in question to acquaint interested Nigerians about who he is and what would likely be the out-come of his stewardship. Details


Between Nigeria And Nigerians. By Yusuf Gamawa

From all that we have learned about Nigeria, sometimes many us are made to believe in the works of many colonial and post colonial Historians on certain aspects of our History, especially when they try to argue that Nigeria is a creation of the British, a position that is still lingering on the minds of many of us and has thus created doubts as to the viability of the Nigerian project, it is indeed a position that has created a negative attitude in our people and is generally derailing our progress as a people. Details


Why You are a Nigerian. By Olusegun Claudius-Adeniyi

Just some random musing. What determines where a person is born, the type of parents one has and the country where one is born to? Is there any possible rational explanation for the nationality one comes from? Is there any reasoning to the selection of people in a country or even continent? Why was one man born an American and another a Nigerian? These were the kind of thoughts racing through my mind this afternoon. I refuse to believe that these occurrences could have a random origin nor accept the dismissive, simplistic (and sometimes daft explanation of the “work of God” phenomenon). The world is too organised for it to be a product of randomness. From the microscopic organism to the gigantic species on earth, the interwoven relationship of the cosmogony removes any doubt about a superior order. Details


Pervasive Kidnapping in Nigeria: Symptom of A Failing State? By Jideofor Adibe

The common tendency is to blame the pervasive wave of kidnapping outside the Niger Delta exclusively on the unacceptable rate of unemployment in the country, an inefficient and corrupt police force that is ill-equipped to fight crime, and collusion between kidnappers and politicians. These factors however appear to be mere symptoms of a larger malaise, namely that pervasive kidnapping, is one of the major symptoms of both ‘failed’ and ‘failing’ states. Most of the countries where kidnapping have been pervasive have been either failed or failing states – Baghdad after the 2003 invasion of Iraq, Columbia from the 1970s until about 2001, and Mexico between 2003 and 2007. Details


Nigeria In Quest Of A Saviour. By Isa Muhammad Inuwa

Reflecting backwards from the time Nigeria gained independence from the British Colonial leaders in year 1960 to date, it is quite enough for any serious country endowed with abundant resources and opportunities to rise to the zenith of recognition. Experiments have shown that some Asian Countries and some form the Latin America had started certain aspects of economic development at the same time with Nigeria, in some cases, Nigeria was even the pioneer in such aspects in those years, however, the story is totally the reverse today, whereby those countries have gone far ahead, leaving Nigeria to linger and heavily rely on importation of sub-standard products from those countries, while its hitherto sound industrial base is decaying by the day. Details


The Dilemma Of Being A Vet In Nigeria. By Sylva Nze Ifedigbo

I am done complaining. This is my signing out piece. The FCT minister had on my passing out from service announced an automatic employment for me and ten others who won the Honours award. I thought I had escaped the dilemma. Four months on and its now obvious the word “automatic” doesn’t have the same meaning in the dictionary of the FCT administration as is found in the English dictionary. Not the money, not the job has showed up. I am done waiting for them. At a proper time I will launch my attack against them. For now I am looking for other options. I am looking up. Details


Federal Character And Quota System in Nigeria - A Good Public Policy. By Paul I. Adujie

It is quite interesting that time have recruited some Nigerians to become advocates and supporters of federal character in appointments to federal appointments. Disparate groups have joined this worthy discourse! All Nigerians should in good faith advocate that appointments and how we do business reflect our essential composite make-up as Nigerians, from local government to state and federal levels. All hands should be on deck. All engines for Nigeria’s development should be firing at full-throttle, from our diversities! Details


140 Million Liabilities. By Salisu Suleiman

We take pleasure in complaining about our condition - no light, no water, bad roads, poor hospitals, declining education, corruption etc. But what have we, individually and collectively done about it? Have we not, in our own small ways, contributed to this sad state? From the filling station attendant who tinkers with dispensing machines; the messengers and clerks in public offices who hide files; the stockbroker who manipulates the markets; the banker who round trips; the judge who fiddles with justice; the lawyer who sells out his clients; the teacher who solicits favours from students; the farmer who hides rotten foodstuff under fresh ones; to the hawker in traffic who runs away with your change - do we really deserve any better? Details


President Yar’adua “ New Wave Of Radical  Progressive Governance “. By Benjamin Ogbebulu

It could be said that the initial public perception about the electoral process that ushered in Yar’Adua –Jonathan Goodluck administration was flawed   but events so far in terms of policy reversals and policy making have now water down these feelings and the seven-point agenda of the government is being pursued tenaciously as these have formed the road map for the government. Details


Democracy and the Failed Nation of Nigeria. By Ibrahim Mohammed

A truly democratic society must separate its political power away from its economic power. Individuals must be seen to clearly control political power and other individuals should control economic power. This way a symbiotic relationship is created. The political power holders know they have to deliver peace and stability and functioning infrastructure if they must be supported by the economic power holders who guarantee the existence of the political class through financing of public administration through internal economic activities that provide taxes to the government. Details


Hon. Chinua Achebe and Nobel Prize Committee: The Brewing and Unending Cold War. By Emeka Chiakwelu

Whenever you have time to visit Nobel Prize website, do click to page for Nobel prize winners for literature. You come to notice that of all the important literature of 20th century and emerging 21st century winners of the prize; that the greatest literature of all time that elucidated and clarified the position of Africans on meeting of the West and Africa is missing. The book is Chinua Achebe's Things fall Apart which is based on the crash of civilizations. To say that Things Fall Apart is just a literature is a sophomoric understatement. Details


Comments on Sanusi Lamido's Suitability. By Abbas Liman

I have been prompted to make a few comments following the one made by one George who is also a member of our great forum (trustwriters forum). His comment was on Sanusi Lamido Sanusi as Alhaji Umaru Musa Yar’adua’s nominee then for the replacement of Prof Charles Soludo as Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN). He opined that a former Deputy Governor of the Bank, Dr Obadiah Mailafiya is more suitable. Details


The Appointment of a Vice Chancellor for Ahmadu Bello University Subverted. By Usman, Sule Machika

The tenure of Prof Shehu Usman Abdullahi ended on the May 23rd, 2009. It is in the practice of the Ivory Towers to ensure that a substantive Vice Chancellor is appointed for university in good stead to avoid a leadership vacuum. At its 131st special meeting held on Monday 18th May, 2009, the Governing Council’s effort to appoint a substantive VC was subverted. Many of us were taking aback, yet not surprised. Details


Nigeria: Ten Years Of “Democracy”. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

The Nigerian people are not being empowered. How can they celebrate democracy when they lack the basic infrastructure that will empower them? They have suffered economic exclusion. They pay for electricity they don’t consume. Nigerians are being ripped off by telecommunication companies and destroyed by oil companies (contrary to section 17 (2) (d)). Details


Bad News for Nigerians. By Buhari Bello

The Nigerian nation is fast derailing from the part of morality and development. Every day the news coming out as a result of action and inaction of its leaders is not encouraging at all. It’s always like one step forward and twenty steps backward. What is really happening to this country? Has God forsaken us or we have forsaken ourselves as people and a nation. On Wednesday March 12-2009 the whole nation wake us with the bad news that some social miscreants, who called themselves gays, had  demonstrating at the venue of joint public hearing organized by the House Representative committee on Human Right, Women Affair and Justice in National Assembly against a bill that will be presented before the house outlawing same sex marriage. Details