Agenda for President Goodluck Jonathan. By Chido Onumah

The greatest mistake we will make, however, is to let Acting President Jonathan think that he alone can set the agenda for the new political order. Apart from the fact that the satanic forces that rail against him will not let him do anything progressive, we are mindful of the fact the status quo is the culmination of the efforts of gallant Nigerians in the last three months. Details


Yar’adua’s “Return”: Securing Nigeria. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

There is nothing that should surprise Nigerians about this “mid-night” stealthily “arrival” of Mr. Yar’adua. We had been informed before hand of Mrs. Turai Yar’adua determination to bundle back her husband via an air ambulance to Nigeria, hoping that she would fasten her waning grip on political power. The game now is psychological and may even become violent. I have warned Dr. Jonathan before to wake up for the sake of Nigeria. His “wisdom” and gentility may cost him and Nigeria dearly. Two days ago, I got a call from an “Army Colonel” informing me that my life was in danger, and that, “you are standing in some people’s way.” Dr. Jonathan, not only is your life in danger, but Nigeria is in danger if you fail to act. Details


President Umaru YarAdua Of Nigeria Is Back Home To Presidential Duties? By Paul I. Adujie

And how about now, that President YarAdua is back to base? And presumably, at the helms of affairs for Nigeria, once again? Is he now in Aso Rock, our seat of power and presidential residence and would remain there? Some have speculated, that he is on life support? How do we proceed? After Mr. YarAdua’s prolonged absence presidential duties and all the high decibels debates? How about the noncompliance and or violations of section 145 of the constitution? And many other questions, such as, whether the president failure to have transmitted a letter, to trigger and active vice president acting in his stead, should necessitate a hearing. Details


Obama Is Wrong On Nigeria, On Visit Snub, On Agents Meeting Babangida, and On Terrorist List. By Paul I. Adujie

And the monumental mistake and error in judgment , on the part of the Obama administration, was explained and was justified by spin-doctors as an action necessitated by the imperfect elections which took place in Nigeria in April 2007, even though Mr. Obama did not become president of the United States until January 20, 2009 and this stopover in Ghana occurred in July 2009, more than two complete full years after the April 2007 elections in Nigeria. President Obama assumed the US presidency bearing grudges against Nigeria? It will be recalled that President Bill Clinton, a Democrat, visited Nigeria for more than a day in 2000 and ditto President George W. Bush a Republican, who of course, also visited Nigeria in 2003. Details



Goodluck Jonathan On Trial: Some Weighted Opinion From North America. By Cliff I. Edogun, Ph.D.

After more than forty years of political independence, a civil war and a couple of northern dominated military coups in a country of multiple diversity, the northern Muslim political class has still not been able to separate state from mosque or church from state. The pitiable conspiracy to hold on to presidential power “for the north” at all cost by these fringe elements, even when they had no clue what Yar’Adua’s medical condition was, will remain a classic history research paradigm for years to come. Details


On Goodluck Jonathan: Luck is Not Enough. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD

If I stood before the unapproachable throne of the Almighty and He asked me to choose one item from the list—Luck, Strength, Courage, Understanding, and Grace, I would definitely not choose Luck. Let me tell you why. There is an illusion that comes with luck right unto the doorsteps of a man’s soul. Luck creates an illusion of achievement where there is no labour. Luck disarms a man of the necessary barometer of self-assessment; it darkens the thin veil that shields human faults. You have not arrived on the wings of luck; rather the journey has just started when luck pushes you unto the dais which is only fit for those who have tasted both the bitter pill of defeat and the sweet wine of success. Luck carries with it the burden of responsibility, to prove yourself to those who hold the consensus that you are undeserving. Details



PHCN and the Woes of the Nation. By Rahaman Onike

The recent disclosure by Alhaji Immamudeen Talba, the Administrator of the Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) that the Federal Government would remove subsidy on electricity tariffs by 2012 is not only a source of worry to the masses but also amount to a conspiracy to inflict pains on the citizenry. Obviously, the removal of the subsidy will increase the price of electricity on consumption. The contemplated adjustment of power prices in line with market – orientated mechanism is unnecessary at this critical moment of our nation’s history. Details


My Tax; My Vote; My Rights! By Abdullah Musa

Many Nigerians have lost their lives either due to accidents on pothole-ridden roads, or were slain by hired assassins, or killed by armed robbers; or are simply victims of elite politics- as is the case with the recurring religious and tribal conflicts. In all the aforementioned, neither the payment of tax, nor the casting of vote, will ensure for me a fairly equitable wellbeing. Details


Maryam Ibrahim Babangida: Beyond Better Life For Rural Women. By Dr. Enyantu Ifenne

 It is not surprising that the death of Maryam Ibrahim Babangida evoked deep grief and feelings of profound loss across the country.  However, it is remarkable that tributes to her by Nigerians from diverse backgrounds had common strands; she was a virtuous woman, a supportive wife, an exemplary mother, a role model and a visionary leader. Evidently, her purposeful life touched and inspired Nigerians. As we mourn her, it is appropriate to reflect upon the significance of her contributions and to draw from the lessons learned from her exemplary leadership. Details




Now that Goodluck Jonathan is Acting President.....


Now that Goodluck Jonathan has been un-constitutionally made the Acting President through sleight-of-hand:


1.  he should not look over his shoulders;  President Umar Musa Yar'Adua is not coming back as President, period.

2.  he should as a matter of urgency write a letter to the Senate President David Mark and Speaker of the House Dimeji Bankole to fulfil Section 145.

3.  he should under no circumstances support the impeachment or move towards the permanent incapacitation certification of President Yar'Adua.

4.  he should not dissolve the Federal Cabinet just yet, if at all. 

5.  he should abandon some of PDP's/Yar'Adua's 7-point agenda items.

6.  he should return to weekly Wednesday Cabinet meetings, discontinue the weekly post-meeting ministerial briefings, and institute weekly addresses to the nation

7. he should give an early indication whether he is running for President in 2011 or not.

8.  he continues to need God's guidance, more goodluck and patience



The Plateau Crucible (2)


I thus support the proposition that all residents of Plateau and of any other Northern state claim the indigene of where they were by 1966 and so would their progeny. Honestly, a situation where every Hausa/Fulani now living in Plateau would claim the indigene of the state is not tenable. The people of Plateau are right if they resist this.

Plateau natives, on their part, must look beyond their narrow interest in Jos. They must realise that they have citizens enjoying this status as a result of this consideration in other places. The fact that someone's ancestor came from Kano, for example, does not automatically exclude him from being an indigene of Plateau, just as the Berom cannot be denied the same status because they are migrants from Sokoto or Niger Republic. Populations are dynamic. Details


A Lesson on Power for Dr. Goodluck Jonathan. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

One obvious mistake Dr. Jonathan has consistently made since the resolution by the National Assembly on February 9th, 2010, making him the Acting President and Commander-In-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federation is to still think like a Vice-President. Until a man changes both the content and construction of his mind upon the thrust into the limelight of power his efficacy in the new role will be mediocre. Until Dr. Jonathan re-creates himself, he shall remain insipid, boring, and of no positive effect whatsoever to the exigencies of the time. Details


The North and Goodluck Jonathan Presidency. By Zayyad I. Muhammad

It is no news that Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is fully in-charge as the Acting President of the Federal Republic Nigeria. But the high-wired political intrigues, manoeuvres and horse-trading that heralded his emergence as the Acting President will continue to deepen as well as become very interesting. As events unfold, political pundits and students of history will have a lot to comment on, learn from and also use to predict things to come, while ordinary Nigerians will watch with keen interest. Details


The Jonathan Presidency: A Call for Caution. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

We have a new “Acting President”, after almost eighty days of delayed tactics, confusion, misinformation and misinterpretation, political chicanery, outright lies and criminal deception, forgery, self interests over national interests, all culminating in a grand farce, such as has never happened in the history of Nigerian politics, and which, based on the repercussions and what we went through, Nigerians would wish and pray never happens again. Details


2011 Destination and the Agenda for President Jonathan. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

Now that Dr. Jonathan has assumed the position of Acting President and Commander In Chief of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, three things have happened, which may not be obvious to some observers:


  1. The North-South political dichotomy, which the ruling party, the PDP had imposed on the body polity in Nigeria has been violated, snapped, and binned.

  2. (1) is, however, dependent on Dr. Jonathan’s performance in office in the few months leading to the next presidential election.

  3. The fortune of the “minority” nationalities in the emerging Nigeria stands a chance of being burnished from this year going forward.



Section 145 Exposed! By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

The conspiracy orchestrated by the PDP, which has kept Nigerians perpetually deceived, disillusioned, and ignored must not go unpunished. The advantage of senseless conspiracy, such as we have seen the PDP engaged in lately, is that it makes you to examine relevant issues more closely. Let us take another look at section 145: Details


Finally Nigerian National Assembly Acts But Is This Constitutional?
By Paul I. Adujie

The National Assembly will remain in the eye of the storm. The National Assembly should perform a national duty, by taking the tiger by its tail, insist that the president transmit the letter as specified, stipulated and mandated by section 145 of the Constitution of Nigeria, or procure a resignation from the president as haven resigned voluntarily, based on physical-mental incapacitation or, sua sponte, the National Assembly should on its on accord, impeach President YarAdua and remove him from office as president of Nigeria. Details


The Hausa Man and His Language and Culture Least He Forgets. By Ndiameeh Babrik

I am really very surprise that a Hausa man can ignorantly  actually lay claim to 'Kaftans', the long shirt, 'Zanna Bukar', the long cap or hat, the turban and many others which he had borrowed from the Arabs or the Fulbe as recent as 19th century. He behaves like the Somalian who is more Arabic than the Arab man. Details


"Boko Haram": Repeating The Mistake Of Saddam Hussein. By  Ibrahim M. Attahir

Many people that watched the Aljazeera Satellite Channel on Tuesday  9th  February, 2010 shed tears for seeing the crude and barbaric way and manner the security agencies carried out the extra-judicial killings of civilians alleged to be members of "Boko Haram". However, those that gave the orders and those that executed the orders appeared to be very comfortable with the atrocities that they committed. Details


Nigeria Police And The Extra Judicial Killings. By Babandi Gumel

The awful video footage shown by the Aljazeera Television of the Nigeria Police and Army Units carrying out extra judicial killing in the aftermath clashes with the Boko Haram members call to question the role played by the security forces in the last years  Muslim uprising. In the footage a number of unarmed civilians were seen forced to lie down on the street and then shot at a cruel point blank range that were never seen anywhere. Details


The Future of Nigeria. By Anthony Akinola

“Our boys will defeat them” was what one Nigerian said rather dismissively when told that Ghana was winning one-mil at half-time in the semi-final of the African Cup of Nations.  He seemed to have forgotten that Nigeria needed to find an equalising goal before the prospect of winning the match could be realistically assumed.  The Nigerian in question had merely exhibited our typical attitude of under-estimating others – assuming ourselves to have got to a destination we are not in any way near. Details


Eclampsia As A Common Cause Of Maternal Mortality In Nigeria. By Abdullahi Dahiru

Eclampsia is the most common cause of maternal death especially in Northern Nigeria accounting for about 30% of all maternal deaths while studies carried out in Southern Nigeria found haemorrhage and unsafe abortions as the leading cause of maternal mortality. Details


The Spirit of Buharism and 2011 Election Debacles. By Buhari Bello

We seem to be people who make the loudest noise and criticisms; but, when time for action comes we all cowardly loose our steam and melt like ice block. The world will not wait for us; because a docile society gets a dictatorial leadership while an active society get transformational leadership.  Details


Power Shift, Igala, Okun and the Ebira’s. By Joshua Ocheja

The phrase Power shift might sound a bit unpleasant especially as it relates to the political atmosphere in Kogi state, but it is yet the indispensable drumbeat of change whose rhythm will open the dance floor to endless expression of intent for sound minds, regardless of tribe, religion or location. This dance floor will serve as the catalyst for the much awaited Kogi Renaissance. Details


When Professor Akunyilli ‘Found’ Her Voice. By Olufemi Nelson Fajolu

But, like every other Nigerian, Professor Akunyilli (who is suppose to be the face and voice of the executive) said ‘no more’, she joined her voice to that of the masses and shouted ‘ENOUGH’. She was tired of lying, she could no longer do things that her conscience disagrees with, she reinvigorate the man (maybe the woman) in her, her Christian values were tired of being suppressed and finally she broke down like the biblical Saul when he was met on his way to Damascus by Jesus Christ and she spoke her mind. Details


On Nigeria: Matters Arising. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

Here are the facts. If INEC should go on and conduct the Anambra governorship election as scheduled on Saturday, February 6th, in defiance to the Judge Liman judgement, the outcome will miscarry as it will be legally contested. This judgement came less than 48 hours before the scheduled election. If Yar’Adua and his kitchen cabinet refuse to cause to be transmitted to the national assembly the declaration of his absence, in accordance to section 145, which will thereby afford Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to assume the office of Acting President with full executive and commanding powers in less than one week as I write, then Anambra state will be thrown into fresh crisis. Details


Save Nigeria Campaigns: National Interest Or Revanchist Posturing? By Tondu Aonduna

A critical factor  explaining why Nigerians have become wary of those posing as redeemers is that they have for too long been taken for granted by snake oil sales men who have consistently used the goodwill of the long-suffering masses only to abandon the legitimate aspirations of the latter for self-serving and opportunistic considerations. Details


Nigeria's Solution By Non-Political Leadership Think-Tank. By Farouk Martins Aresa

It will be pure folly to think that some members of jumbo ethnic groups will lie down and let “ethnic starlets” walk all over them in competition for leadership. All we are saying is if you have perpetually failed, for God’s sake let others try. If you have any contribution to make, pass it on. We all know those noble men and women in our villages that never had a chance to contribute because of the glorification of money. It is past time we woke them up to become a think-tank member.  Their expertise must not be wasted. Oya now! Details


When the Land is Green, the People Should Not be Hungry. By Olusegun Claudius-Adeniyi

One is saddened by the current constitutional impasse occasioned by the lingering ill-health of President Yar’adua and the spiralling effects of this on the entrenchment of good governance. This unwarranted political cum constitutional crisis remains an impediment to the country’s stride towards progress and economic recovery. Our failure to harness our abundant human and material resources remains our greatest albatross while lack of responsive and visionary leadership has persistently clogged the wheel of progress. Details


The Need For A Common Financial Reporting  And Financial Accounting System Framework For Nigerian Banks. By Shafii Ndanusa

One of the reasons advanced for the crises in some Nigerian banks had to do with inaccurate financial reporting. It was adduced that some loss-making financial institutions not only declared profits but paid dividends using depositor funds. The multiplier effect of such actions on the future financials of a firm/bank is at most imaginable. With the common year-end and the adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards, a golden opportunity has arisen for the CBN to rectify these anomalies.  Details


Demonstration Of Unalloyed Craziness. By Usman Falalu Funtua (Engr.)

One is completely at a loss as one ponders over why the Aondoakaa of this world would continue to insult the collective sensibility of Nigerians. Can someone call Aondoakaa to order? His desperation has made him interpret the Nigerian constitution to serve his purpose. By virtue of the court ruling which empowered the VP to exercise the functions of the president in his absence, has the Nigeria bar association actually checked and confirmed that Mr. Aondoakaa really read law and actually graduated even with a pass? Details


Yar’Adua’s Sickness/Obasanjo’s Response: An Insult On The Northern Elite. By Abbas A. Dikko

Decades from today, there has never been a time when the north and it’s people became defenceless, powerless, unethical, uncultured, greed, corrupt and divided except, in the fourth republic and to date, could not find its bearings. In the history of this country, nobody would ever thought that not only Obasanjo that was rejected by his kin(s) including some people from his household, but, any other respected personality of high morality ranking can come to the north and decide who is to be their leader and freely get away with it. Details


Jos: The Actual Settlers. By Mustafa Liman-Adamu

Anybody that knows Plateau State, and the generality of non-Hausa states in the North, surely knows that Hausa culture, the good part of which is inseparable from Islam, has an immeasurable, immense influence on nearly all the indigenes who today view the Hausas among them as mere settlers.  Comparing other ethnic groups, especially those from the south, settling on the Plateau with the Hausas is inappropriate because none of them has even a fraction of his influence on the indigenes. The indigenes have absorbed to the tilt so many cultural and religious heritages of the Hausaman that it will take centuries to completely rid the Plateau of any Hausa or Islamic influences. You don’t need to be a sociologist or anthropologist before you realize that. Even the self-deceiving Chief Indigene of Plateau State cannot deny this fact. Details


Jos Crises: Insisting on Falsehood at all Cost. By Ndiameeh Babrik

Some comedians are of the view that Jos City should be excised from Plateau state and taken to Bacuhi state since it was part of Bauchi Province before 1926! Some even suggested the scrapping of Plateau state from the face of the earth. Well whether people like it or not we will say the truth as it is whose ever ox is goad. While there are important political issues like absentee president for three months, what concerns Bauchi state House of Assembly is Jos Plateau state. Details


Jos:  Jasawa Blame Yourselves! By Yusuf Muhammad Inuwa

But why is this happening to this town that was once the most serene city in Nigeria? The answer dates back to historical antecedences that occurred and the subsequent manipulations of facts and documented historical evidences. First and foremost Plateau State is a State in Nigeria and as enshrine in the Constitution a Nigerian citizen can resides anywhere within the country and equally conduct his or her business without hindrances irrespective of his creed or ethnic affiliation. And because of the hospitable tolerance of others, we have what is called Sabon Gari across the Northern Cities of Nigeria and in some Southern States that is where what other intolerable hosts called Settlers dwell. Details


Jos Crises: An Old Problem Taking a New Dimension. By Balarabe Yushau

Human Right Watch was blunt and direct to the point. It clearly states that the discriminatory policies "lie at the root of much of the inter-communal violence in Nigeria". With these policies, according to HRW, "Non-indigenes are openly denied the right to compete for government jobs and academic scholarships". In particular, "In Jos and in Kuru Karama, members of the largely Muslim Hausa ethnic group are classified as non-indigenes though many have lived there for several generations”. Therefore, HRW strongly suggests that “government should also take concrete steps to end the discriminatory policies that treat certain groups as second-class citizens" ( Details


Notoriety of Assassins. By  Onike Rahaman

Obviously, we are in a state of anomie as result of pervasive insecurity of lives and property everywhere. All of us must rise up to the challenge of fighting the menace because it constitutes a threat to our collective psyche as a people. The outsiders are looking at us as a country peopled by desperados. The amazing thing about the tales of assassination is that the assassins are products of our corrupt society. Details


Rivers State: The Bill On Illegal Development Levy. By Nwaorgu Faustinus Chilee

As a person, I have seen, witnessed and heard how a few individuals impose illegal development levy by force on land developers, landlords, landladies etc, who want to either erect fence, sink borehole, mold blocks or dig foundation of the building without being punished by the suitable authority. I therefore heaved a great sigh of relief when I  learnt that a bill on illegal collection levy from land developers will be passed into law which will put an end to the collection or rather imposition of  illegal development levy known as “matching ground or bush entry” among other nomenclature given to it by the extortionists. Details


The Wrong Side of Censoring Hausa Home Videos. By Ahmad Abubakar

Hausa home videos have been a topic of concern for many years. After ‘Hiyana saga’ critics have been in the fore front to black list this industry from the lime light of the norms of the society, this dears the Government body to come in and regulates the Film industry. The Hausa film industry has been known as very rich with potentials and able hands, but full of technological inadequacies and mannerisms, as a result of their bad depiction of morals and wrong misrepresentation of our culture with out regard to norms and ethics. Details


Nigeria: Those Military Coup Rumours. By Max Siollun

At first I dismissed it as rumour mongering with no foundation. However, something fishy is going on. Every coup in Nigeria's history has always been preceded by rumours and press speculation that a coup was imminent. Two weeks ago, the Vice-President Goodluck Jonathan reminded the military that the government will not neglect its welfare. The Governor of Benue State Gabriel Suswam recently urged the army to ignore those calling for a military coup. Details


The Arrest of Some Nigerians and other Nationals in Malaysia: The Truth of the Matter. By Olawepo John

On the 19th January, 2010, the Malaysian security arrested some individuals. Those arrested have been described by the flagship of the Malaysian newspaper, New Strait Times, as having links with international terrorist organizations. (New Strait Times, 28 January, 2010). The arrest which was effected in Kampung Sungai Chincin as reported Alang Bendahara of the New Strait Times, was carried out under the provision of the  International Security Act (ISA). (New Strait Times, 29 January, 2010). Details


Is Nigeria a Terrorist Haven? (Part 2). By Max Siollun

The countries on the List are an odd and eclectic bunch. Not all of them have overt links with terrorist organisations or pose security risks to the U.S. Cuba has a lot more to gripe about than Nigeria. Cuba is an odd choice as a "state sponsor of terror". I cannot recall the last time a Cuban tried to blow up a plane, embassy or skyscraper. The irony of Cuba being on the List, is that one of the most serious acts of attempted terror between Cuba and America occurred when the U.S. tried to murder the Cuban head of state. Details


Goodluck Jonathan: An Accomplice In Conspiracy. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

I was one of the Nigerians that voted for President Yar’Adua in 2007. Do I need to swear that “If I did not vote for Yar’Adua, while I claim to, may God punish me”? Just believe me on this one; I speak the truth and lie not, my conscience also testifying to this. I only had buyer’s remorse only few weeks into Yar’Adua’s presidency. That is another matter. Whether you voted for President Yar’Adua or not, truth is he is our president. Details


Walking Through The Shadow Of Death: Nigeria and its President. By Segun T. Dawodu

The issue with the Nigerian constitution so far analyzed lies with the fact that the two-thirds of the Executive Council Members have to start the process of confirming the permanent incapacity of the President. This does not take into consideration the bias and political exigency that may exist among that many people required to make such a huge change in the government of a country outside outright military coup. It could also be a ground for abuse if a group of members of the executive council decides to push out a healthy but non-conforming president.  Details


The Plateau Christian Elders Forum, a Rejoinder. By Umar Bello

In the wake of the carnage perpetrated in Jos and environs, the Plateau State Christian Elders Consultative Forum, true to type, has cast away its cassock and donned that of sheer ethnicity to organize a press conference in Abuja with the sole purpose of accusing the GOC 3rd Armored Division, Jos, Major General Saleh Maina with his ‘all-Muslim’ Patrol team of genocide and ‘the well acclaimed Islamic Jihadist Channel’, the Aljazira TV Channel of partiality. A section of the Nigerian press gleefully foregrounds these outrageous claims, while at the same time blanks out the Kuru Karama genocide. Details


Jos Genocide, David Jonah Jang and the Rest of Us. By Abbas Yushau Yusuf

The issue of terrorism being campaigned by superpower s of the world has gotten its firm root here in Nigeria and plateau state in particular where the terrorist David Jonah jang held sway. This is because Farouk Motallabs case is myopic compared to that of Jonah jang who was empowered constitutionally to secure his state as the chief security officer of plateau state but to no avail. But allowed innocent citizens that came from a section of the far north to be massacred since 2008 to today. Details


Governor Jang is Ripe for International Criminal Court. By Pindar G. Mshelia, Maiduguri

It is unfortunate to note that things have not changed much in Plateau State since the first crisis in 2001 despite the appeals by many Nigerians. Rather, each side seems to be digging in. On the one hand, peace became an opportunity to prepare for the next round of violence while, on the other, the crisis themselves granted each group the chance to revenge previous atrocities, defend itself against fresh ones, or commit new assault that would serve as the fuel which will sustain the flames of the next crisis. Details


Declaration Of State Of Emergency Is Imperative In Plateau State. By Baban Iya  Bala

The peculiarity of the crisis in Plateau state compared to other states is that in Plateau state, the Government has always being a party to the conflicts. It is unfortunate that the Plateau Fascists have reverted to their pagan savagery of slaughtering their perceived enemies and stuffing them in wells. Details


Kuru Karama Cannot Be Buried or Wished Away. By Garba Deen Muhammad

The Vice President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan said that “This would be the last Jos carnage”. It is tempting to be encouraged by what the VP said, but it is necessary to point out to the VP that unless his desire—because for now we have to treat his statement as an expression of what he desires should happen’ and not a policy statement—is backed by a strong resolve, he may find himself eating his words sooner than later. So what resolve do we as Nigerians, whether we are Muslims or Christians expect from the authorities in dealing with this crisis that has the potential to consume us all? Details


Trying To Compel Nigerians: What Next? By Ahmed Haruna

Why should anyone be surprised, therefore, to learn that Obasanjo, who is currently in desperate need of attention, is clumsily claiming self-righteousness in asking Mr. President to, unconstitutionally, resign? Why would a former military head of state and two-term civilian President not even wince at the suggestion that he illegally forced a successor onto a country he professed to have loved, and even goes ahead to explain details about a clean bill of health certificate from Yar’Adua and the role played by ‘experts’ before finally declaring that he did no wrong? Details


A Nation in Constitutional Row. By Onike Rahaman

The insistence of Federal Executive Council last week that President Umaru Yar’Adua is medically fit despite all the agitations has raised constitutional questions. This is the second time that the council would take a stand that the ailing president is not incapacitated. Contrarily, the senate passed the resolution that Yar’Adua should properly hand over to the vice president Goodluck Jonathan as Acting President. Obviously, the senate and the council could not agreed on the medical fitness of the president thereby posing challenges to the nation’s constitutional democracy. Details


Between Atiku and Boni Haruna. By Zayyad I. Muhammad

Today’s frosty political-relationship between Atiku and Boni Haruna is generating comments from three groups: Atiku’s political disciples, Boni’s followers and students of politics. Atiku’s sympathisers are of the opinion that, Boni Haruna has exhibited a character of an ingrate, they stressed that, it was by Atiku’s grace he became the Governor of Adamawa State. Details


Asmara Declaration On African Languages And Literature: Ten Years After. By Attahiru Muazu

It’s a whole decade since the “Against All Odds: African Languages and Literature In The 21st Century” conference took place in Asmara, Eritrea which gave birth to the famous Asmara Declaration on 17th January 2000. Since then, many questions were left unanswered but certainly not unanticipated. The title of the conference itself –Against All Odds- not only celebrated the will and determination that led to the gathering in the first place but also signalled a premonition of challenges ahead for African languages. Details


Haiti: Appreciating the Essence of Humanity* By  Attahiru Kawu-Bala

 ‘What went wrong with the black man? Hurricane occurred in Haiti and now earthquake.’ You hear so many stories purporting to analyse the endless ‘wrongs’ in Haiti, but none substantive if the truth must be told. Others were: ‘Haiti as the first Black Country to get independence should have developed if serious and the successive governments transparent’; ‘aids go to drain pipes whenever sunk and what’s wrong’, they kept hammering, ‘with the black man.’ ‘What went wrong with Haiti all these years?’ These queries have not allowed even the sky to clear from the chaos raised by the quake.  Details


General Game Changer Flashes His Joker. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Give the devil his due, OBJ became the Head of State, not once but thrice until Nigerians stopped him for the fourth time. If he has not outclassed both the North and the South, please tell us who else had, that long. On top of that, OBJ knew what he wanted and how to get it. The reason the South is mad at him today has to do with the fact that he did not do all their biddings. The same is true about the North that thought once they had him in power, he would dance their tune. Yet, he included all ethnics in major posts. Details


Sokoto State Sponsored Bulgarian Doctors: Wamakko has failed! By Aisha Hassan Bodinga

It is disheartening to learn that the state government, beginning with Bafarawa’s administration that initiated the programme, had spent much towards their medical training with a view to equipping the state with required medical doctors but only the state to now allow such professionals to turn beggars in Bulgaria at a time their services are highly welcome in the state health institutions. What a waste of public funds, if such laudable programmes could be halted at this critical point!   Details