Government Of National Unity: The Diaspora View. By  Attorney Aloy Ejimakor

As a robust participant in the different settings where this matter constituted the main issue of discourse, it seems to me that it is the general sense of Nigerians in Diaspora (or at least those living in the United States) that the invitation to join a multipartisan government should not be a ruse for enticing stalwarts of other parties to turncoat and undermine their party leaders. I concur. Even those with very evident PDP sympathies, and much love and admiration for President Details


Political Jobbers V. Technocrats. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

Poor Yar’Adua. He has to choose his cabinet from so many competing forces that his final list of candidates and then ministers will, after all is said and done, be a product of his own leaning. All the previous Governors and most of the former Ministers expected to tilt his cabinet’s boat have sunk without life jackets thus far. Details


U. S. Vs Opec: Does Charity Actually Begins At Home Or Abroad? By Ifeanyi Izeze

The ‘customer is always right’ mentality in United States congress’ move to declare the Organisation of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) illegal at best could be described as a potent mix of inspiration and western gimmick rather than the usual American arrogance. In a unanimous vote, the Congress on May 23, 2007 passed a bill which criminalizes the formation and operation of any cartel by oil producing countries. The bill: “No Oil Producing and Exporting Cartels Act of 2007” (NOPEC) provides for court action against the indicted countries in the U.S. and denies the “accused state” sovereign immunity.  Details


Values, Attitudes And Perception Of Education Of The Hausa/Fulani Society In Northern Nigeria. By Bello Umar Gusau (Ph.D)

The pre-colonial North is the shining North, both civilizational and intellectual. Our Islamic legacy bequeaths us the tools to shape our society in such a way that our intellectuals and rulers could be compared with those in Asiatic East such as china. Acquisition of knowledge is viewed as a religious duty and people are ready to travel to distant places for the sake of learning. The encroachment of the European colonizers effectively disturbs the equilibrium.  Details


Understanding The Public/ Private Partnership On Education. By Faruk Sani Esq.

The education reform was necessitated by the dilapidation of facilities, non-availability of critical equipment and monumental mismanagement of scarce resources in the nation’s Federal Government Colleges. The mismanagement has transcended the ordinary corruption known in Nigerian parlance that it requires a clinical surgeon to once again put the schools back on track. Details


Problems Of Election In Nigeria. By  Uwhejevwe-Togbolo Samuel

What is really wrong with Nigeria electioneering process is the wheel to be on power at all cost not minding the interest of the masses, every political party that is on power want to retain power for their selfish interest, while doing this, they map out strategies that will enable them to rig the election either by crook or hookDetails


Nigeria And The Imperatives Of The French Revolution. By Atâyi Babs Opaluwah

On the cultural plane, Nigeria, being an English-speaking nation surrounded by French speaking nations and constituting with them, a region on its way to integration, the need to learn French can only be compared to the necessity of learning English in France. Details



So, former VP Atiku Abubakar is in the States? By Nuhu Shuaib

The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission told us that there is no hiding place for ‘corrupt politicians’ who might want to flee the country to avoid arrest. The United States was the last place any corrupt politician would dream to go and hide. To EFCC, the deal had been concluded and everyone was waiting for that time when all corrupt politicians would be rounded up and made to vomit their loots. This has become an endless waiting game, a mirage so to say. Details


Nigeria:  Washing Our Dirty Linen in Public. By  Aliyu A. Ammani

In a typical northern setting, particularly within the Hausaland, any person vocal enough to stand in the mosque or in a public place to voice his views on issues, no matter how misinformed, quoting Quranic verses, no matter how out of place, is instantly regarded as a mallam or even a sheikh. And if he happens to be antagonistic towards the powers that be, he quickly win large following as a fearless and God fearing Mallam. Details


Buhari And Idiagbon: A Missed Opportunity For Nigeria. By Max Siollun

Those that felt that Buhari and Idiagbon were too “harsh” for imprisoning corrupt public officials, executing convicted drug dealers and armed robbers, should ask themselves whether they are proud of the fact that the average European cannot point out Nigeria’s location on a map, does not know its capital city, but “knows” that Nigeria is a country where corrupt people, drug dealers and other criminals come from. Details


Keeping Sub Standard And Carcinogenic Chinese Exports Out Of Nigeria. By Anthony Okosun

The whole developed world  is currently wildly alarmed by the gross incompetence and ineptitude demonstrated by Chinese manufacturers in the area of health fitness, quality and standards of virtually all Chinese exports. My personal worry is whether the relevant Nigerian authorities are paying proper necessary attention to this unfolding blizzard. Details

Why President Yar’Adua Should Cut Obasanjo Loose Now. By  Uche Nworah

President Umar Yar’Adua will be living in the Aso Rock fool’s paradise if he doesn’t already know that daggers are drawn, mines laid and traps set waiting for him to make one false move, these need not happen during the Ides of March, we are still in the month of July and March is still a long way far off.  Details


Testing Yar’adua’s Goodluck On Niger Delta. By Ifeanyi Izeze

Interestingly, from outward appearance, the recently constituted Federal Government’s Peace and Conflict Resolution Committee for the Niger Delta looks like a determined effort to find lasting peace in the states of the region. But that may just be where it would all end- an outward public relation show, at least for now. This fear is justified because the pattern of events clearly followed the previous sequenced-insincerity of Nigerian rulers including the Obasanjo’s anti-Niger Delta government. Details


Can People Democratic Party { PDP} Be Seen As A Catalyst For Participatory Progressive  Democracy In Nigeria?  By Benjamin Ogbebulu

Honest forward looking Nigerians are aware the international damage some unscrupulous elements among us abroad have committed and still committing but vast majority of Nigerians abroad are law abiding , hardworking and good ambassadors of our  country  and will continue to work in partnership with present government to move the nation forward. Details


Of Democratization, Democracy And Democratic Ethos. By Jide Ayobolu

It is not that we have dummies at the helm of affairs in Nigeria. In fact, some of our politicians went to the best schools around the globe. The much needed experience and expertise is not totally lacking. And, really they are very widely traveled. But the point is that, as soon as they land at the international airport in Nigeria, they seem to forget all good and nice things they learnt from abroad. The reason for this is not difficult to fathom. Details


What Is Yar’adua’s Administration Policy Direction On The Education Sector? By Jide Ayobolu

This question is very important because both President Umaru Yar’Adua and Vice President Jonathan Goodluck were at one time or the other in their lives teachers, so they must be at home with the issues in the education sector in the country. The question is also germane in view of the incessant strike by university lecturers as a way of drawing attention to the evident decay in the educational sector in the country. Details


In Jesus Name Plc And Fake Men Of God. By Jide Ayobolu

There are so many “men of God” who before starting their churches have no means of livelihood, they were a wretched lot, socio-economically they occupy the nadir position. They have tried all other areas but they find it extremely cumbersome to make ends meet. In fact, they were living from hand to mouth, begging from people in order to feed, but since, they venture into church business, not only can they now eke out a living, they have rapidly grown in heaps and bounds financially to the extent that, they now have to devise methods, means and strategies of sustaining the constant investment- “monetary flow” from the people. Details


What’s the Matter with Okey Ndibe. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

Since May 29, it’s been one grumble after another. What’s the problem with Okey Ndibe and his type of Nigerians? They are beginning to get on my nerves. What’s their problem? Don’t they have something better to do or write about? They now have a new slogan, a new catchphrase: Yar’Adua is too slow…he is a puppet…he is a poodle…he is not his own man. My goodness, what is the matter with all these critics, all these busybodies? The man has not even spent 100 days in office and they are bombarding him with suggestions, advises, roadmaps, uppercuts, suckerpunches, headbutts, elbowjams and all that. Details


The Many Myths and Mystics of Late Chief Obafemi Awolowo. By Francis Adewale

Why did Awolowo started out on an ethnic platform? The mystery will always remains with us. Why a so called intellectual giant should reduce himself to a Yoruba irredentist by giving voice to “Yoruba nationalist and tribal aspirations” will forever remain a puzzle for us. Each time I read about the very beginnings of Awolowo’s politics I shudder. Is Nigeria not worth fighting for. Details


Nigeria’s Unending Fuels Price Crises – Issues and Matters Arising (Part 1 of 5). By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

The events leading to the national strike debacle followed somewhat familiar pattern, style and scenarios, similar to all the previous national strikes against fuels price increases that took place in Nigeria from 1984 to date. For example, on May 27 2007, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo on the one hand, surreptitious announced and implemented the above-mentioned policy decisions. The decisions and actions were taken just two days to the May 29th 2007 handing over date that ends the eight straight years of his presidency. Details


Atiku's Exemplary Doggedness to Democracy, Good Governance. By Musa Ilallah

Nigerians, and in fact democrats all over the world now look on to Nigeria’s immediate former Vice President Atiku Abubakar as the only light  and living example of a true democrat in the African continent. Today, Atiku has been acknowledged to be a shining example and pillar of democracy and all it stands for. He has these last eight years proved that not all Nigerian politicians are self centred, treacherous, vindictive, murderous, 419ners and pen and electoral robbers among others. Details


Why Water Should be a Top Priority! By Joachim Ibeziako Ezeji

Dwindling household incomes have necessitated the rise in various small scale entrepreneurial activities in urban centers around the world especially the third world. Is it surprising why peri-urban centers or small towns have become ‘buffer’ zones to activities in urban centers? Besides other reasons, it offers a great role in land and water use for raw economic enterprises such as agriculture at a cheaper cost.



Celebrating America On Her Independence Anniversary. By Dr. Wumi Akintide

You can say all you want about America, if you will be honest to God, this country has done more for us than we could ever ask for. You sleep peacefully in your own home, turn on the tap and you find water, take a good bath, drive your brand new car to any where at any hour of the day without any fear you might be stopped on the High Way or with some armed robbers throwing some  heavy tires or wheels on your way to rob or snatch your car. You don't have armed robbers knocking your door at night or serving notice you should be ready for them and totally oblivious of your right to Police protection 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Details


Is Obasanjo Still Incharge Of Nigeria? By Hajiya Hafsat M. Zanna

It is today a known fact that Obasanjo has virtually taken over the leadership of the country from the country’s new President, Umaru Musa Yar’adua. If newspaper reports are anything to go by, Nigeria is today being rule by Yar’adua as a proxy President for Obasanjo. Details


Again: Obasanjo left His Boys in the Cold. By Kunle Sowunmi

Aremu Obasanjo just like he did in 1979, did not protect the jobs of the boys who helped to positively write his name in the good book when he left office, and most pathetic of them all was Malam Nuru Ribadu who out no where rewrote positively the name of this country through his complete dedication to honesty and performance and encouragement to the youths not to give up on Nigeria, he fought corruption to a point that Nigeria youth start believing again in Nigeria, today we are told his job is threatened and all the former rogues and governors are moving around in Nigeria and EFCC is becoming nothing but another toothless bulldog. Details


Ijaw Nation: The State of Affairs (Part 1 of 3). By Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

Go to any Nigerian university or institutions of higher learning where the head-of-department, the vice chancellor, the dean or admissions officer is a Yoruba and tell me if such a man or woman is not ringed by his ethnic compatriots. All the groups -- all the groups -- but the Ijaw understand ethnic politics, they are their “brothers keeper.”  Details


Babies Snatchers. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

If you want to hang a dog, you give it a bad name. If you want to derail a noble cause, turn them into baby snatchers. Isaac Boro and Ken Saro Wiwa must be turning in their graves wondering what a genuine cause to free their people has turned into. They were fighting the greed of the oil barons of Nigeria stake holders and international companies. These thugs are sinking their cause so low, their detractors are crying – I told you so. Details


Armchair Critics and the Unfair Attacks on Sule Lamido. By Adiata Adamu

When Sule Lamido the radical populist Leader of the PDP in Jigawa state was forcibly drafted once again to vie for the post of Governor of Jigawa the period truly signified a new dawn. That someone so colourful as Lamido who has practically given up on the sad and comatose state of his state's politics is again back in the fray. It is of great significance that he was to tango with some of his political sons yet again. Details


GNU Parley: Labour And Civil Society As Watchdogs. By Chudi Ikwueze, Ph.D.

First and foremost, government therefore must come to terms with the fact that none of the burning issues requiring urgent attention can be solved just by appointing few men to government positions. For instance, the appointment of Jonathan Goodluck to the position of Vice President of Nigeria was meant to appease the ethnic militias in the Niger Delta but that might not be enough to bring long lasting peace if the people of the area are left impoverished as hitherto. Details


Gasoline Transport Public Accidents: Towards Improved Safety Standards. By Baba El-Yakubu

Learning from the past is not enough. It is clear that Nigeria needs improved standards and more effective enforcement agents. There is a need to emphasize the differences between the safety issues in the workplace and in the public space. Basic safety standards and procedures require at least four components. Details


Public Assets Declaration: What President Yar'Adua Should Know. By Abdulrahman Muhammad Dan-Asabe, Ph.D.

Those who see the public assets declaration as a positive move do so because it reassures them of the generally held view of Mr. President’s personal image as a honest and sincere person. They also believe that the action is, perhaps, a sign of Mr. President’s resolve to fight corruption that has clogged the wheels of progress in Nigeria. However, due to past experience in the hands of dishonest leaders whose ‘YES’ means ‘NO’ (or ‘yes’ or ‘maybe’) (adapted from Laurence J. Brahm of “How to Negotiate a Deal in China”), some Nigerians have become highly skeptical of politicians’ public statements and, therefore, have become difficult to impress on a short term. These Nigerians wonder if Mr. President’s extra-ordinary action is necessary since the constitution makes assets declaration a private matter. This group argues that whatever is declared cannot be verified by anyone other than the President himself or his appointed agent Details


Yar’adua: Of Assets Declaration And Knowing The Source Of Such Wealthy. By Jide Ayobolu

Where did Umaru Musa Yar’Adua got all his money from? This is the question that readily comes to mind after he recently said that he is not a wealthy man, but he is worth about N 500 million. It would be recalled that in the assets declaration form he submitted to the Code of Conduct Bureau, the then newly elected governor’s worth totaled about N64 million. This included cash at hand, hard currencies in foreign accounts, shares in various companies as well as other property. And, in his own words he said very recently that, “my assets, all in all, any assets I don’t think they amount to more than half a billion naira”. Some how do we explain the sudden and quantum leap from N64 million to N500 million? Details


Nigerian Companies Organize Fake Promos. By Salihu Othman Isah

To recall, most Nigerians have always believed that the fantastic sweepstakes some companies offer as prizes in most of the promos are the too tempting and expensive to be true, and in some cases, winners have complained that their winnings don’t get redeemed in the final analysis. Details


Umar Yar’ Adua and the Nigerian Political Labyrinth. By Jideofor Adibe

There appears to be certain impatience in the land that President Umaru Shehu Yaradua is moving rather sluggishly.  There is a feeling that over thirty days into the life of the regime, what the President stands for in terms of actions, not speeches or platitudes remains unclear. While he has remained extremely conciliatory, courteous and urbane, saying the right things at the right places, there appears to be a certain lack of stamina for action. Details


Washington Consensus And The Nigerian Economy. By Jide Ayobolu

That the Nigerian economy is in tatters is merely stating the obvious. Though the figure from the Federal Office of Statistics said the inflation rate in the economy is 14.8 per cent, manifest empirical factors have made analysts dispute this figure, thus putting the real inflation rate at around 20 per cent. The assessed non-credibility of FOS figure could be understood, given government induced inflation hiking policies, which have made official pledge of single digit figure a mere glib talk. Given that inflation figures are arrived at from a basket of prices of various items, the incessant fuel price hikes alone, according to analysts have spin-off effects on the prices of virtually all products and services. Details


Mr. President It Pays To Be A Rogue Ex-Governor. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

It is ironic that EFCC with their experience, are now transferring Governors’ files to ICPC in the name of Operation HAWK, as if EFCC performed Operation DOVE. In the same manner, EFCC could not probe Ehindero because of the way Tafa Balogun was dealt with. Only the common men deserve humiliation, amputation and firing squad, abi? Who is fooling whom? Details


Foreign Policy Journal: Nigeria as a Failed State. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

Nigeria is a country living well below its potentials. It is a country that has managed to curb its people’s hope, aspirations and possibilities. It is a country that has failed to grant public goods such as security, public infrastructures, and an enabling environment for decent living. Any wonder then that -- save for the government of General Yakubu Gowon -- successive Nigerian governments have lacked legitimacy? At various times in the country’s history, government has generally been at war with its populace -- leading to a feeling of dissatisfaction and estrangement between the government and the people. Details


Shattered Dreams And Squandered Opportunities. By Jide Ayobolu

I still not understand the rationale behind the fuel price hike. I do not know why the President is working against himself. All the reasons put forward for the increases are not only meretricious but also superfluous and have scant regard for the socio-economic conditions of the masses of the country. Details


Kano: Developments Amid Resistance. By Kabiru Inuwa

Kano people need to embrace new line of thinking in the way they view issues. They need an attitudinal changes in thought and actions to reflect a new positive perspectives so that, the economic doldrums ravaging the state may be a things of the past. Enterprising and adventurous spirit with strong desire to take risk at all time should be their guiding principle. They should also try as much as possible to do away with pessimism, inertia and slow-motion in order to fast-track the revival of our economy.  Details


One Month Already: The Absence Of Credible Northern Voices Signals Yar’adua’s Continuing Humiliation By The Obasanjo Mob By Aonduna Tondu

One month is a long time in the life of a government. Even for a supposedly new regime like the current one of Umar Yar’Adua, a lot can be achieved in a space of four weeks provided the will and determination are there. Unfortunately, so far, what Nigerians have witnessed is a president incapacitated by indecision and an apparent  readiness to dither on critical national issues. Details


Of Yaradua, Colonialism And The Challenge For National Unity. By Francis Adewale

My conclusion here is straightforward, Yar’adua might be right that Nigeria political parties need to work together for the sake of national unity but the press is already working with the Nigeria government against national unity. Investigative journalism died in Nigeria during the military regime. There will be no united Nigeria if the press are not doing their job as the fourth estate of the realm. Details


Yar’adua’s Baptism. By  Yima Sen

But there were also good theses: One, that as a graduate, in fact a post-graduate intellectual, the trained power of analysis, reflection and reason would be an advantage; two, his good family grooming as the son of a disciplined and leading political leader, when politics was good, was a plus; three, as a progressive social democrat, he would govern for the masses; four, as a prudent manager of resources, Nigeria would see good governance; five, as a meticulous analyst and servant leader, Nigerians would not be bullied; six, with a corruption-free record in his life, he would properly check this great menace to national development. Details


Déjà Vu (1):  Where Have All The Radicals Gone? By Adebayo Adejare

I hope Nigeria does not end up in an endless cycle of misrule and endemic corruption inflicted by the same cabal either by the uniformed wing or the civilian. Unless President Umar Yar’Adua does something radical, drastic, and revolutionary in the Murtala Muhammed mode, and breaks the cycle there is trouble ahead.  Details


Petroleum Price Hike And VAT Increase: A PDP Device To Escape. By Yola Dawodu

Nigerians are not suffering from Amnesia, our retrieval cue is so active and sharp that we have not swallowed how the Bell University Ota project fund was raised, who owns major shares in Transnational Corporation (Transcorp) that is virtually buying all the properties owned by the public, the much lingered PTDF case that involved former number one and number two Heads of Government, of which the outcome of the past Senate investigation Panel did not see the light of the day, do we talk about the excesses from oil. All these and more are not yet swallowed let alone digesting them. Details


Of Nigerian Banks And Their Phoney World-Class Status. By Atâyi Babs

Reeling heavily under an attack of exaggerated success and self-importance, Central Bank of Nigeria Governor, Chukwuma Soludo declared recently that with over 3, 866 branches, a total asset base of N6.5 trillion, a definitive prospect of 7 banks hitting shareholders’ fund in excess of $1 billion, and over 10 of the banks attaining market capitalisation of over $2 billion by the end of the year, Nigeria’s 25 mega banks have achieved world-class  status in less than 3 years. He went further to add that “the CBN is poised to sustain and strengthen the new banking system, as it remains a key driver in the nation’s effort at becoming one of the 20 largest economies in the world by 2020”. This assertion and many others in like manner have become esoteric swansongs on the lips of our modern day Reformers who would never miss any opportunity to regale us with how their advent on our shores has secured our deposits in the banks, multiplied our investments, increased our access to funds and loans, and have further solidified our collective symbol of purchasing power (naira). Details


The New FRSC Corps Marshal As A Metaphor. By Ikechukwu A. Ogu

The Osita Chidoka I knew at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka exhibited commendable leadership potentials as a student. He was a prominent students’ union activist and the traditional ruler of Kenneth Dike Hall, noted for the reasoned, factual and forceful way he presents his opinions. By dint of what I know of him as my university mate and what I have read about him, I am strongly convinced that, if supported, Chidoka will succeed in his new assignment. Let us support him. Details


What Sullivan Chime Should Do. By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

What name can any one give to this kind of depressing situation? Yet, that is not all. The list is benumbing. The last time I enquired, and that was last weekend, workers at the Enugu State Transport Company (ENTRACO) topped this list of shame and agony with about eighteen months unpaid salaries; Enugu State Broadcasting Service (ESBS), about seven months; Enugu State Library Board, not less than nine months; Enugu State Council for Arts and Culture, about nine Details


The Dishonourable Marks Of David. By Jide Ayobolu

It will be recalled that David Mark as the minister of communication said rather flippantly that, phones were not meant for the poor and the downtrodden in the society. To him phones should only be used by affluent and influential in the society. Therefore, if he has his way the poor will be poor and the rich will be richer. Details


Towards a New Kebbi Agenda. By Abdullahi Usman

Indeed, many of our compatriots had hoped that the 2007 elections would provide a perfect opportunity to do away with what they viewed as the old political order and enthrone an entirely new one that would offer us a better chance of meeting the collective yearnings and aspirations of our people. This hope was, however, dealt a mortal blow when a certain Chief Olusegun Obasanjo from far away Ogun State, decided that it was his singular responsibility as the undisputed ‘National Leader’ and BOT Chairman of his party to interfere in the politics of my state and determine on our behalf who our leaders and representatives should be. Details


There May Be Trouble Ahead. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

“Dear brother, just pray for Naija. General strike looms; new state governors are meeting empty treasuries; the fleeing governors are coming back one by one, including Atiku, and they are plea-bargaining with the EFCC; EFCC is a bit weak now that OBJ has gone; many ex-governors now looking for ministerial positions; OBJ not happy with the choice of Kingibe as Secretary to the Federal Government; Senators are planning to remove David Mark (new Senate President) who is accused of being very corrupt; Peter Obi is back in Anambra State government house, while Ladoja of Oyo State lost at the Supreme Court because the man had foolishly paid himself all his salary, expenses and Security Vote arrears for the eleven months whilst he was out of government; Niger Delta celebrates the release of Asari-Dokubo; Ekiti State in crisis due to equal number of legislators in the House of Assembly  - 13 to PDP, 13 to AC; Akala of Oyo State cancelled local Government elections done by his predecessor, Ladoja, five days before his exit, but the case is still in court; Akala has had the indictment against him quashed by a judge from his home town, whom he reinstated as the Acting Chief Judge of the state; Adedibu set to control Oyo State treasury from his Molete fortress; political killings here and there; God dey”. Details


National Unity Government May Be Good On Face Value, But It Cannot Save Nigeria! By Dr. Wunmi Akintide 

It has been widely reported in newspapers and on the Internet that the US has recently cut down or considerably reduced her more than 100 million subvention to the so-called democratic reforms by the defunct Obasanjo Government. Our new President has been under so much pressure and embarrassment of sorts in every trip he has made since his inauguration, that he now has no choice than to publicly admit that his victory lacked legitimacy because the elections, including, his were blatantly rigged across the country. That is the truth that nobody can deny. Details


The Wounded North and Yar'adua Presidency. By Zayyad I. Muhammad

On May 29th 2007, power symbolically shifted to northern Nigeria; however the region is still nursing the wounds it sustained in the last eight years.  The north was relegated to the backseat within the economy, the public service, oil sector. It also lost ground in positions, commands and authority within the military, security agencies and corridors of real political power. Details


Re: Feedback And Comments To “The Illusions And Delusions Of Nigerians In Diaspora” – Author’s Reply. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

Again, my article was not intended to force people to go back home, or to castigate those who do not have any wish to return to their motherland. I was only trying as much as I could to highlight the advantages of going back to Nigeria to help make it a better place for us, and for our generations to come. There will be problems of course, but we should be ready for such problems and tackle them when they  come up. Details


The Problem with African Men. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

It is a shame that, collectively, women have yet to realize three general facts about men: throw a man out of the house and he will go to pieces; deny him sex and will pout and pout and pout; deny him food and he will whine like a baby. To challenge a man’s mentality, disposition and worldview is akin to castrating him. Details


The End of an Era and a New Dawn in Bauchi State. By Ahmed Hashem

Many people especially outsiders would argue that, the former Governor had done well in areas of road construction, Education, Rural development etc, but my position had always been  that, developing a state or any community for that matter involved human capital development, empowerment, decency, respect for the fellows especially elders. lot has been said at how Muazu embarrassed several people including Emirs and Nadada Umar (Secretary to the State Government and letter Gubernatorial candidate) at various times and in some cases in full public glare! That is not good enough coming from a leader and a decent person. Details


Ogoniland, Shell and Rev. Fr. Kukah. By Maxwell James

Rev.Fr. Kukah is a progressive voice in Nigeria judging from his activities as the past Secretary General of the Catholic Secretariat, an ace columnist in the Guardian newspaper, a great public speaker. One remembers vividly how he tongue lashed northern senators in Minna the Niger state capital in the last dispensation on their quest for a Nigerian president of northern extraction with particular emphasis on the erroneous and general belief that a northern president must be a Muslim.Details


Governor Donald Duke: Saint Or Sinner? By Fredrick Osari

Recently (June 2006), the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), through its Executive Chairman, Mr. Nuhu Ribadu, presented its report to the National Assembly; the report has indicted 31 governors in Nigeria on allegations of corruption. The said report has raised more questions than answers in Cross River State, in particular, where daily discussions have been proceeding about the “clean bill” of health pronounced for the Governor, Mr. Donald Duke. Details


Yar'Adua: Tomorrow Begins Today. By Atâyi Babs Opaluwah

Furthermore, Yar’Adua can save Nigerians and himself from unmitigated stress and difficulties by taking a cue from the Chinese example. In the absence of petroleum in China, with a population of over 1.5 billion, the people make do with effective production of an efficient system of energy production notably Biogas. Details


Value of a Nation. By Abdullah Musa

Today Nigeria has many sons who believe, and in some cases the belief is shared by other citizens, that they are senior citizens, those who are supposed to see the big picture. But recent happenings seem to suggest that if there is any big picture which they see, it is that of their own ego. Details


Segun Adeniyi, Let us Suffer in Peace. By  Moses Ochonu

I realize that Olusegun Adeniyi, President Yar’Adua’s Special Assistant on Communication, has a job to do as spokesperson of a beleaguered and unsure presidency. It’s difficult enough to be a paid defender of a government minted by a fraudulent election. Details


‘Yar’adua: The Face of Hope By Aliyu A. Ammani

This write-up is a clarion call to all Nigerians, to rally round President ‘Yar’adua, and give him the necessary support, for indeed the Servant-Leader will take us to the Promised Land. The just concluded nationwide strike is a testimony of ‘Yar’adua’s Marxist labour friendly disposition.Details


President Yar Adua’s Ministerial Choices: – Following “The Sarkozy Strategy”? By Dan Azumi Kofarmata

It has been noted by political watchers that, President Yar Adua has a reputation of one who likes to listen and react to policy issues very slowly and cautiously. This raises many concerns in the polity that is used to the with “immediate effect syndrome” militaristic mentality of the past. Therefore, what would impress Nigerians and the international community from President Yar Adua would be a statesmanlike push to calm down the aggrieved electorates and opposition politicians. Details


In Defense of Okiro's Appointment as Acting Inspector-General of Police. By Uche R. Madu

As for DIG Ogbonnaya Onovo, I advise you not to despair. Igbos are happy with the gains your rank and position in the Nigeria police represent. Stay put and do not succumb to the temptation of resigning your commission. Details


Beyond Asari Dokubo: Anatomy of the New Armed Struggle in Niger-Delta. By Senior Fyneface

When an expatriate friend of mine described government policy as the act of “using big sounding grammar to explain stupid decisions”, he was not very far from the truth. How else can anybody explain the left-handed decision of the former president, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and his cronies in governments of some Niger Delta states particularly Rivers State to corn Asari Dokubo into detention? That singular miscalculation produced the near- state of anarchy and arms proliferation in the region. Details


Let Ndiigbo Celebrate Mike Okiro’s Appointment. By Ubanese Nwanganga

Therefore, let Ndiigbo roll out the drums and celebrate Mike Okiro. He has achieved what no other Igboman before him had achieved in the Nigerian police force. We are proud of him. Besides, our people say that when a man loses something, which eventually goes to his relative the man has lost nothing. While we may not be happy with the way Onovo was treated we are more than compensated by Okiro’s appointment. Details


INEC’s Many Abuses of Rule of Law. By Mohammed Ado

I wish to seek your indulgence to use your medium to comment on some critical issues that seem to contiunuosly potray the name of our Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC in bad light. If the ruling of Justi ce Anwurui Chikere of the Federal High Court in Abuja of June 12, 2007 was anything to go by, Nigeria’s national electoral body, INEC under the myopic, lawless and bad leadership of Professor Maurice Iwu, should ideally be one of our country’s top most respecter of due process, justice, the rule of law, honouring contractual obligations and quality leadership. Details


Who is Congratulating Iwu? By Joachim Ibeziako Ezeji

Having bungled the 2007 elections and aborting the freewill of the Nigerian people, one would have expected Iwu to show immense remorse, resign and profusely apologize to Nigerians. Instead of doing just that what we see is paid advertorials from both veiled and proxy groups congratulating Prof Iwu for his dis-service to Nigerians. Details


Religion, Politics & Nigeria's National Unity. By  Paul I. Adujie

Nigerians in my experience, have in the past been united by grief, tragedies and catastrophes. I remember how Nigerians from every conceivable religion, region and ethnic backgrounds, rallied and united in sympathies and commiserations with fellow Nigerians in Bakolori, Sokoto State, as Bakolori farmers, during President Shagari's administration, had become victims of government's forceful actions, against these Nigerian farmers who had resisted the confiscation of their lands for a federal project Details


Reverse Migration: Time To Go Home. By Akintokunbo Adejumo

Nigerians have a kind of wanderlust – the love of travelling. Even in hard times, check the airlines, they are always packed full of Nigerian travellers. During Abacha’s time when he banned British Airways from operating in Nigeria, British Airways suffered.... So what do we give back to an “ungrateful” country, some people might ask? Make it a better place for all Nigerians, is the simple answer. Details