Nigeria: Who Speaks for the People? By Habu Dauda

I was privileged to visit our dear country for two weeks this past September. What I met in my daily efforts to replicate what most citizens of the world take for granted is a gargantuan obstacle course that can put the most strongest amongst us to the brink. It is truly a wonder that Nigerians have been found to be the happiest people on this planet. Details


Lives On Our Roads: In The Hands Of Our Vulture Class. By Farouk Martins

People ask all the time why black people are so wicked to one another. If we can not love, give and take, and respect our precious lives, how can anyone that we claim we are related to outside our continent respect us? Details


Governor Yarima and his Many Blunders. By  Abdullahi Mohammed

These days when I hear governor Yarima of zamfara state crying wolf over EFCC’S investigation of zamfara State officials and some of his cronies, I almost laugh myself out. Weird things happen in this world indeed. Details


Sex Education and the Degeneration of Culture. By Mohammed Bala

Western culture, where a child says to his dad or mom, " you are lying, dad!" while in the cause of a discussion, cannot be accepted by any decent African man that has been breast fed and humbly brought up by two decent and reputable parents. It should also be understood, that our culture has never been the same with that of the advanced countries where our children are falling on one another to reach. Details



CONGO D.R.  WILL “Get Up and Walk”  LK 5:23. By Dr. Roger K. Asani

Organizing credible elections in a country without confirmed democratic traditions; a land as vast as Western Europe was a daunting task.  DRC being hopelessly broke both politically and financially, unexpected help forced itself in from an unexpected source. Details


EFCC On Bafarawa: Verdict Long Expected. By Gatawa Bagobiri

The appearance on 27th September 2006 of the Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Malam Nuhu Ribadu before our distinguished Senators provided Nigerians the golden opportunity to know the grade each of our State governors scored in Public Resource Management and Prudence Examination the Commission has been conducting on them.  Until then, Nigerians were simply either praising or condemning their respective State Governors, with no clearly defined yardsticks of measuring their performance and accountability. Details


EFCC: A Willing Tool in the Hands of OBJ to Cower the Opposition. By Ladi Ladan

The Nuhu Ribadu-led EFCC has been in existence for over 3 years now. Though it has recorded some successes in the fight against corruption, but the questions are: Why is the commission being used to over heat the polity by indicting almost 90 percent of the political office holders or contenders? Details


Ribadu, Charge Obasanjo and the Fraudulent State Governors with Obstruction of Justice. By Usman Yerima

I hope Chairman Ribadu stays the course, but remain vigilant because the minute Obasanjo begins to critic a staff or someone that he appointed into a key office, and that individual is diligently doing his/her job right, it soon becomes a problem for Obasanjo, and that individual is removed thereafter. Details


Nuhu Ribadu: Anti-Corruption Czar Or Obasanjo’s Hunting Dog? By Babayola Toungo

I have always thought Atiku to be the crooked one of the presidential pair.  I was of the mistaken belief that Atiku was the armed robber and Obasanjo the pick-pocket.  Now I know better, so am using this medium to apologise to Atiku for mistaking him to be his boss’s alter ego. Details


Our Children Are Begging For Heroes. By Farouk Martins

The EFCC, that has been labeled “selective”; now risk being tarnished unless they go all out against all sides, no matter what. It is even more important to see whose side the majority of Nigerians will tow. Details


Nigeria At 46: The Challenges Of Leadership. By  Garba A. Isa

On the final analysis therefore, much as one may be disappointed with the performance of our nation building process in the last 46 years, we must admit that some modest gains were made nevertheless. The power sector though is  still off the mark, NEPA (Never expect power always) has consumed billions of Naira without appreciable response and is now replaced by PHCN (Problem Has Changed Name). Details


Nigerian Aviation Sector: Why Not a ‘TQM’ Approach? By Zayyad I. Muhammad

 The idea of a Total Quality Management (TQM) approach in reforming our aviation industry is an attempt at suggesting a Management Science or simply an Operational Research technique in proffering a solution to the protracted decay in the aviation industry, or simply, this is an attempt at offering another ‘outsider’ alternative solution from numerous best solutions that expert in the aviation industry would put forward to the decision makers in the industry. Details


FCT At Thirty: The Fulfilling Of A Dream. By Daniel Idonor

There have been so much re-doubled efforts to ensure that the dreams of our founding peers, you know, do not go down the drain with the reclamation of the Abuja master plan; in making sure that every structure is in its right place so as to protect life and property, as well as the environment, in the FCT. Details


The current situation is scaring individuals like Alhaji Ahmed Aruwa and many others from running football club business whereas people like Roman Abrahamovich were busy buying clubs like Chelsea, spending close to $800 million on the team. Details


Governor. Donald Duke and the Tinapa Project: Waste of resources? By Usman Yerima

Quite honestly I would like to see Duke run and be elected President not because I think he has done a fantastic job, but simply because he is not IBB, Atiku, Buhari, Marwa, or any of the familiar old guards. Duke is a different generation politician, and I desperately would like to see change. This is why I would like to see a candidate like Donald Duke succeed. Details



On the endorsement of Peter Odili by Cardinal Okogie. By Nuhu Shuaib

It is rather unfortunate that after eight years of governance, the most visible achievement of Odili’s administration that readily comes to mind is the newly constructed State House of Assembly and the Government House. Details


Save the Lives of Trees and Desertification in the North. By Shehu Othman Shehu

It is evident that everyday that passes by Nigeria loses about 958 meters of her total land area permanently to the desert. This shows that Nigeria is losing as much as 0.6 kilometer of her National land every year. Are we going to sit down and look at the land swept away by the desertification? Details


Nigeria’s Last Virgins! By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

The point we must note is that what these teachings have done, and are still doing, is to excite immoral curiosities in those kids and push them into more dangerous adventures. Try and interview the teachers who teach this vile subject and be shocked by their narration of the vulgar excitement it produces in the nine and ten year-old babies on whom it is presently being inflicted. Details


Freedom of Information and Political Disclosure. By  Yushau A. Shuaib

While the Freedom of Information (FOI) Bill is lying fallow somehow, the nation wakes to note free and unsolicited full disclosures on political and financial state of affairs from the powerful public offices in Nigeria through the media. Details


Who Is Scared Of Transcorp’s Purchase Of NITEL? By Ajayi Olatunji Olowo

The problem of corruption in Nigeria is not new but high profile corruption is growing in leaps and bounds as recent events in the society show. Sadly, after years of independence Nigerians (leaders and followers) still believe that public money belongs to the “white man” and therefore should be looted by any person who has access to it. Details


EFCC Is an Imperfect Good. By Michael Oluwagbemi

Moreover if the EFCC is perpetrating vendetta, so be it. It is a necessary evil that might as well come back to hunt the perpetrators. It is OBJ’s EFCC today, it will be someone else’s tomorrow Details


General Buhari is the most self-effacing, humble and easygoing person with military background I have ever seen. He is different from the general run of haughty, crafty and avaricious Nigerian generals. Details

This Incessant Affront Must Cease. By Saliu Iyanda is however imperative to underscore the fact that, even though the EFCC purported to be investigating matters involving Congressman Jefferson, as they relate to Nigeria, the report contains almost no reference whatsoever to the said Congressman. Details


The Conflict of Greed and Vendetta. By Anthony A. Akinola

The sceptical observer of Nigerian politics would not be too impressed with President Obasanjo’s determination to get his deputy done for corruption, even though an accusation of corruption is one serious offence which must not be swept under the carpet. The sceptic will point to the fact that the relationship between Atiku and his boss has been anything but cordial. Details


Corruption: Need For A Radical Workers’ Party. By Kola Ibrahim

Well meaning people have called several times on the EFCC to probe the N17 billion Library Project of the president, which it has refused to do. Now, it has been revealed how politicians, banks and the so-called entrepreneurs have diverted public fund, meant for public good for selfish end. Details


Why Is Bodunde Adeyanju On The Run? By Saliu Iyanda

By the way, who is Bodunde Adeyanju? He is the very special assistant to President Olusegun Obasanjo who helped the president to collect and disburse monies from the controversial MOFAS and Marine Float Accounts, which both the warped EFCC report and kangaroo deliberately refused to reflect in there doctored report. Details


AIT’S Professional Misconduct. By Saliu Iyanda

There is nothing professional at all about AIT; the staff are not well trained, the programmes are not well coordinated, it is a media house that was hurriedly put together, it started big and its shrinking by the day Details



NNPC/PTDF: More Serious Matters Arising. By Senior Fyneface

Borrowing from a press statement issued by the President’s camp; it is a great mistake to think that “making false and baseless allegations against others is no defense for those against whom damning evidence of wrongdoing has been established”. Obviously, the evidence in the way and manner the NNPC has been ran since 1999 by the reigning minister of petroleum is really damning. Details


This King Is  Stark Naked. By Aonduna Tondu

In the same vein, it is absurd to claim that the vice-president is showing disrespect for the presidency in his response to the unwarranted humiliations Obasanjo has been inflicting on him in the last few years. Obasanjo further debases the Nigerian presidency with his crude hounding of the vice-president. Details


Bayelsa And The Canonisation Of Profligacy. By Atâyi Babs

Oil rich Bayelsa, the glory of all lands, has gone through a most excruciating journey for the past 9 years in the hands of renegade-leaders who have only succeeded in perpetrating infrastructural decay and backwardness, thus presenting her as a standing example of an institutional irony, and can ill-afford, the speeding antics of a snail, in its destined march to greatness. Details


Is Transcorp Doomed For Extinction? By Alhaji Abdallah Mailafia Shaibu

It is a truism that a house not built on solid foundation is destined to collapse. This is a fact. You don't need any building engineer to tell you this. The same goes for companies that are not formed with genuine intention. The formation of the mega company tagged Transcorp was trailed with a lot of controversies, a wuru-wuru to the answer kind of. Details


The Internet: A Tool for Positive Politicking. By Tayo Agunbiade

Does the Nigerian polity already heaving under the weight of violence and several cases of murder need more tension piled on by the likes of elendureports? One understands that the original motives for the creation of the website were noble. But the consistent attack on Governor Daniel gives the impression that elendureports is interested in something other than investigative journalism. Details


2007  The South South Nigerian President the North Desires By Mohammed Baba Mustapha

From a modest beginning after taking oath of office in May 1999, Governor Donald Duke with the tacit support of his amiable wife, Onari backed by divine power and wisdom has been able to transform Cross River State from nowhere to a model state that can stand its own globally. Details


To the Atikus Amongst Us. By Usman Yerima

Atiku is a damn criminal and should be thrown in jail. In most normal societies, he would be lucky if the Justice department offered him a sentencing deal of 25 to life in prison given how dirty he is. Obasanjo in my view, is just as dirty, so let's call a spade a spade here. It is pointless to present Atiku as a victim when indeed the crook is a humongous criminal and part of the disaster that Nigeria has become in recent years. Details


The Story of Shekarau’s Foreign Accounts. By Jaafar Jaafar

It will amaze Kano people (the small group who are still under the spell of a phenomenon called Shekarau would be more surprised) to know that one M.I. Shekarau, a Nigerian (could it be our governor?), has a classified National Westminster Bank Plc., account with a whopping deposit of £4,512,269.59 with the account number: 4113242. National Westminster Bank Plc is at Level 7 Phase 2, Rentioville Road, London, N1 9h1, England. Details


The Role Of Youth In Ensuring The Political Security Of The Nation. By Comrade Abdullahi Yalwa

In Nigeria, we are quite familiar with conflicts which according to Dr. Garba Ibrahim (2002) is an integral part of human society but noted violent conflict as avoidable. The nation fought a destructive civil war (violent conflict) between 1967 and 1970; of recent there have been several cases of intra and inter group conflicts of different types and dimensions – Umaru A. pate, 2002. Details


Authority Stealing. By Isaac Ehikioya

Now that the two men who have presided over the affairs of the nation for the past seven years have decided to open a window into how they managed our finances and by extension our lives, and we do not like the little we have seen and heard, what do we do about them and the structure that allowed them to do what they did? Details


Bayelsa: Hysteria Not the Solution. By Maxwell James

Selfish considerations, conflicting sentiments and mad quest for 2007 have blurred the real issues. Very few persons are talking about what went wrong, where the Government went wrong, how the Government can sensibly addressed the error (if any) and resolved them in way acceptable to all. Details


Financing Quality Basic Education in Nigeria. By Otive Igbuzor, Ph.D.

here is an urgent need to address the issues of remuneration, research, university autonomy and academic freedom in Nigerian tertiary institutions. Concrete programmes are required to tap into the resources, networks and opportunities that can be created by those who have left the country. Details


A Review of Niger Delta Human Development Report By Otive Igbuzor, Ph.D.

In Nigeria, the challenges of development of the Niger Delta dates back to the colonial times and efforts to deal with the problem also dates back to that period. Details


2007 Presidency: Atiku Is Qualified To Contest. By Jide Ayobolu

Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, the vice president of the federal of Nigeria, is not only eminently qualified to be the president of Nigeria, he has every right to contest for the highest office in the land. The EFCC report and the report of the kangaroo administrative panel set up by president Obasanjo to indict vice president Atiku Abubakar did not do a very tidy and thorough job that the president wanted them to do. Details


Atiku/Obasanjo Face-Off: Time For PTDF To Speak On ETB/TIB Deposits. By Senior Fyneface

There cannot be a case of embezzlement when no single kobo of the PTDF money in question was lost. The interest that accrued from the deposit was said to have been paid in full to the agency. What is left now to settle this rift is for PTDF to say that the entire or part of its money deposited in the two banks were lost or is yet to be recovered and that the agency has not said. Details


I Am In Love With Nigeria. By Abubakar Adamu

I fell out of love with Nigeria because I do not understand Nigeria anymore. As with a relationship, the tensions and lack of emotional support drove us apart. We separated and I moved out, but no day passes without me not thinking of Nigeria and the love and the good times we had shared. Details


Purported Indictment Of Vice-President Atiku Abubakar: Options Before The National Assembly. By Maigari Danlami Sabo

Psychologists have found out that, a person may attack another person for any four motives namely, vengeance, power, money or purpose of deriving joy in inflicting injury to the other person. In the case of President Obasanjo, it is quite glaring that all the above four motives apply to him which he dovetailed into one pursuit, to stop his Vice-President Details


The Critical Encounter Of The Conspiracy-Whose Fault? By Sylvester I. Ukusare, Esq.

Conclusively, the idea of interim government should not be given a second thought, if not, it will be the signal to another military intervention after almost 8 years to democratic experimentation in the country. Although, Nigerians hated military rule. Details


Crises Presidency and the Media. By Muhammad Al-Ghazali

The net effect, I dare to add, is that as things stand today, the institution of the presidency has never been more diminished in stature and prestige. Along the way, Nigerians were not only being taken for absolute idiots, our leaders have also demystified their offices in the eyes of the world. Details


To The Atikus Amongst Us. By Babayola Toungo

My heart bleeds (apologies to Nnia Nwodo) for Atiku Abubakar, the Vice President.  I weep for him and truly feel pity for the man who once thought he was untouchable.  I weep for him because of the way his principal, Olusegun Obasanjo presents him as an ordinary thief and a felon to Nigerians and the international community. Details


Justice According to the Vindictive Witch of Aso Rock. By  Spinoza

Justice demands equity because without equity there is no remedy and without remedy there will be no justice. If Atiku is corrupt, so is your messiah. If your messiah is corrupt, so are his children, wives, concubines, Ahmadu Ali, Chris Uba, Adedibu, Anenih, and thousands of his men in SSS and police forces. Justice requires that the laws of Nigeria be equitably applied to them all. If you must prosecute Atiku, you must prosecute them all. Details


Transcorp: Still On Obasanjo’s Opaque Transparency Campaign. By Senior Fyneface

The  announcement that President Olusegun Obasanjo’s  has ordered a divestment of his 220 million directly purchased equity shares in Transnational Corporation (Transcorp) deserves celebration especially as it confirms that the president actually had direct personal involvement in the organisation whether in blind arrangement or with his eyes fully opened. Details


Still On Niger Delta. By Kola Ibrahim

Therefore, if $1.5 billion is given to the Niger Delta states by the Shell, it cannot solve the problems of the area. The problems of the area as much as they are environmental and economic, they are also political. In as much as imperialism through multi-national vampires along with their corrupt stooges in the corridors of power continue to control the economy and politics of the country, no meaningful development can happen to the Niger Delta areas or the whole country. Details


Nigerian Students And  The Challenge Of Tommorow. By  Adegbenro  Adebanjo

Time was when the Nigerian Students proudly held successive governments accountable through incisive pieces in newspapers; open debate and when necessary street protests, that were carried out in very civilised manner. I remember with nostalgia the efforts of the indefatigable Segun Okeowo who in 1978 led the then National Union of Nigerian Students in a struggle against the educational policies of the Military Regime.   The students fought on all fronts and brought education to the front burner of national discourse.Details


On Retrenchment: Punch You Are Wrong. By Kola Ibrahim

According to them, workers consume about 80% of the government funds and thus need to be pruned to allow for other capital projects to be done by the government. This they said would pay the workers because they also will enjoy from the resources provided by these projects, aside the emolument they will get from their disengagement from active service. This view to say the least lack some veneer of intellectualism. Details


Political Fighting/False Accusation Against Obasanjo, Strategy to Cover Loot. By Akwaba Chamber

Although, President Obasanjo as a human being, is not perfect but he is very disciple and knowledgeable to know Atiku’s deceitful abilities and capable of  avoiding doing  transaction with him, based with his Military background and life experince. Details


Odua-Nation, Is the Greater Destroyer of Nigeria-State. By Carlisle U.O. Umunnah

I strongly believe irrespective of the foregoing respectable personalities, and my friends of Yoruba extraction, that ninety-Nine [99%] percent of Odua-State, has contributed more than any other nations-states inside Nigeria-State in the destruction Nigeria suffers today. I would like to back it up with the following track records: Details


Atikulating Obasanjo’s Renewed Third Term Agenda. By Senior Fyneface

Nigeria is one interesting country where anything goes and it is taken as one of those things. The entire process  is not only laughable but could best be described as a sterile endeavour. If not how can one describe the controversial administrative panel report which is like  a husband and wife recruiting their children into a panel to try a neighbour of their’s and then call the entire community to discuss the recommendations made. Details


Conflict Of Interest And Escapism...The Obasanjo/Atiku Example. By Prince Charles Dickson

In today's Nigeria despite all the talk of a transparent business environment which off course exists only on paper, the two fighting men have several business interests in form of partnerships, board memberships, investments, government contracts, shareholdings whether blind, deaf or dumb. In fact, Nigeria is run by our leaders, in a manner of for them by them and them only, so when critically examined, the present saga of the PTDF has a doze of assets being manipulated by the President and his Vice either with each others knowledge or without. The return of the Dariye loot by Atiku and the claim by Obasanjo that he did not participate but simply loaned or is it now gave his Vice money to do a refund smacks of sharing of liabilities and debts by the two men. Details


OBJ and Atiku should be Impeached. By Michael Oluwagbemi

Each time I write about the feud between the Vice President and his boss, I always have the feeling of being locked in the midst of two thieves engaged in a battle over the sharing of their illicit loots. How can you support an evidently corrupt Atiku without looking complicit in his battle against a power and yes, money hungry Obasanjo?  Details


The Vatsa Story. By Chris Ajaero


But Vatsa denied being a party to the coup plot. He admitted that when he returned from Mecca and Bitiyong visited him and informed him of a possible coup plot, he told him that he had "thought something like that would happen and he warned the authorities." He refused to name any person. Vatsa said the N10,000 he gave to Bitiyong was a loan to assist him in harvesting his farm crops. He denied asking Buhari to remove Babangida as Chief of Army Staff when he was Head of State as Bitiyong alleged. Details


Chairman Ribadu: Probing The Dead And The Living. By  Victor E. Dike

The story of Nigeria is, more often than not, a chronicle of struggles to deal with recurring home-grown problems. One must submit that the area in the domestic politics that has received considerable attention lately is the 2007 elections, EFCC and corruption. Some people are questioning the constitutionality of the proposed involvement of the commission in screening the gods for the 2007 elections. Why are they complaining if they have nothing to hide? With their intoxicating political power Details


Matters Arising- EFCC & The Vice President. By Baba Ibrahim

The report on the investigation into the affairs of the VP by the EFCC, which the VP is accused of abusing his office, is always explained away that the investigation is at the in stance of the US Federal Bureau of Investigation. This report goes on to indict the Vice President Atiku Abubakar and also Mohammed Babangida (Albeit His father former Head of State Gen. Ibrahim Babangida. All of them contenders to the throne come May 2007. Talk about shooting from the hip or is it killing two birds with one stone? Details


Addressing the Democratic Deficit in Nigeria: Can the Human Right to Political Participation be Emancipatory? By  Oche Onazi

In spite of these inherent ideological difficulties, the human right to political participation does provide a site for liberating Nigerian ‘subalterns’ from formal elitist democratic practices. Whilst it is appreciated that the Nigerian context is rather complex and beyond single solutions, the petitioning mechanism under the Optional Protocol provides an alternative for developing an expansive understanding and practice of democracy. Details


Restoring Sanity in Nigeria’s University Education. By  Victor E. Dike

Granted that the nation’s university should be staffed by competent and highly educated professors, but the policy of hiring only Ph.Ds for teaching position may be counterproductive. Thus experienced career professionals (and gifted individual with passion for education and teaching) with good quality education at a graduate level (Masters Degree) could teach undergraduate classes at the university level in the area of specialty. Details


Advice To Ribadu: Be Sincere Firm  Fairand Steadfast. By Babandi Gumel

From the time Malam Nuhu Ribadu with his Commission stood up firm without fear or favour working tirelessly to bring all the known culprits to justice so many Nigerians or I can say majority of the populace came out in favour of the work of his Commission while the rest most of them suspected to have committed some economic crimes against our beloved Nation are working seriously to derail the effort of Malam Ribadu and his enviable Commission.  Details


Obasanjo/Atiku Face-Off-: PDP’s Final Burial Ceremony. By Senior Fyneface

However, as the events unfold, it is becoming clear that even from the EFCC’s report which prompted the administrative panel against the Vice President both the President and the PDP goofed in strategy and they have to dearly pay for the mistake. But it is good for Nigerians and the nation’s democratic experiment.  Details


Quartet of Mobile Police Officers on Nigeria Highways – Ehindero must hear This! By Olufemi Brenx

A total of 10 vehicles were rudely and forcefully pulled over and searched like they were being expected at the checkpoint. For me it was a sad experience as they asked for all the usual documents which I produced and then they went further to request for police report and receipt of my car plate numbers, which co-incidentally I had and promptly gave them not to get them angry as these men were behaving like men possessed by demons. Details


Riding Roughshod On The Back Of Nigerians. By Jide Ayobolu

The greatest bane of the Nigerian society is that they easily forget whatever happens to them. They have very short memory, they lack any deep sense of history. It is therefore imperative to underscore the fact that, before the advent of the present democratic order, Nigerians of different shades and persuasions paid the supreme price. Details


Human Rights Defender and Reason. By Mohammed Bala

I am beginning to wonder whether our Gani is not being teleguided to make utterances at a time deemed convenient by some hidden hands. Take for instance when IBB said he was ready for the Presidency of this country again and our Gani was among the earliest that openly scolded IBB and his ambition to stand for elections. He loquaciously harped on the issue as if he was the only Nigerian that has a grudge to settle with IBB, or the only one that has as of right to judge on behalf on others what some are or not. Details


EFCC In Transcorp is a Decoy. By Saint Azuh

From all indications the alleged interrogation of Transcorp directors looks like a decoy trying to divert attention from the current public examination of the shabbily done EFCC report on Vice President Atiku, which prompted President Obasanjo to set up a kangaroo panel whose sole objective Nigerians clearly know, was to stop Atiku from contesting the 2007 Presidential Elections Details


The ANPP Convention Elections: A Victory Over Military Dictatorship. By Jide Ayobolu

The influx of ex-military officers has been unprecedented since 1999, these military personnel now see, the political arena as a vocation that they retire into, so, most of them do not see public office as an avenue for rendering selfless and qualitative service to the people, but instead another means of survival and eking out a livelihood. It is very instructive to note that most of them do not really understand in detail, what democracy and democratic values are. Details



The United States And Its Double Standard  Definition Of World Trouble Spots. By Terkura Aku, Esq.

Washington’s Travel warning piece on Nigeria, the second in the year, issued recently by the US States Department, catalogued a number of sins that qualified Nigeria a spot on its list of top thirty world trouble spots.  This must have elicited a mixture of reactions among Nigerians.  While it might have aroused a feeling of indignation in some, others might have felt the country deserves it, yet others might feel indifferent. Details


Crude Oil Import From Iraq: Another Obasanjo’s Grand Deceit At Kaduna Refinery. By Saint Azuh

The revelation that the Kaduna Refinery now imports crude oil feedstock from Basra, Iraq is not only laughable but could best be described as a well- packaged grand deceit by President Olusegun Obasanjo, the sole administrator of the Petroleum Ministry since May 1999. Details


In Defence Of El-Rufai. By  Hajara Yakubu Wanka

They may say I am talking this way because I applied for El-Rufai’s plot.  I don’t really care for I am only out to defend El-Rufai especially against those who do not care to know the other side of the story. Details


Feasibility Of The Proposed November 4th 2006 Local Government Election. By Akinyemi Akinlabi

The main issue at stake now is that since Iwu’s INEC announced October 7th for the commencement of the voters register nationwide, the FOSIECON or any of its State Chairman has not come out to tell the world if the local government election will still hold on November 4th, 2006 or if would be changed. A general election is a very serious issue and its dates and preparation should be sacrosanct. Details


Nigeria @ Her 46 Goosebump Years. By  Sylvester I. Ukusare, Esq.

This is the moment that the citizenry of this great nation should seeks for a better political environment  through looking for the process to moral change moreover these are the desperate desires of  “Mama Nigeria”. She’s come to passed through these sorrowful years wandering in the wasteland through optimism to improve her predicament for a better tomorrow so to be relieved from the life of nomadic that unfortunately beclouded the bright future. Details


The Relationship Between Poverty And Good Governance. By Suleiman Haruna

When I came across the World Banks Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF) document, I realized that Dr. Okonjo Iweala was not operating in a vacuum. But far from the general belief that she was following a scripted blueprint, she was actually adopting a process that has worked for other countries. Details


The ANPP Convention Elections: A Victory Over Military Dictatorship. By Jide Ayobolu

General Muhammadu Buhari’s chances of contesting the 2007 presidential elections on the platform of his political party, the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) hung in the balance as his candidates for the party positions were worsted at the national convention of the party in Abuja. Details


General Muhammadu Buhari And Governor Attahiru Bafawa’s Misunderstanding Needs To Be Resolved Soon. By Dr. Abubakar A. Muhammad

I am sorry I have digressed. The Buhari-Bafarawa misunderstanding must be nipped in the bud, in the interest of peace and for the interest of the North: that is if such misunderstanding is indeed real. The two leaders must face the true politics of give and take; politics without bitterness, as one of my past and esteemed political leaders, Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri would say. Details


Atiku Got His Wealth Through Hard Work. By Saliu Iyanda

A lot of questions have been asked about how the Turaki Adamawa, and the vice president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar made his money. The reason for this is not far-fetched as a prominent political figure and very important politician in the country, people will certainly want to know more about how he became who he is, since he his a role model to a lot of people in the country and beyond. Details


There Is Ability In Disability.  By Fatima Muhammad Audu

The need for beggars to be wiped off our streets should be emphasized. Some of these disabled beggars beg in the daytime and at nights. They serve as informants to armed robbers. Sometime last year, the police in Maiduguri arrested a disabled beggar. The man is a beggar but also specialized in the supply of human beings to ritual killers! Details


Let He Who Is Without Guilt Cast The First Stone. By D. Akinsanya Juliuson

Honesty is not the best policy in Nigeria of today. Sensitivity is. Some people are born insensitive, some achieve insensitivity and others have insensitivity thrust upon them. This is not the right quotation. But I am sure we all know why I make that remark now. We are dealing with several silly someones, several brood of vipers. If only we had a thick skin, a thick hide, this would be fine. Details


Ogun And The Antics Of A Desperate Opposition. By  Adegbenro Adebanjo

The opposition in Ogun State has gone full circle. At the inauguration of the Government of Otunba Gbenga Daniel they sneered at what they described as his lack of experience in Government that would result in low performance. After the governor has been universally acknowledged to have done creditably well by giving governance a new human face, the opposition changed tactics, calling his projects white elephants. Details