Of Auto Pilot, People Pilot, God Pilot and the Challenge of Visionary Leadership in Nigeria. By Francis Adewale

According to one of Nigeria’s burgeoning online newspapers, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, recently waxed philosophical on who is in charge of our dear country. In an address at an interdenominational service ahead of Nigeria's 51st Independence Anniversary in Abuja, he absolved himself of any blame as God is in charge. Even though he initially cautioned himself before addressing such an important issue before a largely Christian gathering, he made some highly inflammatory statements that we need to dissect “seriatim”. Details


An Analysis Of President Jonathan’s Proposed Single Six-Year Term For The President And State Governors In Nigeria. By  Dr. Emmanuel Ojameruaye

Within a few weeks after he was sworn into office on May 29, 2011, President Goodluck Jonathan (GEJ) stirred up a hornet’s nest when he came up with a proposal for a single six-year term of office for the President and State Governors in Nigeria. In the midst of strong opposition to the proposal, the President retreated but he did not give up on the idea. Details


Destroying This Nigeria. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

I am not satisfied with the Nigeria in which I live today, neither am I proud of it. I want this Nigeria destroyed and another born. There is despair where there should be hope. Groups that should inspire have rather become hindrances of social and economic growth. But why do I still write about Nigeria in spite? I do because people only run with what they read and understand; and if what they read has read them and exposed them enough, there is hope that one day the right spirit that makes great and enviable places shall take hold of their souls and give them no rest until their habitation becomes a place of praise. Details


Pensioners In Governance In Northern Nigeria. By Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

The Nigerian state is fast drifting into an abysmal of confusion. This drift was exacerbated by the kind of men and women at the corridor of power. Men and women who lack the foresight and passion to develope the corporate potentials and destiny of the Nigerian state, 50 years after independence. Details


The Concept Of Corporate Social Responsibility. By Okachikwu Dibia

My interest here is to begin to expose or bring to prominence the idea and relevance of this very important concept that the Nigerian government, academia and especially the media have being giving scanty and piecemeal attention. Based on few online discussions with some editors of popular media houses in Nigeria, I discovered that the Nigerian media believe that CSR does not have wider readership and interest in Nigeria; Details


This President Needs Our Prayers. By Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

I often wonder the capacity of an average Nigerian to reason and champion a course, when it matters most. Here we are again, back to the theatre of complaining and name calling. To me this is rather a comedy of intellect, for a nation that prides itself as the giant of Africa, that has assembled a galaxy of intellectual stars, but, lacks the moral and reasoning efficacy to judge and direct itself when the moment comes. Details


Blame! Blame! Blame! Blame Someone Else! – A Nigerian Political Pastime. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

Politicians, especially the Nigerian species, are an intriguing and confounding breed. I like to hope and think of them as a breed that will soon become extinct, like the dinosaurs, but unfortunately for the people they have chosen to visit their irresponsibility and corruption on, these breed of conscienceless charlatans seem to be breeding more and waxing stronger, at the great expense of their people. Details


Boko Haram And The Gathering Storm. Which Way Northern Nigeria. By Mohammed Shehu

Since the appointment of General Azazi as the NSA, it is a known fact that the general security situation in Nigeria has worsened. It would be recalled, couple of days after the police headquarters bombing, the Inspector General (IG) and NSA were at the United States. General Azazi was reported to have shared with the Americans, information linking Boko Haram to AQIM (Al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb). Azazi seized the opportunity to request for a counter terrorism help, training and financial support from the United States Authorities.


It is doubtful if General Azazi may have credible information linking Boko Haram to AQIM or Al Shabaab, but the situation perfectly sits well with the US hawks bent on establishing a linkage to achieve their aim of fighting Global Jihadists. Details


The Deterioration of Peace in Jos - the Home of Peace and Tourism. By Balarabe Yushau

In essence this article is arguing that majority of people that are currently living in Plateau State and Jos in particular are tired of this crises, and are looking for any way possible to bring back the peaceful coexistence among communities. Furthermore, with current development it seems clear that the governments at both the State and Federal levels are also tired of the crises. If the State and Federal governments are sincere in this, then all that is required now is the isolation and rehabilitation of these largely unemployed and miscreant youths that are fast becoming perpetual killing machines and anti-social accessories to looting people’s properties. Details


A Peep Into Maiduguri’s  Past. By Abba Mohammed Bashir Shuwa

Since these immigrants found it easy to assimilate and integrate they gradually started building new settlements even though the areas where they settled were not properly planned and lands were allocated to them by Lawans and Bulamas without recourse to official approval. That made such settlements to be utterly in a state of disorder and confusion. As a result many criminal elements took advantage of the disorderly character of these areas and made life to become unbearable to the inhabitants. Details


Islamic Banking: CAN’s paradox! By Rufun Ibrahim Jauro

I am a Christian but an accidental member of CAN, in fact, i don’t subscribe to CAN even though my church does, and when Islamic banking begins, I will be one of its earliest callers. I have dwelt on this topic long enough to understand the rationale of CAN’s call for its abrogation, but I cannot see any sense in it. Details


Seems Nigeria Evolved a Parallel English Language. By Chidera Michaels, Ph.D.

Nigerians’ ingenuity at fusing the various Nigerians tongues and the English Language into what their erstwhile British overlords derogatorily termed “Broken English” was an amazing feat that afforded the natives a chance to make heads and tails out of what must have sounded to them as “Greek.” Details


This State is Shaky. By Prof. Anthony A Kila

Beyond and above the belief in goodluck and the fear of the end of the world, the simple reality is that as things stand today this state is shaky. The problems some are witnessing and many are enduring is a result of continuous neglect of maintenance and lack of good management of public affairs, it is a culmination of incompetent and uncaring actions by people devoid of a strong vision and the will to serve their communities for a greater good and with a sense of national purpose. For too long, a lot has been left undone for the Nigerian table, too many people have sat at it just to use it, too much rubbish and debt has been left on it, too many fittings have been take from it and today it is shaky. Details


Why President Jonathan Can’t be Trusted. By Chido Onumah

Those who categorise Nigeria as a failed state forget to add that it is equally a full blown criminal enterprise. It is a reality many people in the country contend with, but few are willing to accept. For a country acutely deficient in everything that makes a state functional, the communal violence, bomb blasts, kidnappings, and general insecurity in the country, are troubling in more ways than one. And we can only dismiss them at our peril. Details


UN Vote On Palestine: Where Will Nigeria Stand? By Abdulbasit Mukhtar

The sixty-sixth session of the United Nations General Assembly opened in New York on Tuesday 13 September 2011. This session is very significant because of the many far-reaching decisions expected to come out of its deliberations. Of the issues expected to be discussed, Palestine's bid for recognition as a state, promises to be the most interesting. Where will Nigeria stand when the issue comes to a vote? Details


FCC: Waking The Sleeping Giant For National Unity. By Ifeanyi Izeze

The current issue of national unity will be seriously addressed if the Commission can be strongly empowered to do its job. This will include adequate funding and making it truly independent of the federal government along the lines of INEC. The constant cries of marginalisation by the federating units will be attenuated if the FCC is seen as a strong and impartial arbiter in the distribution of scarce socio-economic and infrastructural resources across the country. In this respect the FCC has a critical role to play in the nation-building process. Details


JUSTICE: Where are Thy scales? By Maikudi Abubakar Zukogi

These are not the best of times for the judiciary in Nigeria. The law has been bottled by, surprisingly, its two high ranking custodians, and it seems to be helplessly gasping for a life saving breath. In the meantime, however, it would appear that it has been graciously unbottled and is taking the needed survival oxygen, with the lawful (unlawful?) suspension of the PCA, Justice Isah Ayo Salami, and the timely but coincidental retirement of the CJN, Justice Alloysius Katsina-Alu.  Details


The SUN's Phenomenal Bias in Reporting the Jos Crises. By Umar Bello

This write-up is prompted by the deluge of news manipulation that is attendant in reporting the Jos crises. This misinformation that goes on tells heavily on policy formulation and in controlling and affecting the direction of national discourses and even national security. Within the Nigerian reading public, there is a little filter to sieve the kernel of truth from biased trash. Details


Perhaps If We Asked Whence Came the Riches. By Chidera Michaels, Ph.D.

This piece is not about bemoaning our lot in the hands of Nigeria’s thieving politicians. Almost every writer in a newspaper or magazine had written on that topic. Rather what this piece will discuss is the need for Nigerians to reinvent the wheel (as it would seem), by re-growing moral rectitude themselves in order to be able to isolate the thieving politicians – and then weed them out. Details


The Many HARAMS in Nigeria. By Ahmad Sajoh

Suddenly Boko Haram has woken some of us to the many Harams in the country. Yes, there are indeed many Harams in Nigeria. Yet, its patrons want us to believe it is a “Great Nation of Good People”. I think that is a very good starting point. I believe creating an ordinary slogan to hoodwink the people is itself Haram Details


From facebooking to Personal Development Programme (PDP). By Najeeb A. A. Gambo

To make my point more succinct, let me give you an overview of what I intend to share with you. By facebooking, I mean excessive indulging on Facebook without any clear cuts mission and by PDP – I do not mean the all-powerful People Democratic Party of the umbrella mythos. The PDP in question is that of Personal Development Programme! Details


Nigeria’s Privatization: Between Greed And Economic Gains. By Shafiu Ibrahim Abdullahi

Now that about 80% of the privatized companies are not functioning as was the confession of vice president Namadi Sambo and the president himself declare the process as a failure, what is next for this government? Should the whole process of privatisation be reversed as was the opinion of some commentators; and government, therefore, buy back it former assets, or a selective measure be taken where those auctions where it becomes clear that the government was cheated be cancelled and the bidding process start a new in the most transparent of manners? To me the second option should be taking, the sell of Ajaokuta, ALSCON, NICON and few others should be cancel immediately. Thereafter, these companies should be left under the care of government for some time to come. After all who say government Details


Nigeria: Deaf Rulers Behind The Curtain. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD

We don’t lack solutions for our myriad problems. The tragedy on our hands is the deaf rulers in power, who have vowed to have mufflers in their ears as long as we the people allow them to. And we Nigerians are often angered when a patriot tries to make us face our cowardice and consequential indolence, aren’t we? Let me remind Nigerians and their friends what our problems are, what the possible solutions should be, and why we are yet far away from the solutions. Details


The Dignity Of Human Life Begins At Home Country. By Farouk Martins Aresa

The day we give up, is the day we start to die. If human life means nothing to us at home, our children will continue to risk it all to do just anything in foreign lands and they will be deported back to us in shame and shackles. In a continent where it takes a whole village to raise a child, we absconded from responsibility for one another as our children die of abused across desert, in foreign lands but we expect to be accorded decency, respect, and dignity when we debase ourselves at home. We cannot expect from others the human decency we deny ourselves. Details


How the Petroleum Industry Reinforces Blackout in Nigeria. By Ikechukwu A. Ogu

I have observed four ways in which the petroleum industry reinforces darkness in Nigeria. First is the failure of the Ministry and its parastatals to ensure the steady supply of adequate gas to the gas turbines which are supposed to generate electricity at the power stations. This, vandalism and (until now) Niger Delta militancy are always blamed for the non-performance of the power stations, although vandalism does  not seem to affect Nigeria’s exportation of liquefied natural gas. Details


Criminated Culture of Adoption and Obsession for Wealth. By Patrick E. Iroegbu

The worsening unemployment situation in Nigeria quoted to be around 60 million people and women taking a greater pie of the number are so alarming and frightening that people currently engage in various imaginable and unimaginable things encouraged by extreme feminism to live a life. It has become a popular knowledge in colleges and universities in Nigeria to encourage females to use their body power to create assets. Sex workers are exaggerating and making the situation more intense. By body power I mean body sex and fertility as idioms of cashing in. The fact that there is a huge market to sell and buy the female body and its products and services, suppliers are sought out to fulfil the demand. Details


Not Just The Terrorists Are Wanted. By Anthony A Kila

In this chronicle of tragedies, the events of Jos and Abuja stand out because they were intentional malicious crime masterminded by callous coldblooded self-serving enemies of peace and the people. They have killed, disgraced and scared the country; they have rightly been described as terrorists and they have been declared wanted as such by the state through its security agencies. For we the people however not only terrorists are wanted. We urgently want a commander in chief that looks and act like one. Mr. President, please show your anger and pain, grab a microphone and say in your own words that those who kill Nigerians will be found and dealt with. Details


Integration Of Instructional Technologies In Education:  Where Is Nigeria? By Victor E. Dike

The new generation of students (the “digital natives”) has greater appreciations of, and the use of the emerging information and instructional technologies than their older generation (their parents and the so-called “digital immigrants”. Marc Prensky coined the term “digital immigrants” and “digital natives’ in 2001. Since then the term has spurred tones of research and provoked changes in school curricula and pedagogical models in advanced nations. Because of the pace of the emerging technologies and the digitization of information the older generation who is teaching the new generation feels somewhat intimidated. The ‘digital divide’ between the new and old has generated a widespread debatein the global learning community.  How can the older generation of teachers teach the new generation of students whose lives appear to be hooked up in use of the ‘increasing prevalence of technology’? Details


How NBA and Others Arrested Our Intelligence. By Na-Allah Mohammed Zagga

There is so much hypocrisy and insincerity on the side of those riding Salami’s propaganda train. In the famous June 12 Presidential election of 1993, which was believed to have been won by the late Chief Abiola, there was an allegation by NRC rivals that Abiola was wearing a gown, bearing SDP emblem on an election day, thereby technically campaigning in breach of the law. Details


A Tribute to the Late Group Captain Usman Jibrin (1942-2011). By Aliyu A. Ammani

Lt. Col. Usman Jibrin, as he was then known, first came into limelight when he was appointed the military governor of the defunct North Central State of Nigeria on the 30th of July 1975 alongside eleven others. Until 1976, the officer corp of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) used the same rank nomenclature as their counterparts in the Nigerian Army. He served as Military Governor until 1977 when he resigned both his commision in the NAF and his appointment as the Military Governor of old Kaduna state in protest. Details


Dialogue On a Sovereign National Conference. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD

What a fraud! Could Nigerians, who know this fact, accept that their public officials owe them nothing? If section 14 in Chapter II says that sovereignty belongs to the people, and that the business of governance is the security and welfare of state, and yet section 6 (6) (c) knocks off the power of inquiry into this, should the people hold their peace? Section 6 (6) (d) effectively shields those who have hijacked our nationhood since 1966. For me, the struggle to reverse this shall remain mine until change is effected. We welcome like-minded people aboard. Details


Modernising Public Transportation Culture. B Anthony Akinola

The "Okada" culture, a culture of transporting humans and goods on motorcycles, does not belong in the future. A transformational government must find alternative jobs for these "commercial" motorcyclists. Details


Examination Failure: An Intervention Model for Bauchi State. By Attahiru Kawu-Bala

The examination bodies have even been pushed to the wall to make barricades against constant criticisms being hauled at their doorsteps. In a WAEC English question paper that I read eight years or so ago, the summary section was a passage on examination failure and WAEC cleverly defended itself against such attacks and you will agree with the body―examinations are so simplified in recent years and yet students don’t pass them. Details


Nigeria: Blue Print Recipe For Good Governance (Part 1). By Ritchie Ejiofor

As long as Nigerians and Nigeria do not resolve the critical issue  around resource sharing and allocation, that fiercest competition for scarce resources will remain unending. This has created a decadent and corruption ridden society. The level of corruption has pervaded our basic societal fabric that it more of the norm than the rule. Details


How Not To Antagonize Islamic Banking. By  Suraj Oyewale

Questions, questions and more questions. Didn’t Islamic banking pre-date Sanusi’s tenure as CBN boss? Must Sanusi throw away what he met on his table because he is a Muslim?  What did Soludo call it – Islamic banking  or non-interest banking? Why call a spade by another name just to appease some people?  If a misguided sect, Boko Haram by name, keep terrorizing the nation due to the failure of our security system, why would they be the one to determine when a policy will be introduced? Weren’t there violent religious crises when Islamic banking idea was first mooted by CBN leadership in 2008? If Islamic banking will fund terrorist organizations, can anyone name any terrorist activity that has been traced to an Islamic bank in climes it is in operation? Details


Six Year Single Tenure: Time For A Dialogue Of The Brave. By Dr. Manzo Abubakar and Nosa James-Igbinadolor

There is also nothing fresh or innovative about the six year single tenure. The necessity for a single tenure of whatever years has been with Nigerians for a long time and has been succinctly debated at varied inclusive fora whether constitutional conferences or legislative houses. As a matter of public knowledge, the 1994 and 1998 constitutional conferences robustly debated this defining issue and the dynamics of the Nigerian society makes it imperative for a rational debate once again. Details


Agents Of The Rich Fleecing Dear Country To Dead. By Farouk Martins Aresa

We are in the days of greed is good because it is motivating and it is built on economic principle that has demonstrated the superiority of capitalist system of government. In order to be as successful, they must preach to Africa countries to move into the new millennium or perish. A fraction of their profit is calculated as foreign aid, development assistance, arms, genetically modified agricultural seed that can only be reproduced by big international corporations and foreign expatriates also bring them back huge profit. The suckers of these foreign aids see it as a welcomed development for Africa. None of all the aids combined to Africa is up to a billion of all the billions they took from Nigeria. Details


Katsina Alu’s Escalation of Nigeria’s Judicial Rot As Banal Descent Into a Dark Abyss. By Francis Adewale

Nigeria defies logic. As one writer rightly pointed out, by any law of political or social science it should have collapsed or disintegrated years ago. It remains a mystery while Nigeria, which is clearly a failed state, still works. We know for a fact however that it partly works thanks to the resilience of its people. The leadership of Nigeria, political, social, religious and economic, have all being doing their level best to tip the nation over time and time again; but despite their best efforts, the country still remain standing albeit to the utter chagrin of its destructive greedy leaders. Details


The Fight Of Two Fools. By Ogwu Paul Okwuchukwu

The question that begs for answer is what legacy are these two individuals leaving for the upcoming generation. The legacies are  legacies of failure, hopelessness, selfishness and retrogressive forces that are daily fighting to maintain the status quo. it is also curious and interesting that people also talk of the love of that country by these two individuals. But we all know why we love pawns that we easily control and manipulate. Details


The Obasanjo-Babangida Imbroglio. By Mohammed Dahiru Aminu

It comes into view, clear that Nigeria is the way it is, muffling in its rusty state simply because of the category of people it spawned as leaders. With people like Obasanjo and Babangida as followers let alone leaders, no country would march into modernity. As a rule of modesty, a serious country, any serious people, ought to choose from amongst them, people of rectitude and honesty in order that they progress. Not just rectitude and honesty, but leaders and ex-leaders – which the young generation watches and emulates with all solemnity – must also, behave ethically. This is because leaders can be honest while still being law breakers or exhibiting irrational conducts. All these Nigeria is lacking. Details


WASSCE 2011: A Letter To Nigerian Secondary School Students. By Haruna Manu Isah

It is indubitable that there is systemic decay in our education sector, but let me quickly say that the Nigerian student is not helping the situation either. A quick glance at the statistics is very mind-boggling even to the least concerned observer. Details


Is Boko Haram A Catalyst For Change In Nigeria? By Yaro Dangari

Today the story has changed, the coming of the deadly sect known as Boko Haram has instilled an inevitable fear among the populace, especially among our ostentatious elite and politicians who until now had been having it smooth and enjoying their stashed looted public funds. The fear of Boko Haram has suddenly become the beginning of wisdom among them and our elite are now scared stiff of publicly uttering their well known charade and selfish remarks. Most of them have even become dumber than a dumb and are contented to Sidon look as things unfold across the country. Details


Aganga And The Challenge Of Attracting Foreign Investment. By Shafiu Ibrahim Abdullahi

No any other African country has the diverse potentials that Nigeria is endowed with, this comprises both human and materials resources. With population of about 160 millions, Nigeria is 8th most populous nation and 32nd biggest economy in the world according to CIA World fact book, with the potentiality to surpass South Africa as the Africa biggest economy in not a distance future according to recent study by the investment giant Morgan Stanley. Notwithstanding these potentials, Nigeria rank among the poorest countries in the world with one of the lowest GDP per head around the world, ranked behind neighbors such as Ghana in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI), and ravaged by chronic poverty problem. Details


Education: Making Nonsense of Undergraduate Degree Classifications in Nigeria. By Abdulrahman Muhammad Dan-Asabe, Ph.D.

Unfortunately in today’s Nigeria undergraduate degree classifications do not really mean very much. For example, recently the Group Managing Director of NNPC, Mr Austen Oniwon, disclosed that 80 per cent of the graduates with First-Class and Upper Second-Class Honours who sat the recent NNPC recruitment examination not only failed but also scored less than 20 per cent (Tribune: Tuesday, August 16, 2011). This is really sad. How can 80 per cent of graduates judged to be the best from the higher education institutions (i.e. the ones with degree classification of 60% or higher) score less than 20% in aptitude tests? Details


Kano's Empty Pride. By Kabiru Tsakuwa

For a number of reasons, a great number of Kanawa must have felt slighted after going through a write-up captioned: Kano’s Empty Pride which appeared in the daily trust of 12th August, 2011. But with hindsight, I believe those genuinely disturbed by the ugly state of affairs in the so-called Tumbin Giwa have seen the correct picture graphically and from unbiased perspectives. Honestly, having brushed aside my empty pride, and ponder critically at what the writer try to expound; I couldn’t agree more to that painful truth! Details


IBB: A Statesman With A Forgiving Spirit. By Max Gbanite

The man (IBB) does not and has never in his life claimed to be an angel or a saint. All he wanted was to be an instrument of change. Change and economic reform are synonymous, and the momentum must be maintained for the sustainability and the economic prosperity of an indestructible Nigeria. IBB is a thoroughbred revolutionalist and quintessential Nigerian, and his Nigerianess is unquestionable. The man’s approach to issues is determined by the intellectuals that surround his environment and the quality of books found around him. He truly understands that in leadership, ‘consensus’ sometimes is not the best. His style of leadership is consistent with Dennis A. Peer’s statement that, “one measure of leadership is the caliber of people who choose to follow you.” And, a visit to his house is a true testament. Details


Yusuf and the Legality of Boko Haram: Extrajudicial Execution of Muhammad. By Barr. Ja'afar Ibrahim

It is now a year when many Nigerians, among which are lawyers, human rights activists, and some Muslims scholars, have expressed dismay and outcry regarding the extrajudicial execution of Boko Haram leader, Muhammad Yusuf, allegedly carried out by the Nigeria Police. Suffice it to say that, according to the aforementioned personalities, the method by which the execution of Muhammad Yusuf was carried out amounts to violation and breach of the laid down procedure of carrying out executions and against Fundamental Rights enshrined in our constitutions and Article 6 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights as well as the provision of Shari'a Law which is also an applicable law in Maiduguri. Before digesting the controversial issue of extrajudicial execution, it is good to go through the ideology and dogma of Boko Haram. Details


Yes To Islamic Banking, But A Big No To Limit On Cash Withdrawals. By Tony Ishiekwene

Nigeria and Nigerians, not just the Muslims stand to gain from this banking practice, if they don't even kill it with the "Nigerian factor," so soon after takeoff, as is everything Nigerian. At the end of the day everyone still has a choice to choose where they prefer to bank: If you prefer to go to Oceanic, UBA or Unity bank and borrow to finance your business at 40% interest rate, you are free to do so; If I prefer any bank which offers me loan at zilch interest rate to do my business, I will jump at it and don't care what Details


Of Noisy Authorities And The Inquisition Of Capital. By Nosa James-Igbinadolor

The current inquisition of capital has had and will continue to have short, medium and long-term ramifications for the Nigerian economy. Local and foreign investors who bought into the privatisation programme and borrowed monies to invest in the economy are obviously watching the theatre of the absurd that is taking place with alarm. No one will invest in a country where they will be called upon after five years to be insulted and called names on national television. Details


The Other Sides Of The State Of The Naira. By Anthony A Kila

The last time I checked the value of the of the naira, it was very saddening to discover that the it was being sold at 274 to buy 1 GBP and 165 to buy 1 USD. We all knew things could be bad, but this bad? Just last year,...Even if we admit but not concede that passion and pride for Nigeria are not amongst the common feelings Nigerians have for their country, one would still expect them to be rather sensitive to the direction of the naira. Details

Mr. President, This Air Still Isn’t Fresh Yet! By Maikudi Abubakar Zukogi

When the President promised us a breath of fresh air, we thought that he will concentrate on things that will win back the confidence of Nigerians in the government and in their country. We thought that politics will not overwhelm selecting the best people, and there are many around, to serve as Ministers from across the country. We thought that the eighteen thousand minimum wages for civil servants will be a foregone conclusion and not be subject of the usual dilly-dallying and subterfuge of government. Details


Ebele Legacy:  Return Nigeria To True Federation Now. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Ebele, if you cannot return Nigeria to a true federation in four years or less, you have failed. Every part of Nigeria has advocated for a true federation at one point or the other but whoever is in the center with so much concentration of absolute power corrupts, clings to unitary government. As soon as they are out of power, they sing a different tune. Only Ironsi knows what he was thinking when he started his Unitary Government as most of the North was vehemently opposed. As soon as they gain power, it was a different tune. Now that Ebele is in power, South-south must insist on federation, not breaking up of Nigeria. Details


Yet Another Distraction. By Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

This tenure elongation is yet another distraction for a nation and people that are yearning and aspiring for a breath of fresh air from the transformational leader of the 21st century modern Nigeria. The problems of political misbehaviours, is not traceable to all the excuses president Goodluck seem to be given; rather, Nigerians are crying for good governance and responsible leadership from their leaders. There is nothing wrong with the four years tenureship; if only the Nigerian leaders will simply understand the basis for leadership aspiration in the first place; which is to provide succumbs and improvement in the lives of the people. Details


Single Term: President Jonathan on Another Dangerous Move. By Haruna Manu Isah

It amounts to stretching logic beyond its elastic limit, if a government that has spent less than four months in office will get itself enmeshed in the unwholesome politics of tenure elongation at this formative stage. Why can’t the president engage in the serious business of governance, so that Nigerians who lost their lives for him to succeed at the April polls would not be in vain. The president wants tenure elongation, while Boko Haram has arm-twisted the government into a moronic stare, as Niger Delta militants have continued to torment innocent citizen’s right at the president’s backyard. Details


Developing Nigeria With Islamic Banking Economy And CBN Sharia Council: The Stand Of The Issue. By  Patrick E. Iroegbu

Can the religious players in the field of Nigerian financial economy hear us? Detach religious faith from politics so that our elected leaders will know that they have a job to do – to research, connect and debate issues and shape the education and development of Nigerians and Nigeria. I do not think that we elect politicians to go and debate religion and how to use religion to monetize Nigerian economy. Details


In Nigeria, Northerners are their Own Enemies. By Ndiameeh Babrik

Year in, year out, the North is backward in education, yet recently the ACF, Borno elders and their mouthpiece is in total support of Boko Haram. Is there any group of persons still blaming Southern Nigeria for the woes of the North? Are Southerners the sponsors of Boko haram? Are they the sponsors of the Almajiri system? Are Southerners the sponsors of crises in Jos? In fact Southerners too are victims of vicious cabal in the North who feed fat on ethno-religious crises that they sponosor. All the money allocated for the nomadic education, where is it? All the 38/9 years North was in power at the Federal level, what is there in the North to show for it? All there is in the North to show for it is polarized towns and cities along religious line. Name them, Jos, Kaduna, Kano, Bauchi, Maiduguri and even smaller towns and villages. Details


Islamic Banking for the Dummies. By Ihas Idriess

One must refrain from making a direct comparison between Islamic banking and conventional banking (apple to apple comparison). This is because they are extremely different in many ways. The key difference is that Islamic Banking is based on Shariah foundation. Thus, all dealing, transaction, business approach, product feature, investment focus, responsibility are derived from the Shariah law, which lead to the significant difference in many part of the operations with as of the conventional. Details


Faulting CBN’s Rationale for Daily Cash Withdrawal Limits. By Ikechukwu A. Ogu

It is very unfortunate that, without much reflection, the House of Representatives, on Thursday 21st July 2011, reportedly swallowed hook, line and sinker all that the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, fed it as the rationales for the introduction in Nigeria of Islamic banking and daily cash withdrawal limits. Yet, the House has denied approving Islamic banking and summoned Sanusi to re-appear before it to give further clarifications on same. Although I have my grouse with the introduction of Islamic banking in Nigeria, I leave that for now, and face the daily cash withdrawal limits. Details


Jonathan's  Single  Term Proposal. By Anthony Akinola

This writer has himself been one advocate of a single-term executive; here are the extracts from the arguments he once advanced in support of this idea “… firstly, when the Executive is not in a position to seek re-election, there will be little or no inducement to use the instrument of state to facilitate electoral fraud.  This is to say that the President would be wary of any scandal that could tarnish the reputation of his administration … secondly, the President would be induced to devote more of his attention to office, rather than dissipate energy over the question of re-election.  It is common knowledge that a reasonable part of the first term is devoted to seeking re-election … Details


Jonathan’s Six Year Tenure Constitutional Amendment Bid: Bad Time, Wrong Priority. By Francis Adewale

President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan received a lot of goodwill from many people home and abroad for his humility and the way and manner he assumed the leadership of Nigeria without any “grandstanding,” massive rigging and “vote buying” common with many of his predecessors. My fears today is that much of that goodwill will be fritter away on the altar of self perpetuation in office. Details


Consign Sardauna To Dustbin Of History. By Abdullah Musa

The South had for years been trying to drive a wedge between Muslim North and Christian North to no avail; but now it seems the Northern Christians have crossed the Niger politically, and might not be in a hurry to come back. If South-West is divided 50:50 between Muslims and Christians, Northern Muslims might still not be able to penetrate the South West on the basis of Islamic solidarity, since on the one hand religion is not the first defining factor in the South-West; (it is tribe) and even if it were so, when the North scuttled the presidential ambition of MKO Abiola, it achieved a temporary gain in the leadership of General Abacha, but lost for a long time any hope of future political cooperation. Details


The 19 Northern Governors in the Eyes of the People. By Yaro Dangari

Is it not a shame that the loudest voices against the implementation of the minimum wage has been echoing from nowhere but from our purported northern governors? Is it not a big   embarrassment to our northern leaders that the north over the years has been doing nothing to salvage its economic potential other than waiting helplessly like beggars for the disbursement of the federal allocations? Or is it not a disgrace that the north has the highest number of able bodied youths wasting their lives and pride as achaba and okada riders in the country? Details


Our Fellowship Dilemma. By Ogwu Paul Okwuchukwu

Nigerians often complain that the problem of Nigeria is leadership. That is quite true but not the whole truth. Although leadership has a major role to play in the emergence of any just and equitable society, to attribute every failure, misnomer and problem to leadership is to blame every human failings and adventure to God. Details


Thirty Days Of Blessings And Simple Hopes. By Anthony A Kila

Today, as Muslims all over the world start their thirty days of fasting, part of our simple hopes is that everyone everywhere should wish all the Muslims they know or meet a blessed Ramadan (Ramadan Mubarak) and a noble Ramadan (Ramadan Kareem).

We also hope that those fasting and indeed those around them will truly discover a fuller meaning of Ramadan, which as we are often reminded is one of the five pillars of Islam. Details


The Misgovernance of Nigeria. By Chido Onumah

We have entered the second half of the Nigerian century, yet we still struggle with the basic things of life; things t