Agenda against the North, Hausa/Fulani and Islam Evidences. By Aminu Sarki

Any objective observer couldn’t have missed how through massive propaganda certain northern politicians are being made to look like the sponsors of the terror group because of their insistence on President Jonathan to honour the zoning agreement of his party, the P.D.P., cleverly avoiding the fact that the terror group’s existence preceded the zoning debate. In fact, this deliberate misinformation and miseducation will benefit more those who want to perpetuate the ethno-religious division in the north as these select northern leaders are cast in the mould of the Hausa/Fulani enemies of Christianity bent on enslaving or exterminating the northern minority tribes to engender a Hausa/Fulani hegemony or oligarchy.Details


Mental Illness And Akada. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Madness is a state of mind of the majority around you. In a country where everyone steals and loot the treasury, if you are not one of them, you are mad and they will send you to jail. In a gang where everyone kills and you decided not to kill, you are mad and they will kill you. If you do not conform to your environment or your community, you are crazy and some members of that community may decide to cure you as they did to Rashidi Yekini. Details


The Logic of Privatization. By  Abdul-Warees Solanke

Therefore, the salient issue in deciding whether privatization of public services is good for Nigeria is to understand how well it will assist the realization of the fundamental objectives and directive principles of state policy. What must be borne in mind is that privatization of public services does not possess all the answers to re-inventing the nation economy. In fact, it has the potential of increasing the socio-economic imbalance, because it is a market instrument that tends to address the demand of those who can afford it and pay for public services. Details


Nigerians, Where Do We Go From Here? By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

Only a few Nigerians may not be aware that their country is presently engaged with too many problems on her plate. But how do we articulate those problems in a way that facilitates an understanding of both the dimension and probable solutions?   There are some Nigerians that hold the view that Nigeria’s fundamental problem is “corruption”, by which they imply misappropriation of the people’s commonwealth. Details


Letter To President Jonathan. By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

It is so sad dear president that you have failed to realise that your ascension to the post of president is dreaded by some powerful northern elements and for that reason would do anything to disparage your administration. Since you are helpless in tackling this menace, the aim of these elements is to ensure you do not go beyond 2015. Your lack of foresight dear president is why you made a Northerner your party chairman simply because you wished to spite others and block their ambition in 2015. Details


The Semantics of “the dog and the baboon will be soaked in blood. By  Umar Bello

Why is Buhari’s ‘kare jini, biri jini’ any different? Shorn of all the literal and decontexualized misrepresentations, it simply means ‘a serious contest’ i.e. the attitude of not giving up by the parties involved. ‘Kare jini, biri jini’, in a corpus checking on the contexts and collocates of the proverb, is mostly used where fierce competitions occur especially in sports and politics. Literal translation of this saying is mischievous crude and banal for even if we don’t understanding Hausa, are Nigerians actually ‘baboons’ (literal not figurative!)? Details


War On: BH Vs. MEND. By Farouk Martins Aresa

There is no violence going on in Nigeria right now that has not been predicted by the prominent members of Jomo Ghomo and Adamu Ciroma. They are determined to have their ways or make sure Nigeria perishes. Governors negotiated for MEND as Emirs negotiated for Boko Haram; just to renew the mayhem perpetrated on innocent victims. Each drugged and sedated violent ignoramus is in hot pursuits of sadistic reward. Details


Manifesto of Nigerian Opposition Politics: Why Party Administration Must Be Reformed. By Salihu Moh. Lukman

The questions would be: now that these parties are opposing the PDP, why should they retain the same structural outlook? Why should emphasis to membership recruitment and services not be a major distinguishing feature of these parties from the PDP? The answer is: because the main focus of all our parties is to win elections fairly or unfairly! Details


Child abuse, Kano to Jeddah and Nigerian Muslims. By Muhammad Jameel Yusha’u

But the subject of this write up is on Nigerians living in Saudi Arabia, particularly the women among them, called Kano-to-Jeddah. Last year on a visit to the Holy land I witnessed something that shocked me. We were going to the Haram for Fajr (dawn) prayer, when we saw a small girl no more than five years old sitting in between the roads that lead to the Haram. The sophistication with which the girl was begging requires a lot of rehearsal even for an adult to emulate. Details


Northern Nigeria: Surfacing Poverty On Un Tapped Wealth. By Auwal Shehu

Based on these potentials that are found in the Northern Part of this country and what they portends to yield it is imperative on the regional Governors to devise a collective measure in making sure that the art of governance is  beyond over invoicing on supplies and buildings. They should spear head a move that will compel the central government to explore such deposit. That can as well boost their morale and give them the power of negotiation on issues like zoning and resources distribution. The expectation of democracy from the voters is a chance in living style, a change that will enriches them with tools to fight poverty. Details


Oritsejafor’s Final Call on FG Over Boko Haram. By Muhammad Ajah

In as much as no patriotically driven soul who can proudly wear the beautiful gown of the nation called Nigeria will not sympathize with the Nigeria people over the national security challenge, it is quite disturbing the way the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) is handling the matter. I think by now, after many twist of events and cross-examination of the matter by the Nigerian powers of today, it is bare to the sun that the Boko Haram of today transcends mere religious inclination. Details


Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala: Rejected Abroad, Resented at Home. By Abdulhamid Babatunde

I preferred to wait patiently for the outcome of the now gone but not forgotten Breton Woods 2012 head hunt where our Ngozi Okonjo Iweala assumed the role of Nigeria’s hot shot. For old school observers of the camouflaged “international development institutions” like me it was certain that she would never make it. Just as the discerning few African Americans know too well, it’s a white man’s world we are living in and living with, never mind all the hyped hoopla about an international community. Details


The Petroleum Subsidy Probe Report: Some Technical Concerns. By Emmanuel Ojameruaye

In spite of the above concerns, I still believe that the Report is a bold first attempt to resolve the oil subsidy debacle in Nigeria. It has tackled the issue of corruption associated with the subsidy regime. If its key recommendations are faithfully implemented, at least N1.0 trillion that was misappropriated will be paid back to the federation account for sharing among the three tiers of government. Details


Azazi And The Sinews Of Peace. By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

It is not all the time policy makers in Abuja speak the truth or stay true to the oath they take before occupying a political post, which ofcourse is total loyalty and patriotism to the nation. Infact, despite the intricacies bedevilling the country, most especially since the advent of the Jonathan administration, lies and deceit had taken center stage more than those of sincerity and truth. Details


Police I.G. Abubakar N6.43 Trillion Economic Stimulus. By Farouk Martins Aresa

When we get the opportunity to write about good news on Nigeria, it must be seized with all candors and celebrated. The reports from all over the Country is that finally, road blocks by police are dying down. Of course there are still illegal ones here and there but as a whole, it looks like this one man is about to make a difference that we must congratulate him on. It only takes one Nigerian to lead and play his or her part. Details


Let Us Form a Group to Honor Rashidi Yekini. By Anthony A. Kila

The last days of Rashidi Yekini were not great either, he was said to be ill, depression was suspected and there were even voices of a bigger mental ailment true or false it does not matter anymore, at least not to him anymore, he is gone. Details


Nigeria Tire Me I No Go Lie. By Farouk Martins Aresa

The demise of our Country stare in our faces every day when we see our university students aspire and worship accomplished leaders in foreign countries with futuristic ideas and attractive gadgets to sell to those that never appreciate theirs. How do we explain that the not-so-rich amongst us survive better outside the Country than within? Details


'Religion, Land and Population'. By Muhammad Jameel Yusha'u

Lack of respect for the dignity of labour is a major issue that every reasonable person in northern Nigeria should be concerned about. People are happy to sit for ages under the shade of a tree gossiping for hours and dreaming to become millionaires, yet they are happy to laugh at a neighbour who used his energy in manual labour to earn a living. A university graduate is happy to sleep at home waiting for the job that suits his ego while his friend from the South has saved part of his NYSC allowance and has already started transporting food items produced in the same north to his home town without waiting for anybody to employ him. Details


May Day: Working Class and challenges of Social transformation in Nigeria. By Muttaqa Yushau Abdulra’uf

The current social contradiction facing Nigeria testifies the fact that Nigeria ruling elite are incapable of addressing the socio-economic problem facing Nigeria; worst still is their lackadaisical attitude in addressing corruption. The revelations of the House committee on petroleum subsidy is a case in point, it indicts big men and corporations who formed an unholy alliance to bastardise Nigeria’s economy. Details


Nigeria, Beyond Geographical Expression. By Eugene Uwalaka

Nigeria is beyond the geographical expression some short-sighted and unpatriotic leaders call it. Chido Onumah could not muster the intellectual courage to market his vision of the great Nigerian nation. The present United States of America was not a ready-made geographical entity. It was rather tailor-made. America had to fight territorial wars to amalgamate contiguous or proximate satellite states until it achieved a size its founding fathers adjudged politically and economically optimal. Details


Who Can Reclaim Nigeria? By Austine Uche-Ejeke

The media would have been a good recourse to this all-important quest for the redemption of the country. But we all know the state of the media today. Apart from providing platforms for the emergence of independence, contemporary Nigerian media are not doing enough to urgently reclaim this country. Details


An Open Letter to Nigeria’s News Media. By Francis Adewale

No serious attempts were made to evaluate or analyze the comment made by the General. Not even an ounce of efforts were made to publish the entire text or audio online or in print. The press joined in the demonization of the security chief who is hired to analyze Nigeria’s security situations. Most of the reports seem to conclude that the primary duty of the National Security Adviser is to the president and his party, not the entire the country. Of course most of these media couched the response in form of reports of other people’s comment such as the one attributed to Olisah Metuh, the national publicity secretary of PDP. Some reporters seem to have gone out of their way to solicit acidic comments of politicians from the northern part of the country. Details


Oil Curse Fuels Nigeria - Nigeria Is On Fire. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Shut oil production, Nigeria is on fire. Oil revenue is fueling ethnic violence, agitation and militancy. Since the looters are either getting too much, some are getting too little or others want their own share. However, the cost of environmental disaster in the oil region has dwarfed benefit of its income. As a condition for any more oil allocations, the environment from where it is produced must be secured for agriculture and fishing jobs. Details


How Babangida, Abacha, Obasanjo Shared Nigeria’s Oil Blocks. By Akukwe Obinna

During the time of Late President Yarádua , a panel headed by  Olusegun Ogunjana  was set up   to investigate the level of transparency in the award of oil blocks. The panel recommended that 25 oil blocks awarded by the Obasanjo be revoked because the manner they were obtained failed to meet the best practices in the industry. Sadiq Mahmood, permanent secretary in the Ministry of Petroleum endorsed the report to then president with all its recommendations. As a result of the report Yarádua revoked eleven oil blocks. Details


Of Traditional Musings and Modern Nonsense. By Abdul-Warees Solanke

Most Nigerian artistes are only playing out their emptiness and disconnectedness from the authentic Nigerian values of fidelity, decency or decorum, humility and integrity. They worship and celebrate Liquor, Sex, Money and Drugs. Unfortunately too, they have co-travellers in the Actors Guild and Nollywood stars. Details


We Must Go On With One Nigeria. By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

At a time when we are faced with series of problems bedevilling the country, comments coming from the North about breaking-up, division or secession from the country into their respective regions does not augur well for the myriads of people living under the banner of one Nigeria. It is quite unfortunate that individuals from the North who claim to be part and parcel of a civilized pressure group and who seem to be more enlightenend are amongst those pursuing and singing the song of 'survival' outside a divided and balkanized Nigeria. Details


Danjuma’s Oil Wells And The  Murmurings Of Nigerians. By Obinna Akukwe

Theophilus Danjuma  got his on a platter of gold. Late Head of State  Sani Abacha awarded the Oil Prospecting License (OPL) 246 to SAPETRO in February 1988. The block covers a total area of 2,590 square kilometers .SAPETRO partnered with Total Upstream Nigeria (TUPNI) and Brasoil Oil Services Company Limited (Petrobas) to start prospecting on OPL246.  Akpo, a condensate field was discovered in April 2000 with drilling commencing in 2001. In 2006 Danjuma divested his investment in Akpo oil field to China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC) for $1Billion dollars .However, Danjuma still had some conscience left in him. He paid tax of $500million dollars to the Nigerian state and had about $500 million dollars remaining. Details


El-Rufai, Nigeria and 2015. By Abubakar Alkali Sokoto

Reports in the national dailies that Nasir ElRufa’i will contest the 2015 presidential elections have further established the fact that change is inevitable in Nigeria.  Although these reports indicated that Honourable ElRufa’i is yet to confirm or deny that he is contesting for the presidency in 2015, it is increasingly becoming clear that there is a concurrence of opinion among a vast network of Nigerians that ElRufa’i should not only contest the presidency come 2015, but should indeed start preparing for his relocation to Aso rock on 29th May 2015. Details


A Rebuttal of the Call for a Downward Review of the 13% Oil Revenue Derivation. By Dr. Emmanuel Ojameruaye

In this article, I will explain why the position of the NGF is untenable. My rebuttal will focus on both their call for a downward review of the 13% oil derivation and the abolition of the 13% derivation paid on offshore oil which amounts to a re-introduction of the onshore/offshore oil dichotomy. Details


Letter To The Nigerian Opposition. By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

When one looks at the country today, it stinks with nothing but desperation, hopelessness and disaster. The country reminds one of the feudal era in Europe where the King, Lords, Vassals and Knights held sway while the Serfs, who were the hewers of wood and drawers of water watched helplessly. The ruling elites paints a perfect picture of this grim illustration while the serfs in the feudal era certainly are the vast majority of people living below the poverty line in the country today. Details


How PHCN Kaduna De-Legitimizes President Jonathan. By Yusuf Nagi Ahmad

Years since the creation of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria PHCN after the unbundling of the former National Electric Power Authority NEPA, Nigerians have hoped that by now, there would have b een a new lease of life of regular, if not constant, power supply in the nation. And truly indeed, in some towns such as Abuja and Kaduna, which have military and/or political establishments of national strategic significance, the power supply situation has tremendously improved.  Details


Open Letter to Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu on 2015 Agenda. By Salihu Moh. Lukman

For the ACN, the situation is different and completely open. Partly because it is open but more importantly because we are a nation that hardly witness selflessness and commitment in anyway without the element of bias, it is almost impossible to imagine an Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu without an aspiration. Details


Fighting Corruption in Nigeria. By Prof. Femi Ajayi

According to an African proverb, "A leader without good advisers is like a blind man being led by a child."  friend threw a joke on my dinning table when I was enjoying my pounded yam, egunsi soup, bush meat, and a keg of fresh palm wine, just set for me by my Darling Wife of three memorable hilarious decades:  "Goodluck Ebele Jonathan was in a meeting with Senators, Representative Members, State Governors, Federal Executive Council, the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) NNPC, the Pensions Task Force Chairman, Directors and Service Chiefs and news came that armed robbers were robbing Central Bank. The President was confused and said "how can that be possible when all the robbers are here with me at the Villa". What a joke! Details


Reality of the North-South Divide: Why Jonathan Should Appoint a Coordinator for Northern Affairs. By Prof. Osita Ogbu

President Goodluck Jonathan should appoint a Coordinator for Northern Affairs as a mark of enlightened leadership and courage. This should be a cabinet rank position in the office of the President, charged with the responsibility of articulating a national response to the social and economic divide between the South and the North.

Some cynics and name-callers might be tempted to ridicule or dismiss this idea. But I call for a dispassionate examination of this suggestion, which if implemented, would engender oneness, citizenship, national pride and overall national inclusion. Details


Otuoke Church: Corporate Social Responsibility. By Charles Ikedikwa Soeze

In the light of the above and if we really understand the concept of CSR, the reported renovation works on the Anglican Communion at Otuoke by Gitto Constrolizioni Generali Limited (GCG), an Italian construction company doing business in the country should not raise eyebrows. In other words, there should be no need for hullabaloo and brouhaha. It is all about CSR and nothing more or less. Details


On Nigerian farmers E-Wallet idea. By Nasiru Suwaid

While the initiative could be great in its conceptualization, it is on the area of its practical application that problems are likely to arise, especially when the famous Nigerian factor is inserted into the cataclysmic mix. Because of the fact that the policy is premised upon so many assumptions; a farmer owning and operating a handset and being able to write or access texting service, the ability of agricultural inputs company to be present in proximate localities, the subsidy payment voucher being a sacred instrument that is not easily susceptible to manipulations for corrupt purposes. Details


Your Aspiration for 2015 is Ill-Advised: Open Letter to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari. By Salihu M. Lukman

Consistent with my upbringing, I intend to state my views honestly, truthfully and with the utmost respect to your person. Also, consistent with the training of my parents and teachers, I will, with the best of intentions, convey to you my feelings with high sense of obedience to you as a 70 year old person who has not just paid his dues but has remained the only surviving leadership model for my generation. Details


Sovereign National Conference: An Infantile Call. By Danlami Alh. Wushishi

Advocates of SNC need to convince Nigerians how they intend to go about the nomination of membership. If the confab is meant to address salient national issues, then each ethnic entity must be represented so that their position can be taken, hence ethnic religious crises is a reason advanced by advocates of SNC. Similarly, who will speak on behalf of Koma people of Adamawa, the Etulo clan from Benue State at the conference? Who will convene the assembly? Can SNC operate alongside National Assembly? What will be the status of a Senator nominated to serve as a representative at SNC that may last for 12 months? Can the Chief Justice of Nigeria been appointed by the 1999 Constitution convene a SNC that seek to write a new Constitution? How will the convener finance the conference to cater for other for Logistics and other miscellaneous? Details


On the Approval of 13% Revenue Derivation from Solid Minerals to Northern States. By  Dr. Emmanuel Ojameruaye

The federal government and the northern states need to conduct a detailed conflict assessment of the “rising insecurity” in the North in order to address the key causative factors instead of playing politics by blaming it on poverty and “lopsided revenue allocation”. After all, the “lopsided revenue allocation” has not solved the poverty problem in the oil producing states that are ostensibly benefiting from it. What about the non-oil producing states in the West and East that are also “victims” of the “lopsided revenue allocation”? Details


Saving The Nigeria Sovereign Wealth Fund Initiative. By Shafii Ndanusa, FCCA

For keen observers of recent trends in the Nigerian economy as it relates to the management of Nigeria’s crude oil revenues, these are indeed troubling times. Troubling in the sense that one major economic vehicle (the Nigeria Sovereign Wealth Fund) that was designed to rescue the country from the resource curse syndrome appears to be heading for a crash well ahead of taking-off. It will be recalled that the Nigeria Sovereign Investment Authority (NSIA) Bill was signed into law on 27th May 2011. To date, the NSIA is yet to be operational because there is a challenge to its legality from the State Governors of Nigeria. Details


Where are the Libraries? By Kola Ibrahim

Despite all the crocodile tears being shed by Nigerian ruling elites, about the abysmal reading culture and dismal education quality, the glaring fact is that they are comfortable with the current horrible situations. Nothing exemplifies this than the state of Nigerian libraries. I am not referring to various elite libraries like the presidential library, but those that should be available to the vast majority of our youth and poor Nigerians, who constitute the majority of the population. My recent experience and subsequent inquest reveal this much. Details


The Misconception Of Infrastructure  As  Development. By Okachikwu Dibia

A Nigerian governor said: “When I have provided roads and electricity to my people, I would have done all for which I was voted to this office.”  Prof. Nnaji asked: “When has the provision of basic amenities become the most significant accomplishment of government anywhere?” Prof. Bart Nnaji, The Guardian, 6th March, 2012, page 80. Details


The Presidency in 2015. By Dr. Anthony Akinola

One concept I tried to clarify in the run-up to the presidential election of 2011 was that of “re-election”. I argued then that President Goodluck Jonathan could not have been seeking re-election because he was only a vice-presidential candidate to the one elected president in 2007. One can only be deemed to be seeking re-election to a position one had been elected to in the first place. The clarification I was attempting to make may have become clearer now that the political future of President Jonathan has been enjoying some debate in academic and political circles (see, for instance, Chidi Amuta, “Jonathan and 2015”, This Day, 3rd April 2012). Details


A Tribute to Mallam Aminu Kano. By Salihu M.  Lukman

Twenty-nine years after Mallam Aminu Kano, the politics of the North has lost its capacity to engage effectively with other interests and tendencies to project alternative nationalist politics both within the North and outside, no thanks partly to the reckless and self-serving political engineering of the Babangida and Abacha military regimes. In fact, it could be argued that the whole project of creating new breed politicians under the Babangida administration was targetted at decimating the radical political establishments, which included the PRP disciples. Details


Mrs. Iweala, The World Bank And The Rest Of Us. By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

The news surrounding Mrs. Okonjo Iweala, Nigeria's Finance Minister and Coordinating Minister of the Economy (one wonders if these two portfolio are not the same) and her endorsement by many to head the World Bank position has continued to generate comments both within and without the country. What surprises this writer has been the criticisms against her ambition to head the bank. Details


World Bank Interest Better Served As Finance Minister. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Anybody that has made as much money as Dr. Okonjo-Iweala did for the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund through the Paris Club deserves to be its President; but, not in the case of Nigeria’s Finance Minister. What baffles some of us is how some people expect a cash cow to leave a cow like Nigeria, just to become the head of the taker. One would have thought Nkrumah’s lessons sunk, that colonialists do not take direct responsibility or blame anymore. Details


Adibe Ngozi’s bid for World Bank Presidency


It must be conceded that there is a high degree of ambivalence in  conversations about Dr Okonjo Iweala. Here is a woman who is very admired for her superior education (Harvard, MIT), simplicity,  non-intimidating presence, poise and the way she appears completely unfazed by her career accomplishments. Yet, her career accomplishments at the World Bank, a reason many admire her, is equally a major reason why she is intensely distrusted, if not disliked, by some constituencies. Details

Nigeria’s Seventh Secret: Mundane Materialism Is The Basis For Nigeria. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

Nigeria was not designed to become a nation; she was designed for mundane materialism. Although some efforts were made in 1963 by Nigerian nationalists to build a nation, this attempt was frustrated just three years after. Since then, Nigeria has only known persistent invasion by greedy people and corporate bodies that only exploit Nigeria for their gain. How many of the people that hold political power in Nigeria truly care about good governance? Details


Is Yoruba Unity Threatened? By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

It is such an irony that the present crop of politicians who hold sway in the political ladder of the South-West lay claim at all times to be adherents of the late Chief Awolowo, who they believe laid a proper foundation for the region, yet turn their faces in anger when his person and all he stood for is being celebrated by either his family or die hard followers. Details


When President Jonathan Got It All Wrong. By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

From the look of his speech, it is not hard to conclude that the President was not in the know of the Nigerian realities when he told the international community how, within two years left for his administration to end, he intends to replicate the success of the Asian Tigers in Nigeria when as a leader, he could not confront the so called oil cabal that had milked dry the vast majority of the people for decades. It is simply a misplaced speech and this writer wondered where the President's diplomatic details, speech writers and foreign policy advisers were when the President was making that speech. Details


The Opportunity Cost Of The Late Establishment Of The Nigeria Sovereign Wealth Fund. By Shafii Ndanusa

Today, Nigeria has carried on with over fifty five (55) years of the commercial discovery of crude oil without a functional sovereign wealth fund. This is despite the fact that the nation is in dire need of economic infrastructure which one of the Funds is expected to support its provision. Time is of essence and it is expected that all disputes would be quickly resolved so that the nation can move forward in its march of economic transformation. Details


Ngozi And The Challenge Of Becoming Africa First World Bank President. By Shafiu Ibrahim Abdullahi

There is this almost  general opinion that female are less corrupt compare to their male counterpart and the fact that women and children made up the largest share of the world poor, Ngozi candidacy is a representation of that segment of the world population. Her CV is as vast as that of any other candidate or even more, with fine educational qualifications and work experience, her current post in the ministry of finance as a super minister point to the fact that Ngozi is a super woman and workaholic. Details


Is Nigeria A Knowledge Based Society? By Bukhari Muhammed Bello Jega

The Nigerian tertiary institutions used to be the centre of research and development; a centre of mobilization of revolutionary vanguards in the past due to quality of lecturers and their methods of impacting knowledge to the students. Unfortunately today, the institutions are shadows of its former self; nothing seems to be happening except disco dancing youths and half crazy Nigerians. Details


Ikemba Nnewi Goes Home : The  Strange Tale Of An Encounter Between General Amnesia  And Mass Hysteria (Author's Response). By Ola Balogun

Although the millions of Ndigbo who gathered on the streets of Awka, Enugu, Onitsha, Nnewi, Umuahia etc. to pay homage to their departed “Eze Gburugburu” ( a rather strange sounding title that has no historical precedence in Igbo land) were genuinely convinced that Ojukwu was one of the greatest leaders that Africa has ever known, it is highly improbable that this was actually a widely shared perception in the rest of Nigeria, particularly among the peoples of the present Rivers, Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom and Cross River states, who claim to have been unwilling captives in the Biafran entity that emerged from Ojukwu’s ill-fated declaration of secession. Details


Ikemba Nnewi Goes Home : The  Strange Tale Of An Encounter Between General Amnesia  And Mass Hysteria. By  Dr. Ola Balogun

Be that as it may, while it may be conceded that Ojukwu’s ill-considered alliance with the very people who were torturing and killing millions of Africans in South Africa, Rhodesia, Mozambique and Angola at the time might be overlooked as a case of desperate expediency, it does sound rather jarring to hear an overt fellow-traveller on the apartheid side of the great contest for the liberation of Southern African being described a few decades later as “a great African”.


Ditto for Ojukwu’s secret agreement with General De Gaulle of France to grant the French oil company Elf extensive access to the oil resources of the Niger Delta in exchange for weapons and diplomatic support from a French Government that had only recently emerged from decades of ruthless warfare against the peoples of Algeria and Cameroun. Details


On the Crashing Nigeria Stock Exchange Market, Ms Oteh And Hon. Hembe By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

When the House of Representatives set up the Hon. Hembe committee to investigate the unrestrained crash of the Nigeria stock market, to an investor like me whose confidence in the market is so shaken, it was an opportunity to understand the workings of the market, the regulatory processes of the market, and then determine the way forward. Details


Pray Your Oppressors Live Broke Not Die. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Nigerians were mad like hell raining curses on their oppressors. Indeed if they catch anyone praying for them they may give him the jungle justice. If some people wonder where this bile against oppressors comes from, they have not been watching the hearings on how petroleum subsidy was spent, how charitable Governor of Central Bank can be or heard wishful rumor of Tinubu’s stroke. Money was flying out of Central Bank like flies after a sore. Does it remind you of Abacha regime’s Central Bank, in spite of all the check and balance instituted thereafter?  Details


Ministries And The Onus Of Responsibility. By Abdullahi Musa

Is the reader not tired yet? Let’s peep into Ministries of Education to acquire knowledge on how to survive in Nigeria. Children are enrolled into primary schools; they later move to secondary schools; some to technical schools. Year in year out we read of dismal performances resulting from NECO and WAEC examinations. Those who fall out are never given thought of. Those who succeed and reach university are never sure when they will graduate. Why is our curriculum different from that of Malaysia, China, India, and Korea etc? Details


Boko Haram: How Safe is President Goodluck (II)? By Akukwe Obinna

President Goodluck said in January that the sponsors of Boko Haram are in High places. The national security adviser, General Azazi have reiterated the same ting just recently. These leaders of the polity are speaking in parables and expect Nigerians to decod their message. They speak in tongues while the nation is boling. All these hushed tones are carefulness in preparation for 2015. The PDP Boko Haram is fighting because of 2015, The presidency is equally speaking in tongues because of 2015. Everything has been reduced to 2015 succession politics. Who knows who will survive till 2015. Details


The Drums Of War……? By Ali Abubakar Sadiq

The threat of Boko Haram will be nothing because elements that are bent on destabilizing this country will use their modus operandi to raise tension between Christians and Muslims that will eventually cause another civil war. If History is anything to go by, we should be very scary of recent trends because history may be trying to repeat itself. Details


On A Nigerian Sovereign National Conference And The Permission Of The National Legislature. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD We the Nigerian people are not begging the national assembly to allow a sovereign national conference; we are demanding and we shall have it. Has power ever conceded anything without unrestrained demand? If the national assembly continues in its state of unbridled obduracy and self-confessed knowledge of what is best for the country, very soon they shall have neither the luxury nor safety to sit in plenary at Abuja. Details


Subsidy Removal And Jonathan's Halftruths. By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

When President Goodluck Jonathan alonside his economic shenanigans led by the former World Bank magician, Mrs Okonjo Iweala, the 100 million naira valentine gift giving Central Bank Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi and the Petroleum Products Pricing Regulatory Agency, PPPRA argued that the amount of money paid to some faceless oil cabal as subsidy was hurting the nation and in order to free the economy from corruption, over pricing, over payment and all manners of illegality, all forms of subsidies would have to be removed on New Year day, not many believed and were disposed to such a fatal policy. Details


Reforming Nigeria’s “Electoral Reform” . By Kolawole Ibrahim

That these ruling parties are winning elections is in itself a product of the corrupt and monetized electoral process systematized into the electoral laws and the constitution. For instance, according to the 2010 Electoral Laws (and indeed those before it), candidates are allowed to spend billions for campaigns and electioneering. This is nothing but legalization of corruption as glaringly, only looters and big business people, whose interests are diametrically opposed to those of the oppressed people who will flood the electoral process with their looted money. Details


Deprivation and Derivation Principles: Why the North is Poor (I). By Ross Alabo-George

I want to posit that the North-East through their aristocrats and ex-military rulers (except Gen. Mohammed Buhari) rake in more oil money (from the Niger Delta) individually than any Niger Delta state, and collectively more than twice the entire Niger Delta put together. In this disquisition, I have attempted to show that 80% of crude oil and gas produced by indigenous companies is controlled by the North-East. It is an area they have well conquered through General IBB, Abacha and Abdulsalami. However, the loots never get back home. Details


Riba Haram Wanted To Spare The Children Of Nigeria. By Farouk Martins Aresa

When any of the militia starts setting empty schools of children ablaze, kidnapping children and old people, they have lost the essence of their causes. It is revolting to any sense of justice and fair play that is epitomized in every religion. Children are the most precious gift in life and they are gentle, innocent and pure of any gripe we may have. Every book of religion crave that little children come to them since the Kingdom of Allah, God, Yahweh belong to those that have their conscience. Details


How ACN Sold Ribadu To President Goodluck. By Akukwe Obinna

The ACN has not been particularly receptive to politicians of northern extraction . The former Vice President under Atiku Abubakar ran to the ACN in the hey days of his battles with Obasanjo and by the time he was tossed around by the party leadership he had no option than to return back to the PDP on another failed presidential project, this time around swallowed by incumbent President Goodluck. Nuhu Ribadu could not have become President under the circumstances but if the ACN had campaigned for him as expected, including release of logistics, including the never ending security votes, the ACN would have got at least 5 million votes around the country while the PDP vote would have reduced, occasioning a run off. Details


The EFCC As A Humour Merchant. By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

The question this writer keeps asking is why the EFCC had allowed itself to become a punching bag and stooge gagged around by a few powerful individual? Why do they hurriedly bring cases of corruption on individuals to the public glare, yet fail to establish strong cases against such individuals? Why do they resort to a lot of media razzmatazz when a case is being investigated but disappoint us all when their weak cases refuse to hold water in the respective courts? Why the mutual silence between them and the individuals accused of fraud? Why has the EFCC become a tool to be used despite having all at its disposal to bring to book those it accuses of massive corruption? Details


Yoruba And Igbo Must Remain Divided To Keep Nigeria One. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Therefore, as long as the Country stands as Nigeria, Yoruba and Igbo will always fight for political dominance and the Hausa will always come to their rescue so that they do not destroy our Country. Whenever you hear intellectuals and theorists debate about separation as a mere geographical expression; amuse yourselves. Listen if you can with guguru and epa to grace your precious time. They cannot agree on their base, yet they want Nigeria to split. Split into what? Details


Goodluck Jonathan’s Golden Opportunity. By Professor Anthony A. Kila

The current president of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Jonathan has an opportunity most of his peers around the globe will give an arm for: being part of world history without having to raise tax, sell national assets or fight a war. Goodluck Jonathan has the opportunity of becoming the president under whose watch Nigerians are given the opportunity to truly sit down to examine and discuss issues related to our sovereignty and our mode of government in order to perfect our union. As some observers have had occasions of pointing out, what we call our constitution today in Nigeria is in fact a military decree handed down to the people the ways military decrees are forced on people. Does that matter? Yes it does. Details


Nigeria’s Seven Secrets And The Inevitability Of A Sovereign National Conference (part 2). By Leonard Karshima Shilgba

It seems to me that some Nigerians prefer to live in denial than to face the reality of history and act to correct it. Secondly, there is a position favoured by some that it is an unnecessary blame game to point at the British as our problem. They are quick to cite countries such as the USA,  India, and China who also had a taste of the British colonial excesses but who have outgrown that misfortune and have gone on to build great economies. The focus in the first part of my essay was not to blame the British and do nothing. The essay articulates a solution, which some don’t accept, which is the convocation of a sovereign national conference to redefine what Nigeria should be, who Nigeria represents, and the socio-political design that Nigeria deserves. Details


Awolowo:  Still the Benchmark? By Omoba Oladele Osinuga Esq.

Just days after the 6th of March being the 106thanniversary of the birthday and the 25th posthumous birthday anniversary of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, his personality continues looms large today in Nigeria. It is on record that today no other Nigerian Politician has been the subject of much debate within the Nigerian polity and even in African Political Philosophy academic studies like Chief Awolowo. The issue that confounds us today is why does Chief Awolowo continue to be the benchmark in Nigeria particularly at a period when our country is at cross roads?  Details


Revenue Allocation and Nigeria’s CBN Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi’s (SLS) Justification of Terrorism Emanating from Northern Nigeria – A Constitutional Analysis of the Best Way Forward. By Bunmi Awoyemi, Ph.D.

When Nigeria’s maverick CBN Governor recently in an interview justified the sadistic, sub-human and horrific terrorist activities going on in the North of Nigeria by attributing it to the fact that oil revenue was being unfairly shared on the basis of derivation primarily instead of population which is the North's competitive advantage, I was shocked that such a flawed argument could come from such a respected Nigerian whose controversial reform of the Nigerian banking sector has won him praises and awards locally and internationally. SLS traced the root cause of terrorism in the North to grinding poverty in the North which he claims was caused by Nigeria’s use of the derivation principle instead of population as the primary yardstick for allocating revenue among the states. He believes that this preference for the derivation principle has short-changed the North and disadvantaged it. Details


When Will The Sorrows, Tears And Blood Stop? By Raheem Oluwafunminiyi

Be that as it may, it is imperative to state that against the secularity the constitution preaches, a Head of State went ahead to incorporate Christians, Muslims and Traditionalists into an Islamic organisation which today has further led to religious tensions in the polity. It was also in this country that a cartoon drawing from a European press sparked outrage and consequently led to the unnecessary death of many in the North. It was in this country that an undisputed election caused the loss of lives of many, including youths who were on compulsory national assignment. One could go on and on, but it is unfortunate that nothing had been done to correct these ills, making the situation even worse. Details


Only Africa Ignores Its Religious Actualization For Economic Growth. By Farouk Martins Aresa

Therefore, while those at home were still cordial, invaders put up a friendly face with an intention of depriving their host of their resources. The introduction of religion that is kind and considerate was attractive to clean up evil ways and human sacrifice. Indeed, the evil ways and human sacrifices would only come later in form of exploitation and outright war with far deadlier weapons if resisted. Details


On Babangida’s Doctrine of Nigeria’s Settled Issues. By Nasiru Suwaid

Indeed, it is within the premise of this expectation that I jumped for joy, when I heard that the Minna uphill General has finally accepted the necessity for a National Conference, on which he pledged his participation in the epoch opportunity for a holistic national discussion. However, as with everything with the only military president in the checkered history of Nigerian political leadership, he set up certain barriers upon which such talks must meet, appropriately calling them the Doctrine of Nigeria’s Settled Issues, which are areas that should not be questioned or examined in the conference, as the citizens of this country have already settled on those issues. Details


Nigeria Has Enough Food: The Problem Is Middleman. By Obinna Akukwe

In Nigeria the major problem is not the supply but the affordability. Nigeria presently has enough food to feed the populace, the problem is the middleman. The middleman is the bridge between the farmer and the market place. In the Nigerian context it is the businessman who goes to the hinterland to purchase the agricultural products from the farmer in the village market and transports same to the markets where the final consumer gets it. The middleman have made the cost of food beyond the reach of the common man . Staple crops like rice, beans, maize , millet, cassava are very cheap in the north. Yam, cassava, plantain and others are cheap in some parts of the south and middle belt regions of Nigeria. In the areas of primary production it is ridiculously cheap while in the areas of primary consumption it is very costly. Details


Yar’adua Wake Up! Nigeria Is Boiling! . By Obinna Akukwe

Yar’adua you were the first president in Nigeria to declare your asset. You weren’t materialistic but your wife Turai was the direct opposite of you .During your regime the praise of Turai was the arrival of favour. Emirs, Igwes, Obas, Professors, High Chiefs, Ex this and Ex that all bowed down to Her Majesty Turai before being qualified to share in the national cake.

Yar’adua , you weren’t corrupt but during your regime , the newest cabal in the country, the Nigeria Governors Forum manipulated your rule of law  mantra and begun the process of liquidating the foreign reserves which godfather Obasanjo left behind. Details


Improving Public Transportation Culture. By Anthony Akinola

The "Okada" culture, a culture of transporting humans and goods on motorcycles, does not belong in the future. A transformational government must find alternative jobs for these "commercial" motorcyclists. The Jonathan administration would have qualified as a transformational one if the suggestion re-stated here is accommodated in the larger agenda of improving public transportation in our society. Suffice it to say it requires imagination, boldness and determination to transform a public transportation culture that is as chaotic as ours. Transform, of course, we must! Details


Muslim North: Is Its Talibanization Feasible? By Abdullah Musa

When the political dribbling between the Muslim North and South came to an end, the North relinquished power to an Obasanjo. He set out to avenge the wrongs done to him personally, and to his tribe by the Northern Establishment. At the end of his eight-year tenure, he foisted upon the North, an ailing Yar’adua. We all know what happened: Jonathan Goodluck became President. When he sought to become a President on his own right, the nation split again along religious and geographic lines. Goodluck won; and the North is still hurting. Details


Insecurity: We Are The Victims… By Abdullah Musa

What we intend by the phrase ‘we are the victims’, is to go further to say ‘we do not know the actors’. This might sound ridiculous because already we have been told who the actors were: Boko Haram. But that is only just that: we were told. I do not know who Boko Haram members are. More tragic, I do not know what they want. But you may retort that we have also been told what they want; even from their name: Boko Haram. If I am to believe it, then it means existence for me has been forbidden, for I am already a product of the system; plus millions of other Nigerians in different walks of life. Details


Resolving The Boko Haram Challenge. By Okachikwu Dibia

In the Boko Haram’s case, a very dangerous dimension had been added to it: they enjoy overwhelming sympathizers across all strata of persons from the North including security officers. If not for these sympathizers, may be the Boko Haram fire may not have raged so fast and President Jonathan is not comfortable with this. So he has opted for dialogue with Boko Haram because this issue truly requires political solution. It was this option that made me remember my 2009 article. My basic idea in that article was that the government should have the political courage to sincerely discuss with the Boko Haram group, get what they actually wanted, present the government’s view, proffer solutions and reach a consensus. Details


Compulsory Post-Fuel Subsidy Reading: The President’s Little Black Book. By Aonduna Tondu

Nigeria would probably have been a much safer and better nation now, one that is unencumbered by the mindless shenanigans of a clueless, profligate and increasingly repressive band of “uncle tomist” tin gods, had we avoided the insouciance that greeted the revelation sometime last year regarding the existence of the sinister document.  It is unnerving that Nigerians keep making the same terrible mistakes while at the same time expecting wonderful outcomes. Details


PDP Boko Haram and Their 2015 Succession Politics. By Obinna Akukwe

Their strategy is to make the nation state unsafe, ungovernable for president Goodluck until he forgets his ambition of either a second term in office or the seven year tenure elongation plot. The PDP politicians in the North merely tolerated President Goodluck during the months and weeks to the presidential elections. There was so much funds to be shared in 2011 that they elected to stuff their pockets first before thinking of 2015.With hundreds of billions of naira used to purchase the northern PDP and with their pockets filled to the brim, they decided to start where they stopped. Where did they stop? Details


Matters Arising on Integrity in Our Polity. By Abdulwarees Solanke

Reforming Nigeria is a hydra-headed challenge, demanding a 360 Degree attention to reach our Canaan. We must acknowledge and respect the genuine agitations of many Nigerians on the future of our country but such agitations and expressions will be meaningless if the fundamental issue of evolving a national culture built on INTEGRITY. This should be our beacon as we engage ourselves in the subject of National Rebirth or Reform. Happily, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan has in his national broadcast of Monday, given an insight into what a New Nigeria will look like with the definitive actions he has outlined to cleanse the rot in our economy. Details


Moving Nigeria Beyond 2030. By Danlami Alh. Wushishi

When late Chief Anthony Enahoro moved the motion for Nigeria’s independence in 1960, he did that in the best interest of Nigerians without a feeling that come 2030 the country should part ways. Similarly, when Chief Obafemi Awolowo boarded train from Lagos to Kano to campaign for Action Group in NPC & NEPU dominated city, he had the spirit of unity at heart irrespective of Ethno-religious difference. When Sir Ahmadu Bello Sardauna of Sokoto chose to work with late Chief Sunday Awoniyi, it was for Religious tolerance. When Nnamdi Azikiwe agreed to serve as ceremonial Head of government, it was for peace and unity not to forget those that laid their lives during the Civil war so that the North and South will remain one. Details


Northerners’ Born-to-Rule Manifesto: ‘Them Are Fighting Words’. By Ahmed Garba

I deliberately chose an American informal/colloquial expression in the title of this article to demonstrate from the outset, how ridiculous it sounds to hear people, that is, some Southerner Nigerians make the comment that Northerners believe that they are ‘born to rule Nigeria’.

In the last couple of years in particular, a lot of us Northerners have become quite familiar with this remark that, especially the so-called Hausa/Fulani have arrogated to themselves, the right to rule Nigeria.  You could just see how the neck vein of the proponents of this belief swells to the size of a goiter as they launch into some eye-popping tirade when this subject comes up. Details


Planning Bovver and Communal Acrimonies in Nigeria. By Aminu F. Hamajoda

But in Nigeria livestock is continuously neglected in development plans. The neglect apparently stems from a parochial sentimental view that livestock and its attendant dairy production is the exclusive occupation of the Fulani people and hence the attendant hostilities and lack of an integral view of it as part of the nation's agricultural development. Presently none of the three tiers of government in the federation is posed to tackle the issue of pastoral nomadism despite the violent conflicts it generate because many, especially in the middle belt and the south, prefer ethnic and religious pathos to dictate their perception of the situation. Details


How old is Peter Esele? By Prof Anthony A. Kila

These Nigerians are generally dynamic, full of hopes; they are way ahead of their institutions and at par with their peers in the rest of the world. They communicate with email and their BB rather than with letters and fax. Like other young people around the globe, they use strange, (or is it just new?) languages and codes which many of us struggle to understand. They blog and chat and sell and buy and love and rejoice or grieve via face book and status profiles. Details


Nigerian Politicians United by Corruption: Nigerian Masses United by Football. By Obinna Akukwe

In Nigeria there is a gulf between the mindset of the average politician and that of the man on the streets. The average Nigerian is hardworking, enduring, resilient and honest in his endeavors. He is ready to assist other Nigerians in times of emergency, accidents, robbery, kidnappings, sickness and helplessness. The average Nigerian is optimistic that somehow something good will come out of the troubled polity. Like Abraham in the Bible, he believes that one day the promised child will arrive. However, since the promised emancipation of Nigeria has delayed, the Nigerian masses have taken to football as means of vitiating the negative socio-economic pressures plaguing the land. Details



Why Watch The North Kill Off Themselves. By Farouk Martins

We have not fully recovered from the civil war they fought looting banks, cities and villages crying they were fighting for Nigeria.  Out of over 160 million Nigerians, they think we cannot find young dedicated men and women out of all those they have corrupted, that know which way their Country should tow. The chaos and misery they created still lingers, they want to come back and splash their old useless carcass. Details


Gazing Into The Future For Nigeria. By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, PhD

Not much of good can be attached to Nigeria; yet, not yet the worst can be related to her. Let me talk about her people. For whom do I write? I think I write on behalf of the millions of Nigerians without either a voice or the means to articulate their grievances. But I am flummoxed quite often by the so contrary disposition of this constituency, contrary to my generous expectations. Details



MD Abubakar: A Radical Professional Officer to the Rescue. By  Sule Ya’u Sule

MD Abubakar has started well by laying down a Six-Point Reform Agenda with strong emphasis on improving Capacity and Accountability.  It is already winning him critical acclaim.  This is one time the successful implementation of Police Reform Programme is directly linked to the survival of the country, more so as the security situation in the country has created deep panic among the citizenry even as many victims of terrorism are trooping back to their home states. Details


Deconstructing Nigeria. By Emma Alozie

Nigeria by all indices of measurement is a great country. It is not every day you see over 160 million people with over 250 ethnic groups lumped in one place, with over 500 languages spoken. Being the sixth most populous country in the world is no mean feat. Like Bishop Kukah would say, no other country in the world has a 50-50 Christian Muslim population in the world and still live in relative harmony, but we do. Scarcely do you see countries rise from the ashes of a bloody civil war and still march on as if nothing happened. We are one of the few countries in the world that stand afar and extend our pity to others on account of natural disasters because we are insulated from the fury of nature despite our recklessness with nature. Details