Consensus and the Atiku Abubakar Challenge. By Aonduna Tondu

Whether or not one is in support of Atiku Abubakar as a potential presidential candidate of the PDP, one should know that in the eyes of many a Nigerian, he has come to symbolize opposition to those polarizing and centrifugal forces of impunity that have congregated around the former tyrant, Olusegun Obasanjo, who prides himself as a mentor and ally of President Jonathan. Details


Re-Thinking Our University Education System. By Jideofor Adibe

In conclusion, the idea of establishing six more federal universities seems hastily conceived, and oozes of political agenda. In this sense, what will ordinarily have been a good idea risks compounding the problems of university education system. Details


Let Goodluck Jonathan Be. By Ubanese Nwanganga

My quarrel with the party’s rotational arrangement is that it did not take into account the fact that the north had monopolized power in Nigeria since the end of the civil war. A northerner is a northerner, in uniform or agbada. Details


White Coats or White Ghosts? Silence Over Compensation for Victims. By Adullahi Shinkaffi

Pfizer have played a cunning game with Nigerians. Knowing that the country is prone to shooting itself in the foot in relation to distribution of money, where the elite benefit and the people suffer, its has set up a clever scheme whereby its hands are clean. Their optimism was encouraged through the settlement with Kano state: While they were sued for over a billion dollars the settlement has come down to $75 million. A ‘cheap deal’. Details


Professor Dora Akunyili, Free Speech and Naija. By Suleman Dankano

This article focuses on Professor Akunyili’s recent outburst on the use of the word Naija. I totally understand Akunyili’s ignorance here because I was once caught in this ignorance. When I first went to the United States in 1993, I was appalled by Nigerians who were referring to Nigeria as Naija. I opposed as many as I could, and described them as unpatriotic. When attending any Nigerian function, I made it a point of duty to try to tell Nigerians that the word Naija was pejorative. Then suddenly, I began to study jingles in my anthropology class and why peoples call their countries certain names. I discovered that the Americans called themselves Yankees, the Australians call themselves, the Aussies or Kangaroos and the British call themselves, the Britts. I then asked myself, so what is the problem Nigerians calling Nigeria Naija? Details


Nigeria’s Call for AU Not to Interfere in its Internal Affairs. By Jideofor Adibe

It should be recalled that the NBA had in its presentation at the 48th session of the African Commission on Human and Peoples Rights in Banjul, Gambia, called on the AU to press on the Nigerian Government to prosecute those behind the recent crisis in Jos in which many lives and property worth million of naira were lost. Pius Otey of the Ministry of Justice, who read Nigeria’s reply, was reported by the Vanguard of November 15, 2010 as offering the warning. Details


Strikes for Decent Wage Provoked By Jumbo Salaries. By Farouk Martins Aresa

The politicians’ lion share of salaries and allowances are paid from the same pool where sheep’s share of minimum wage is taken. The solution is to cut the number of politicians and reduce mushroom jumbo salaries at every level to pay the workers’ minimum wage. There is a screw missing in the logic where a country can afford to pay billion naira and millions US dollars to lawmakers and administrators; leaving very little for poor workers and intellectuals. Consolidation of everyone’s pay will reduce inflation, level the playing field and bring prices down so that we can all buy basic necessities and more locally. Details


Time to Redefine Who Our Friends Are. By Solomon Iliya

First there was the twin bomb blasts near Eagle Square (imagine the embarrassment if the bombs were actually able to have been placed within the cordon of the Square itself, what with all the foreign visitors we had then). Now there is the current imbroglio over the shipment of weapons from Iran. While we are reeling from the shock, another discovery of a shipment of high grade heroin or cocaine just got discovered having originated from the same Iran. Meanwhile the so-called Islamic Republic of Iran is keeping mum over all these embarrassing discoveries Details


Should Nigerians Listen to Lester C Thurow? By Abdullah Musa

Thurow says: no outside agency can force Africa or India to make the social changes necessary to make universal education a reality. If a country can run a good school system, it undoubtedly has the social organization to engage in economic development. India is classified together with Africa because India has a caste system that makes a significant percentage of its citizens ‘untouchables’; they are not to be educated. In Nigeria we do not run a good school system, nor do we have a universal education scheme. We can thus not be economically developed. Vision 20:2020 is thus simply wishful thinking. Details


President Jonathan and the New Foot-Soldiers of Impunity. By Aonduna Tondu

With a faltering campaign that is enmeshed in avoidable gaffes due mainly to a schizophrenic president whose tactic of manufacturing enemies through the courting of primitive loyalties is  alienating decent citizens everywhere, the Jonathan team seems to have made a conscious but potentially fatal decision to escalate their ‘war’ by resorting to the services of a new breed of foot-soldiers.  Sharing a common strand of desperation with their principal, these ‘apparatchiks’ in high places are loudly showing their disdain  for democracy and the rule of law. Governor  Suswam of Benue is proving himself as the new face of strong-arm politicking by proxy in Nigeria Details


Fashola Vs Sahara Reporters – 19th November Seminar at the London School of Economics. By Olusegun Claudius-Adeniyi

If a government performance were to be measured by the performance of its head at a public forum consisting of citizens of the state and country at large, then Governor Raji Fashola would have been chastised for disgracing Lagos State at the interactive seminar titled: "Lagos: Confronting Change in a Global Megacity", which took place at the London School of Economics on the 19 November 2010. This was a forum that was well attended (for obvious reasons) by Nigerians. Details


Just Returned from Nigeria: Reporting Politics and Etc. By Okechukwu E. Asia

Everywhere you go to in Nigeria these days you see potential candidate’s posters and beneath these posters are politically motivated killings and kidnappings going on in every state, every local government area, organized and sponsored by some politicians to silence their critics and opposition. And looting of state and federal treasuries has reached an unprecedented proportion. Some state governors vowed to use the entire state federal allocation to execute their second term election. Details


For an Egalitarian and Just Northern Nigeria. By Ndiameeh Babrik

What some of us are totally against are when some sections are classified as core north and others peripheral north. Be that as it may. We have an existing more acceptable and equitable regional system on ground now, the six geo-political zones; North-west, North-east, North-central, South-west, South-south and South-east. Any honest politician who wants the Nigerian unity in diversity will agree that the six geo-political zone system will solve that riddle finally. Details


Between ASUU, Southeast Governors and Common Sense. By Jideofor Adibe

In summary what is needed in this face-off is for common sense to prevail. Any resolution must not just be about meeting lecturers’ demands but also the demands of the states as their employers, including sanctions for illegal disruption of the school calendar, sexual harassment, and soliciting or accepting bribes from students. Details


Both Houses Of Thieves Legitimize Coup De’ Tat. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Does any soldier deserve military pension more than the principled late Nzeogwu; or Mohamed that forfeited all his loot? It is not the amount of pension militricians are going to be paid that matters to them since they have more loot, it is the fact that a civilian government makes a law that encourage and legalize military coups. The law itself clearly spelled out that impeached leaders cannot get pension, yet military leaders that were overthrown or set/step aside for whatever charges, which is equivalent to impeachment in a civilian setting will be entitled to this pension. Details


Nigeria Educational System: Drift Needs Urgent Attention. By Ogwu Paul Okwuchukwu

The rate of failure of the candidates in the educational system is a reflection of not only the students, their teachers, the government and the parents but also the society. The students have neglected reading and preparation for examinations instead they depend on examination malpractice. Details


NEC Was Wrong on New Foreign Policy Proposal. By Jideofor Adibe, Ph.D.

The recent report that the National Economic Council (NEC) has taken a decision that Nigeria will no longer play ‘big brother’ to countries in trouble without getting anything in return, and that henceforth the nation’s foreign interventions and assistance will be guided by ‘national interest’, made headlines. Briefing journalists after the Council’s meeting at Abuja, Governor Babangida Aliyu of Niger State was quoted as saying: “…we are going to shed that belief that we are big brother where we go to help other people and we never get something in return…So, wherever we go or whoever we relate with, must be because it will help us develop, rather than, as we normally say, that we have gone to help these or that people without getting anything in return.” The NEC’s resurgent ‘nationalism’ raises a number of issues: Details


Youths, Generational Failure and the Crisis of Mentorship in Nigeria. By Buhari Bello

Today, the only role the society has for the youth is in the area of entertainment. Entertainment is given the serious attentions, with serious sponsorship from both the government and the corporate organization. Such sponsorship come in the area of beauty pageant, musical concert, films shows, and talents hurts, running into millions of naira. It must be understood that, I have no problem with such programmes, but, I believe there are more the Nigerian youths can contributes to this nation than were entertaining the looters and destroyers of yesteryears and today’s national government. Debasing the Nigerian youth into mere entertainers has seriously misplaced the essence of youthful age and their contribution to national development. Details


The Case For The Break Up Of Nigeria Into Smaller Manageable Units: By Tony Ishiekwene

Before I come to my reasons or rationale for advocating for the break-up of Nigeria into smaller units, let me recommend that breaking Nigeria, peacefully, into Six countries, along the six geographical zones recommended by the  1996 constitutional conference will be the ideal thing to do. And now my reasons for the recommendation: Details


The Gathering Storm on Nigeria @ 50 and NAA @ 25. By Dr. Patrick Iroegbu

That Nigeria is celebrating at 50 is a golden moment to re-examine Nigeria in the light of the dreams of our founding fathers and the current dreams, aspirations and challenges of the governing sons and daughters of Nigeria – who are the descendants of the forefathers. As we examine Nigeria’s past, let us build on the future and avoid the mistakes that made Nigerians despair on her. The task is, indeed, for everyone, but the “everyone question” of involvement is a task that must be directed by the leadership. Enduring democratic leadership will surely engage Nigerians in an enduring sense of belongingness and representation. In the light of the colloquium that brought scholars and leaders together at Grant MacEwan University, our take on Nigeria is “together, we can make a difference!” Our leaders as Dr. Iroegbu has tried to show in this story need to take charge and commit to achieving results for all. Details


Nigeria At 50: Who Crippled Her? By Mustapha Umar Mustapha

You talk about Babangida and the economy. Who were the people in charge of the economy during Babangida’s era? Olu Falae, Kalu Idika kalu…. Are they from the North? We talk ethnicity when it pleases us. We complain of election rigging in 1959, election cancellation in June 12. But Obasanjo and Maurice Iwu rigged election in 2007 the like of which was unknown in our history. Was it a southern thing? Of course it was not. You talk of January 15 1966.Was it all Igbos that supported the grand design. In his book “No place to hide crises and conflict in Biafra” Details


Dangers Of False Expectations As Nigeria Drifts into Austerity. By Ifeanyi Izeze

It would be callous for Government to pretend that all is well when in actual fact the economy is drifting towards total collapse. This was the same defiant attitude the defunct National Party of Nigeria (NPN)- led Federal Government exhibited towards repeated wake-up calls by the then opposition leader, late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. The NPN government ignored the warnings of the late sage and when they woke up, it was too late to save anything. That was the point at which they declared the economic emergency that gave rise to the hated ‘austerity measures’ of that era. Details


Femi Fani-Kayode: Farida & EFCC, Is This Rule Of Law? By Alaba Oyakeye

 If democracy must grow then we should have separation of powers (in principle and in fact) and all parties should be aware of the limits of their powers. Yes, the intentions of the EFCC could be seen to be great but we must remember people are innocent until proven guilty again we are no longer in military era where justice and rule of law are never considered or respected. No matter the power vested in the instrument that created e anti-graft body is not a court of law and it should not see itself as one. It should allow the judiciary to perform its constitutional responsibility. Details


Fayemi: Redefining South West Politics. By Nduka Uzuakpundu

Yes, the quest for political justice, democratic rectitude and transparency in Ekiti State, that this writer presses, via an objective investigation, ought not be driven by the spirit of Ate or the desire to witch hunt anyone. Far from it.  The intent is to instill in the people of Ekiti State an abiding spirit of political vigilance: never, again, to allow anyone not of their choice, in a democratic milieu, to lord it, as it were, over them. And if the same investigation succeeds in unmasking the true face of the dramatis personae behind the political and democratic injustice done Fayemi, ACN and the people of Ekiti State, fine. Details


Why President Jonathan Will Not Win Election. By Shuaibu Fari

Investigation revealed that owing to the bomb controversy and the perceived attempt to blame northern politicians, Jonathan has lost sympathy in the North, especially in the core North. Sources said that some of those who hitherto supported the president are having a rethink. Even some governors from the North, who had identified with the president are believed to be working against him now, but pretending to be his supporters.Also, the refusal of the IBB campaign train to stop in Kaduna is being used against Jonathan by some northerners, who accuse him of desperately aiming at frustrating other aspirants out of the race. This trait is eroding public confidence and trust on Jonathan. Details


Dogs Eat Dogs Hijack Mend & Boko Haram Mercenaries. By Farouk Martins Aresa

We cannot leave government in care of uninformed and expect accountability or result. They said Biafrans could not be trusted yesterday, NADECO cannot be trusted today and it is the members of MEND that cannot be trusted with power tomorrow. They can lump all the members of MEND, Boko Haram, NADECO or Biafra as they want, as long as none get the Presidency. We are all traitors except our backyard that smell of black gold.


Renewed Niger Delta Militant Attacks: Re-streaming A Derailing Amnesty. By Ifeanyi Izeze

Say what you like about the people of the Niger Delta: we stylishly manage our ‘peculiar’ problems with well-packaged explanations which most times turn out to be well-packaged lies.  To say that some of the former militant leaders with their followers are not angry with the implementation of the Federal Government’s amnesty programme for lots of reasons is one of such lies. The militants, we all know had a deal a year ago with the government called the amnesty program which was supposed to end all forms of hostilities and destruction of oil facilities. However, the peace deal which culminated in the amnesty exercise was on Saturday 30th October shattered with an attack on an oil facility belonging to the Italian multinational, Nigeria Agip Oil Company (NAOC). Crude oil trunk lines connecting the Osiama oilfield in Southern Ijaw Local Government Area to Brass oil export terminal was blasted with explosives. And for anybody to say that all is well with the government’s peace deal with all the former militant groups is a daylight self deceit. The renewed attack should be seen as a wake- up call that all is not well with the federal government’s amnesty programme. It is a sign that the amnesty is actually not working or rather producing the intended results. And if it’s working as we are meant to believe, then it is not working well. Details


The South East A Hot Bed Of Crime. By Uzochukwu Okafor

The level of crime in the South East needs to be matched with adequate technology and equipment. Cooperation with the telecommunication industry is imperative. The use of CCTV cameras and combat helicopters is essential. The legislators from the South East should be in the forefront of those moving for the re-establishment of a State Police. It is incongruous for the Governor to be the chief security officer for his State, while the zonal DIG’s and Police Commissioners defer to authorities outside the State. Nigeria must be a federation in words and in deeds. Details


The Dark Side of the Nigerian Healthcare System: A  Personal Experience of a Tragedy. By Segun T. Dawodu

There have been stories of how the healthcare system in Nigeria has been so decapitated that the need for its urgent resuscitation is of immediate implementation as an emergency. I have heard of stories of patients going through hell and being badly managed by healthcare systems and practitioners alike that I never thought that one day I will be an indirect victim of the degenerated healthcare system prevailing in Nigeria. Details


Great Ife: Metamorphosis Of A Progressive Varsity. By Suraj Oyewale

In the 60s and until late 90s, when Ife sneezed, the whole Nigeria caught cold. The fear of Ife, and other progressive universities like Zaria and Ibadan, was the beginning of wisdom at the time. Ife students and workers unions played active role in keeping successive tyrannical governments at check, and the struggle for the rescue of education was led by Ife, not, unfortunately , without the shedding of blood of students in the process. Details