Goodluck, Ribadu. By Babayola M. Toungo

The defection of Nuhu Ribadu from the All Peoples’ Congress (APC) to the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) came as a very rude awakening to those of us who still believe that it is possible to change the country through the force of our collective characters.  What Ribadu did to us is akin to thumping his nose on all those who still believe in him and those like him, but to be fair to him he has only toed a line earlier toed by some of his former colleagues in the Obasanjo administration like Femi Fani-Kayode. Details


Hypocrisy of America’s experimental Ebola drug. By Theophilus Ilevbare

It is puzzling why over a thousand Africans had to die before talks of a vaccine hit the airwaves. It is safe to conclude that had the two Americans not contracted the virus we won’t be close to any drug of any sort. Before now, the research for a cure has been shrouded in secrecy by the Americans. That the ailment had no cure and is a fast moving outbreak gives a technical knockout to the argument of ethics – that the vaccine should first be tested on compatriots of the researchers and manufacturers in America. Details


Ebola Success In Nigeria Boost Blood Serum Antibodies Study. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Lagos State was the first to reject the colloidal-silver euphoria ordered because the medical scientific community was communicating with the politicians. In a way Nigerians were lucky that Mr. Sawyer came to Lagos, it could have been worse. He could have slipped into areas not as medically proficient. Details


You Poach, We Impeach. By Isma'eel Ahmed

In 2013 when the newly formed All Progressives Congress (APC) went on a ferocious drive of recruitment , the country was amazed at the simple and common manner in which the behemoth of the ruling party was disintegrating. There was a wild jubilation from the public and a cautious optimism from other people. The APC became the new bride in town. The media, the public and the international community were in love with the promise of an alternative in a democracy. And so the attention of the members of the PDP who have had enough from a president they consider a political neophyte and a party chairman hell bent on sinking the ship was drawn to this new darling. The APC was slowly gaining momentum: It had public opinion on its side, media narrative that was positive and a potential power bloc from the youth and women. Details


Empower Yourself With Primary School Hygiene To Prevent Ebola. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Nigerians can make business out of anything, which is why it is surprising that the Country is not the richest in the world. All of a sudden because of Ebola fake and borderline effective products sprung up. People were even reluctant to shake hands and if they do, would wash their hands immediately. Many types of designer water came out apart from Sapele water, prayer and holy water that are different but good for Holy Ghost. We need more than prayers right now.  Details


Ebola Outbreak In Sambisa Forest. By Dr. Bukar Abba Zarami

... Peter Piot, the Director of London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and the discoverer of Ebola Virus said he wouldn’t be worried to sit next to someone with Ebola virus on the tube as long as they don’t vomit on you or something; it is an infection that requires very close contact. ”He went further to say that a “really bad” sense of panic and lack of trust in the authorities in West Africa had contributed to the world’s largest ever outbreak. Details


Ebola, Media And Need To Quell Public Fear. By Mahmud Malami-Sadiq

Then, the pertinent questions are: why this panic? Does Ebola reasonably warrant this quantum of fear? Who are behind this Ebola puzzle? The fact that Ebola is as fatal as that almost 9 out of 10 people who contract the disease die of it; that no body can say, with any appreciable degree of certainty, the natural reservoir of the virus in the wild (bats, insects, guinea pigs and some species of plants have all been suspected of being the natural hosts of the virus); that the virus is very difficult to diagnose even in standard laboratories; that neither safe vaccine for preventing the diseases nor effective drug for its treatment has so far been discovered can reasonably explain, to some extent, the reason for this global panic-to be scared of this disease is being sensible and responsible human being. Nevertheless, that fear also need to be solaced by the fact that the disease, notwithstanding its other ugly features, is hard to contract and relatively easier to contain. Details


Ebola Panic Worse Than Death In Katsina. By Ahmed Isyaku

It is greatly saddening that people are being misinformed especially when you see the old and the young in jubilation of the new found false kitchen cure - my heart sinks. When I warned the old woman that it is dangerous especially for a patient with hypertension to take salt in such a manner , she reacted and said, "I'd rather die of high blood pressure than a cursed death which will not let my children and people touch me or burry me because of fear of infecting them." Details


Yeepa: Ebola Kills Medical Hedonic & Religious Paradise. By Farouk Martins Aresa

The children of Adedibu, Arekunsola, Umaru Dikko and other miscreants must hear us loud and clear, that their dead parents stole Ebola cure while stealing us blind to provide for them as we   toiled. Take a good look at those paying them condolence visits; you will see the birds of the same feathers that became our President at one point or the other. If these are the type of people we could muster as leaders, it is an indication of how low we have degenerated morally. Details


Yoruba N’ronu Stomach Infrastructure. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Yoruba leaders need to form a new party or build up Labor Party to express their community values and create enviable environment for other Nigerians like Awo did. Details


Primitive Accumulation and the Lessons of Philanthropy. By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

This writer has used the Abacha illustration as a pointer to ask the pertinent question of how much wealth an individual could amass to satisfy his or her personal needs. Details


Our Voiceless Without Oil Income Maniacs Survive As Loyal Citizens. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Those from the West claimed they have never been part of Nigeria and have never formed alliance at the center. Ijaw claim that they can survive as a nation with their oil income. The North claimed they were ready to stand alone before Azikiwe and Awolowo begged them into the Country. The East does not want anything to do with all these because they should have let them go as Biafra when they seceded. But they relish their new friendship with Ijaw. Details


You And What Army Waka Come. By Farouk Martins Aresa

When Boko Haram first encountered Nigerian Army, their obvious question was: “Na only you waka come?” Unfortunately, the Nigerian Army did not include one of world Most Badass Elite Fighting Units from all countries. This has major implications for Nigerians because they cannot understand why an Army that got laurels all over the world for their participations in World War I & II, peace missions and greeted as saviors in Liberia could not perform bravely at home Details


As Confab Scraps State Electoral Commissions. By Ado Umar Muhammad

The committee’s report, said to have been infested with some highly contentious issues surreptitiously smuggled into it by some people, contains clearly selfish and sectional demands of some people who reckon that they would be so rich if they ultimately get the 50 per cent derivation funds they are seeking for, such that they would not need federally-funded local councils any more. Details


The Kidnap of Umaru Dikko – 1984. By Max Siollun

Moments after Dikko emerged from the house, two men burst out from a van parked outside the house. They grabbed Dikko and bundled him into the back of the van. The team inside the van included a doctor who injected Dikko to render him unconscious. Dikko’s kidnappers locked him in a large crate labelled “diplomatic baggage” and addressed to the Nigerian Ministry of External Affairs in the then capital city, Lagos. They claimed diplomatic immunity for the crate’s contents, and drove him to Stansted airport to place him on a waiting Nigerian cargo plane. Details


Sell Out Nigeria With Promise Of Better Lives In New Countries. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Anyone asking for the unity of Nigeria while we are killing one another must be one of those sharing income from Niger Delta oil before it runs out. It is better for each of us to go our own ways than to stay together and kill one another off. If we continue to kill at this rate, there will be nobody left to share any income. We all understand that much. Details


Economic Salvation: Case Study In Nollywood Cultural Originality. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Africans finally realize that fake and broken European or American that we used to call Akada can never successfully compete with the original. Akada will always remain second class. The simplest case in point to African originality is Nollywood example from original African culture, swiveled into economic success by entrepreneurs increasing middleclass. It is an educational model that had little government input or grants which could have killed it at inception. Details


Jang and His God-Complex in Plateau State. By Joseph Dangme Rinyom

The interesting connection between Generals Sani Abacha and Olusegun  Obasanjo is the invocation of God as the final decision maker in their decision to run or not for President of Nigeria as a civilian (Abacha) and for a third term (Obasanjo), when all the while they had already made up their own minds on doing so. That is generally referred to as a god-complex. When you invoke the name of God in a decision you have already made, you are invariably playing God. Details



Ado Bayero: His Reign and Travails. By Ado Umar Muhammad

The most serious of his travails, of course, was the last of the three attempts on his life. The first two were by individuals who foolishly thought they could eliminate him through sheer physical force. The last in January, 2010 was blamed on Boko Haram elements. They stopped his convoy in the streets and sprayed it with bullets, resulting in the killing of three people including one of his bodyguards who shielded him from the bullets. Details


The Questions We Ought to be Asking: Who qualifies to be an Emir of Kano? Who is Sunusi Lamido Sunusi? What is His Relationship Between the A(E)mirship of Kano and SLS? What Are His Credentials? By Yaseer Musa Sagagi

No doubt, HRH will face several challenges. He is thus far the second of his kind, after His Eminence Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar. There will be challenges from within the traditional establishment, and the politicians. It is extremely imperative for HRH to chart a course for an honest and purposeful leadership. Perhaps I should use this medium also, to remind his HRH on solutions he has proffered to the myriad of problems affecting Nigeria at various fora. Details


The Helplessness of the Helpless. By Dr. Jones Edobor-Oformiyon

Nigeria of today seems to consist mainly of a people on a journey who have no clear vision of where they are going and have no clue of how to get to anywhere. They are like a people on a ship on the high seas going through storm with fire everywhere, with everyone fighting to become the captain, to steer the ship to as diverse directions as there are people on the ship, with no selfless one in sight to give them hope, vision and clear leadership out of their crisis. Details


Kano Emirate and Islamic Scholarship: A New Dawn. By Abbas Yushau Yusuf

This economist who is the heir to Gidan Dabo is a wise choice on our traditional institutions which was bastardized due to its eroding influence in Northern Nigeria but with the appointment of Emir Muhammad Sunusi the 2nd Traditional Institutions in Nigeria and Kano will be reformed and the true teachings of Islam in line with modernity be rooted. Details


Kano Emirate: The Beginning of the End. By Usman Adnan Maje Adnan

Although I respect and admire Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, and though I support APC and the Kwankwasiyya Ideology, I strongly do not support this appointment, I would have prepare someone ; without any known political affiliation, someone without political enemies in the Asorock Villa and PDP, someone without corruption charges levelled against him even if they were politically enticed, someone not accused of extremism in his Islamic Ideology even if the accusations were wrong, ascended this precious throne, in order to maintain its Value, honour, significance and power. Details


Until Our Hausa Brothers And Sisters Are Free No African Is. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Enough people have died in the North because of religious riots. Nobody has the gut to ban all extraneous religions introduced to Africa to “civilize” while using the same religions as weapon of mass destruction to wipe out homes, communities, brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers and children in the same families. Religions can be deadly diseases we must watch as auto-immune malignant cancers that rot from the head down. Even Christians lured as converts sucked it up. Details


Buccaneers as Statesmen. By Chido Onumah

A notorious spendthrift, Mr. Akpabio has always been a newsmaker, and lately, for his attempt to secure for himself and his family a sumptuous retirement benefit.  Apart from the senseless carnage by Boko Haram and the inability of government to confront the security challenge, nothing has attracted greater public outcry in the last one month than Mr. Akpabio’s antics. Details


The Example of Kala-Balge Village in Borno State. By Choice Ekpekurede

The fact today is that Nigeria has become a state whose security lies primarily in the hands of ethnic militiamen and civilian vigilante groups. While Nigeria's military must be commended for whatever successes it has recorded against Boko Haram and other marauding militant groups, it remains a reality that we cannot depend on the military alone. The military is either grossly incapable or unwilling to do what is necessary to protect ordinary citizens. Details


Now That Jonathan May Loose My Vote. By Nosa James-Igbinadolor

I will confess that Jonathan has met a few of my expectations especially with regards to the economy, but I am angry. I am angry at the extraordinary incompetence and the blatant denseness that this government has shown in managing the national haemorrhage called national security. Under this government, the social contract between government and We the People has been so breached that it is almost logically fallacious to expect this government to meet its own side of the contract of protecting lives and ensuring the physical security of We the People. Details


The Slow And Gradual Damage Insecurity Is Doing To All Of Us. By Abdullahi Usman

Besides the obvious and imminent danger, in the form of the immediate and constant personal threat to life and limbs, that it continues to pose for those of us who are unfortunate enough to be caught up in or around crisis prone areas, the current prolonged state of insecurity in the land is gradually destroying our respective individual and collective humanity. Details


Occupy Africa: Drones Cannot Capture Boko Haram Generals. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Boko Haram has become an opportunity for all kinds of countries to occupy Nigeria. It is déjà vu again at the table of amalgamation of African countries. Which in reality, is the disintegration of Africa by western influences, languages and culture. They have colluded and collided in the past and it will happen again at the expense of their hosts, if Africa is not discrete. We already have some mercenaries from France and Israel in full control of some African presidential guards. Details


Democratisation Of Violence Or State Of Emergency? By Babayola M. Toungo

The request for the extension of the state of emergency in the northeast states tabled before the National Assembly by Goodluck Jonathan and sheepishly approved by the House of Representatives is clear indication that they have harkened to the misinformed call of the Southern Leadership Assembly and not the informed call by the North East Leadership Forum.  While the former live over a thousand kilometres away from the northeast, the later are right at the centre of the mayhem.  The act of tabling the request in itself is further prove positive that the Jonathan administration “has now become a government of impunity run by an evil-minded leadership..” to quote Admiral Murtala Nyako. Details


Indian Election: The Lessons Nigerians Should Learn. By Muhammad Muhsin Ibrahim

As Nigerians, we don’t have to go to a far place like India to learn anything in politics, for two reasons. First, we get a model to learn from right below our noses. I am talking about Niger Republic, yes, our poor, neighbour Niger. In their last general election of 2011, not a single soul was lost as a result of violence, and everything went on efficiently until the end. Second, India is, independence-wise, older, and, democracy-wise, much older than Nigeria. While our democratic government had been interrupted by several military coups after our independence on 1st October, 1960, theirs is never halted since 1947, when the country got independence from the same British colonial brutes that ruled us. Details


Haunted By Unsustainable Payoff To Politicians Mend & Boko Haram. By Farouk Martins Aresa

The outrageous salary of politicians, Boko Haram and MEND seems to be cast in stone since no Jupiter of criticism, logic or foreign pressure has imparted any changes. Yet it is unsustainable,   bearing forbidden fruits to others as examples to pluck or loot. No country wastes trillion cash in currency and remains solvent. Nigeria can spend N63.28 billion on degradation of Niger Delta environment to employ former militants to restore agriculture, not idle them as in 2014 budget. Details


Islamophobia And The Prospects Of Interfaith Diaolgue In Nigeria. By Abdullahi Abubakar Lamido

To be fair, the injustice against the followers of other faiths is not a monopoly of any people.  Among Muslims there are those who assume that nothing good can come from a Christian. They judge Christianity based on the bad behaviors of some godless Christians.... I still remember my first encounter with one Pastor Gbenga from the South-South, a handsome and very brilliant young Pastor whose open-mindedness and understanding epitomizes the Qur’anic declaration that the Christians are the closest to the Muslims in terms of affection compared to the adherents of other faiths. Details


Northern Governors: Jonathan’s Soul Mates? By Babayola M. Toungo

It has been universally agreed that northern Nigeria has become a basket case.  The region is now a perfect template for failure in all its ramifications.  Our educational system has failed; the health sector is in shambles; agriculture – hitherto the bedrock of the region’s growth – is virtually non-existent, and commerce and industry has practically disappeared.  The north is to all intents and purposes, the sick man of Nigeria. Details


#BringBackOurGirls Campaign And The Evolution Of Hashtag Activism. By Theophilus Ilevbare

President Jonathan, the man in the eye of the storm, only came alive when he learnt the online campaign has drawn the attention of Western powers. He did not flinch since the religious extremists kidnapped about 300 girls from Chibok. Nigerians didn’t expect him to lift a finger though, after all, nothing now moves him considering how he danced away in Kano 24 hours after 74 persons were killed by a bomb blast at Nyanya. Details


Discipline: The Weapon of Success. By Ahmed Adoke

I beg for pardon from those class of officers whose physical appearance does not conform with the true meaning of Discipline as comprehensively explained in earlier paragraphs. Obey before complain Order of the Military. The present state of indiscipline in almost most of Nigeria establishments especially the Army has to do with the wholesome disciplinary language of “obey the last order” by superior officers.  The slogan, obey the last order before complained has in so many ways deprived the average soldier, policemen to raise eyebrow even when grossly cheated. Details


Lost And Found Girls By Boko Haram Generals A Sham. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Some people will certainly claim that it was the pressure from the outside world that forced General Badeh to declare that the girls have been found to save the Army from ridicule. Most Nigerians that suffer at the hands of not only Boko Haram but in the hands of MEND, OPC or MASSOP administering jungle justice to their victims, already know what the world discovered. They are the daily victims of carelessness and indifference by the politicians and their militias. Details


An Open Letter to the Nigeria National Conference, Part I: On the Form of Government and Political Restructuring. By Dr. Emmanuel Ojameruaye

The fundamental problems facing the country cannot be addressed by merely tweaking the current (1999) Constitution imposed on the civilian administration by the military after 29 years of a unitary military government (1966-1979; 1984-1999). The National Assembly through its “constitutional review” cannot be relied upon to adequately address the fundamental problems because its members have sworn to uphold the 1999 Constitution. This is why the National Conference is critically important to “realistically examine and genuinely resolve, long-standing impediments to our cohesion and harmonious development as a truly United Nation”.  Details



Upbraiding the Invalidation of Cards Trapped in ATMs. By Ikechukwu A. Ogu

Another snag with the use of ATMs is the recurring “out-of-service” and “out-of-cash” syndromes, especially with ATMs in heavy use, and during weekends and public holidays. On Fridays and days preceding public holidays, most bank customers hardly make withdrawals, trusting that ATMs will function, and have enough cash.  Often, on such days, customers are forced to move from one bank to another in search of a functional and cash-backed ATM. Details


Confab: Scrap State Electoral Commissions. By Ado Umar Muhammad

I have never liked the idea of states having their own so-called State Independent Electoral Commissions (SIECs) for the purpose of conducting local government elections. I always have a frightening feeling about it, the kind one gets about the advocacy for state police forces. There are things like these that we shouldn’t be embarking upon as a nation because they stunt our growth. This is because we’re not yet matured enough politically, culturally and otherwise, and our democracy is still in its infancy. Details


The 2nd Coming Of Usman Dan Fodio As Boko Haram. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Christian and Muslim missionaries’ left undivided powers in the hands of Sultan and Emirs that enhanced deadly religious consequences in the North compared to South where activists not Oba or Obi got political power. Emirs in the North have been under pressure to make sure they adhere to Dan Fodio radical teaching of Islamic Sharia by Boko Haram well before 80 year old Ado Bayero and Sultan of Sokoto were attacked. The double edge sword killed Gwoza Emir. Details


Nigerians Just Hoping On Emptiness. By A.S.M. Jimoh. By A.S.M Jimoh

Nigerians and Nigeria are two wonderful objects that defy nature. While Nigeria represents all that make a country to be successful, yet it remains a failed state. People who are less harsh say failing state. Nigerians on the other hands represents a people who are supposed to be thoroughly angry with their rulers but they never get angry. They have one reason or the other why a ruler should be. It is either he/she is a Muslim, Christian, first PhD holder to rule us, a minority tribe or a pilot! Ridiculous you may say, but that are Nigerians yardstick for selecting their leader. To add to the odd is that Nigerians are people who hope in things where there is no single hope. Details


What if, Nigeria? By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

Politicians in Nigeria never learn, at least they never learn in time. Nigeria is now divided, not into two parts, but more. Safety of life has become very doubtful.  The heart of many Nigerians is becoming calloused with deep-seated anger and hatred in increasing degrees. Disappointment and fear are common emotions on our streets. The man of lawlessness is now in charge of our spiritual engagements, which always precede physical endeavors. The four scattering horns push dangerously north-wards, south-wards, east-wards and west-wards, pushing against stability, national confidence, and general safety. But we shall soon have four divinely sent carpenters to smash these horns. Details


419: A Novel – Review. By Taofeek Ramat

419: a novel is a Nigerian metaphor, a realistic one. I am amazed that the current governments, particularly at the federal level picked no fight with Ferguson on this tell it all rendition of the Nigerian tragicomedy story. Nigerians and their governments rather than take up the challenge of a not too sweet reportage, go for the kill and on many occasions directing tantrums in the direction of the source of such foul reportage. It has happened severally in time past. Details


Fighting Terrorism With Amnesty. By Theophilus Ilevbare

Never mind the barefaced denial from Dr. Reuben Abati, Presidential Spokesman that the Commander-In-Chief, President Goodluck Jonathan, did not offer the Islamist group, Boko Haram, amnesty. On democracy day, we heard the speech of the Minister of Youth Development, Mr. Boni Haruna, loud and clear, and should anyone be in doubt, here are his words, verbatim: “President Goodluck Jonathan has declared amnesty for members of the Boko Haram sect.” Details


Democracy And Grassroots Development In Delta State: The Best Way Forward. By Otive Igbuzor, Ph.D.

In this paper, we examine democracy and grassroots development in Delta State. But first, we examine the different perspectives on development, the challenges of development in Nigeria and Delta State and budgetary allocation in Delta State from 2007-2014. I will also share my personal experiences of trying to mobilise for democracy and grassroots development in Delta State and conclude with the best way forward. Details


Prepare For Boko Haram Generals’ Coup D’etat.  By Farouk Martins Aresa

If Ebele’s National Conference fails to execute change, coup d’état will try.  More want regional government right now. Some people don’t realize a contradiction between National Conference agreement by mostly wanted and coups that are bound to raise ugly head in the Army by tulasi. Either of the two power plays can be used to justify the end. It depends on who gets the better grip. The consequences must satisfy majority of folks yearning for change. No going back now. Details