Govt Officials And Port Harcourt Gang Wars: Supposing Clark Presents Cogent Evidence? By Baridon Neeweh, Ph.D.

Barely few days from the declaration in a church by the embattled Rivers State Governor Sir Celestine Omehia that what happened in Port Harcourt recently by hoodlums explained why the former Governor, Dr Peter Odili said a cultist would not succeed him, almost everybody in his executive have been fingered for alleged direct involvement in sponsorship/membership of the gangs that terrorized the state. Details


A Chemist to the Rescue. By  John Igoli

Our Chemist has experimented in the Katsina State lab for eight years and we were assured by the Alchemist that he can perform in the larger laboratory of Nigeria. Unfortunately some of his present crop of reagents (Ministers, Speaker of the National Assembly, Senate President, Governors and Local Government Chairmen etc) are spent, un-reactive or ineffective towards achieving the products now being called the ‘seven point agenda’. Details


Re-Organising Nigeria's Power Sector-- The Challenges Before the National Energy Council (NEC). By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko In his first 100 days in office, which commenced on May 29, 2007; having sworn-in as Nigeria’s President and Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, President Umaru Musa Yar Adua made some major public policy pronouncements concerning the perilous states of Nigeria’s energy and power sectors respectively. In addition, the President also took some public policy actions in line with those public policy pronouncements. Details


Atiku/Buhari: Deconstructing Northern Leaders' Insincerity By Zubby Alazua

When a group of people think they can do the same things the same way all the time and expect different results, the English dictionary describes such mindset as functional insanity.  How else can anybody describe the reported pressure being mounted on Atiku Abubakar and Gen Muhamadu Buhari, presidential candidates of the Action Congress (AC) and All Nigerian Peoples Party (ANPP) respectively by self-acclaimed northern leaders if not to say that it is a  transparent deceit. Details


The Rejuvenated Federal Road Safety Commission Under Osita Chidoka. By Emeka Oraetoka

So far, Osita Chidoka, has succeeded in rejuvenating Road Safety in the last three or four month of his tenure, it is expected that, as he pilots the establishment ahead, more progressive and people oriented traffic control policies would spring forth from his Road Safety. Details


Carving The Menace Of Youth Restiveness In Bauchi At what cost? By Leonard Karshima Shilgba, Ph.D.

I have written and expressed my worries at some decisions by the government of President Yaradua. There are people around Yaradua who are claiming that it is their “time to eat”. They think that being in government is an opportunity to feed fat. Details


Jacob Buba Gyang And His Stalkers. By Emeka Oraetoka

Pull Him Down [PHD] syndrome, appears to have resurfaced  to the point of near institutionalization in Nigeria, in recent times. The trend of character assassination of public office holders, first, on the internet and other information dissemination outlets is a pointer to this view. The case of Jacob Buba Gyang, the Controller General of Customs [CGC] is perhaps the most barefaced and brazen as his traducers appeared to have thrown  tact and finesse  overboard in pursuit of their agenda. Details


The Fall Of King Mourhino. By Uche Nworah

I was wearing my Chelsea shirt even on the day that I almost died at the hands of armed robbers in Abuja. If I had died that day, I would have gone to the grave in a Chelsea shirt. That bloodied and ripped up shirt has since been replaced by wifey with a new shirt now bearing Ezeudo 1. Details


Dismantling Of NNPC: Executive Directive Or Policy Promulgation? By Ifeanyi Izeze

When Nigeria’s upper legislative House, the Senate, described the unbundling of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) by the Presidency as a mere pronouncement without the force of law, it was obvious that President Umaru Yar’ Adua has misfired maybe as result of improper advise from his aides. Details


Maryam Hiyana’s Lagos Escapades. By Saleh Ibrahim Bature

The licentious, odious and shameful latest clip showing Maryam Hiyana, a popular actress in Kannywood Industry and her boy friend posing stark naked as the day they were born, is to say the least offensive. The clip which is described as the most obscene show in the history of film making in Nigeria has generated a heated debate among Hausa home video enthusiasts, stars, producers and the general public. Details


Etteh's Sins Not Women's Failure. By  Marshall Ifeanyi

It is high time the issues surrounding the scandalous renovation contract of the official house of Madam Speaker, Patricia Etteh in the face of the position of womenfolk were put straight. Ever since the news of the scandal flickered into public space, there have been flaks from especially the male circle and persistent women haters – females and females alike. Details


Amnesty for Corrupt Officials. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

If crooked officials, from the days of General Yakubu Gowon through the second coming of President Obasanjo, had been arrested, prosecuted and spent considerable time in jail, there wouldn’t have been a need for what I am suggesting. Details


Mediocrity Rules In The Ministry Of Justice. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

Chief Michael Aondoakaa, SAN, Attorney General and Minister for Justice of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The mere title of this man conjures up a powerful vision and ideals of the type of country we all want our Nigeria to be. The title, that is. But the man conjures up an entirely different vision, a nightmare actually. Details


Dismantling Of NNPC: Executive Directive Or Policy Promulgation? By Ifeanyi Izeze

Though President Yar’Adua has shown some bright spots, interestingly, the controversy generated by the presidential dismantling of the NNPC again raised the question of integrity of some of the existing energy policies in the country. Promulgation procedures that produced majority if not all the existing so-called policies could best be described as gbo-ju gbo-ju.  To say that in real sense, Nigeria lacks a well promulgated energy policy especially in the oil and gas sub-sectors is an understatement. What we have in the country as policies are executive ideas or rather directives. Details


Green Card and Other Realities. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

Before coming to the United States of America, perhaps no one told you “life is hard in Yankee.” I bet no one told you. And even if someone had told you, you wouldn’t have believed his or her counsel. Would you? Indeed for the vast majority of Africans, no one told us the truth about how difficult, complex and discouraging life in this country can be. No one told of how America messes with people’s mind. No one told us how this country tests ones faith. Of how this country can transform one’s essence, for good or for bad. Details


Why Our Lecturers Can’t Teach. By John Igoli

In the last strike by ASUU the message was simply ‘with the situation in our universities, the lecturers can’t teach!’ This was greeted by public outcry, comments for and largely against the strike, call for understanding (with who?), dialogue, salary stoppage and finally ASUU was given a placebo and the lecturers returned to class to continue lecturing but still unable to teach. In Nigeria lecturing can best be defined as the transfer of a lecturer’s notes to the students without knowledge gained or imparted. Classroom lectures have become ardours and time wasting therefore handouts, photocopies and compulsory textbooks are now the fastest means of transfer. Details


In Defence of Shehu Shagari. By  Umar Tsauri Abdullahi

In 1992 I was discussing with General Buhari generally on affairs concerning the nation and he made one statement that has remained in me all years. According to General Buhari, in Nigeria there are three people he does not understand. These people are Tafawa Balewa, General Gowon and Shehu Shagari. This, according to him was because, history as a judge has so far not been fair to these Gentlemen. Details


No! It Is More Northern, Elderly and Islamic Not To Withdraw The Petitions. By Abdullahi Ibrahim Mahuta

No! The new Northern policy direction should be towards enthronement of justice and respect for the rule of law whoever and whatever is at stake. I can not see the logic in the arguments that the insistence of Buhari and Atiku to pursue their legitimate cases at the constitutionally established tribunals will amount to ‘rocking the boat’ – Nigerian or Northern. Details



As Sakkwatawa Break Their Fasting Along With The Mercenary Writers! By Yusuf Dingyadi

Few days ago into the greatest month of Ramadan one of the holy among the months in the Islamic calendar. Some places in Sokoto State are now joined into having free meals of breaking of fast. The first time in history, some Sakkwatawa were starting the holy month with some new alien culture initiated by the hired government Ulamas, known in Sokoto as great Sheikhs, that have substituted the moral preaching into another venture of coordinating free meals services. Details


The Challenges Of Leadership In Taraba State-100 Days After, What Hope For People In The State? By Lawrence P. Ganchok

There has been so much excitement and frenzy generated by a new phenomenon creeping into the Nigerian political lexicon called the 100 days in office by political office holders. This 100 days in office seems to become a yardstick for measuring performance or lack of it by political office holders particularly the office of the president and the state chief executives. I am yet to hear of any office beyond these two that have celebrated 100 days in office. Details


Golden Eaglets: Lessons In Corporate Sponsorship And Sports Development. By  Joseph Anwana

Behind every sports endeavour, there is corporate leverage. This may be a truism in some other parts of the world, where sports is big business and corporate entities see it as a matter of business strategy to support sports in order to reap the socio-economic benefits derivable from sponsorships. In Nigeria, the story is different, what holds true for us is, “after every sport achievement, there are corporate philanthropists jostling to outdo each other”. For corporate sponsors in Nigeria, the strategy is to “identify” with a winning team, which aligns with the maxim, “success has many friends, and failure is an orphan”. Details


Electoral Reforms And The Morality Of Yar’adua’s Presidency. By  Ayo Fawibe

Honestly, Mr. President is actually inflicting more injuries on himself at this time by dwelling on electoral issues when there are pending suits challenging his presidency. First things first, the introduction of the electoral reforms is ill-timed and grossly misplaced at a time when Yar’Adua should relegate the electoral controversies to the backstage and concentrate on winning public confidence through the introduction of policies and programs capable of making life more meaningful for Nigerians. Details


On The Origin Of Blacks' Underdevelopment. By Baba El-Yakubu

However, human capital development cannot be achieved overnight. It takes time. In the interim, blacks need to take action. We have to face reality as it is, not as we want it to be. It remains a fact today that Blackman is a disgrace to himself and a liability to the world. As blacks, this is a fact of our life. Racists and bigots may use it as excuses to disrespect, dehumanize and enslave us. Details


Privatisaton Of NITEL/MTEL: A Monumental Fruad. By Canice.Nwanaeto O. A.

It is amazing to hear what is happening in Nitel/Mtel one year after privatization. The fortunes of the two companies have so dwindled that you begin to imagine whether the core investor Transcorp actually paid for the purchase as claimed by BPE. Subscriber base has gone from 1.2 million lines pre-Privatization to less than 50,000 one year post- privatization. Earning has gone down from N1billion naira monthly in 2005 to less than a million naira one year after privatization. Details


Kano, Almajirai, Yan’ Talla, and the Contradictions Therein. By Abdullah Musa

The reader may note that I used the word ‘menacingly’ to describe the movement of the Almajirai, for that was what it actually was: the boys were unnecessarily so loud, that left me thinking whether it was actually a protest march organized by them, akin to that organized by labor unions to press home their demands. An observer near by was reacting to the thunderous marchers by saying to his companion: it had been reported that huge sums of money was being paid monthly for the Tsangaya project, so why this? Details


The Need For Election Reform   In Nigeria. By Akinwole Ogunlola, Esq.

One can reasonably conclude therefore that an election that does not reflect the wishes of voters due to massive fraud and rigging, as well as emerging government from such hotly  and widely challenged election results as we currently  witnessed in the country cannot be said to be truly representative of Nigerians. Neither can it be said that the Nigerian political class respects the rights of Nigerians to freely choose their leaders, or is guided by the rule of law. Details


A Show of Shame in Bayelsa State? By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

Whatever happened to the thousands of public officials who were dismissed by the government of General Murtala Muhammed, on account of corruption and corrupt practices? Whatever happened to all the men and women who were probed and or prosecuted by the General Buhari and Idiagbon government? They are free: free from arrest, free from prosecution and free from shame. Some have become honorable Ministers, pastors and elders, Even the fellow General Buhari attempted to kidnap from Britain, Umaru Dikko, is alive and well and has become a respectable citizen. Details


Yar Adua’s 100 Days Anniversary. By Nura Nasir

One interesting Nigerian custom that even a foreigner who stays in the country for at least one year appreciates is that - whenever something is said or done nationally, (in most cases) simply means the opposite.Details


The Need For Election Reform   In Nigeria. By Akinwole Ogunlola, Esq.

The need for election reform in the country becomes absolute necessity against the backdrop of massive election rigging by the politicians, well spread rejection of declared results by the people as well as loss of lives and property that usually go along with such election fraud.  Details


Nigeria Must Have A Biometric Citizen Database. - A Brief Suggestion. By Ben Oghre

Lack of enthusiasm, failed leadership, corruption, mismanagement and a lack of dynamism, nationalism and patriotism continues to fail the largest black nation on earth; it is safe to say many black people the world over no longer see Nigeria as a beacon of hope for blacks but one of constant embarrassment and resentment. Details


Due Process For The Wealthy Swift Justice For The Talikawa. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

Nigeria is on its sick bed hemorrhaging to death. Oh my dear Country, we are looking for saviors of this giant of Africa. It must not die. Those who bleed Nigeria must not go scout free either, they must be punished. Justice delayed is justice denied. Once more, we must heed the calling of our grand mothers and fathers to rescue the Country from the hands of quacks by its sick bed. Details



A Glimpse of Experience: Realities and Challenges of Phone Culture of Everyday Life in Nigeria. By Patrick Iroegbu

This short commentary posits that modernism is normality changed or challenged for a better life. As such, becoming modern with the evolution of the use of hand-set or mobile phone means a change in thinking, change in perception of communication problems, and especially change in ways of dealing with the manner of service providers. Details


What Kind Of Change Does America Want & What Change Can She Get In The 2008 Election? By Dr. Wumi Akintide

I don't care what anyone may say about American Democracy and the way it is practiced, even with all its imperfections and foibles, it still remains the best any where in the world when all is said and done. Details


Restoring The Dignity Of The Nigerian. By  John Igoli

One of the greatest source or cause of unhappiness in Nigeria today is unused or untapped talents and resources available to individuals and groups. So many talents and skilled manpower abound yet there is much poverty and unhappiness in the land. Our young men go about looking for jobs to exhibit their education, talents and skills but they cannot find jobs to do. Details


Killing the EFCC Softly. By  Abimbola Adeseyoju

Is it not an irony that the Honourable Minister of Justice believes that the rule of law will be served when people accused of depraving the generality of people in their states of their collective wealth by stealing it for themselves and their families now obtains restraining orders from Kangaroo courts stopping the EFCC from exercising its powers? Details


The EFCC Debacle: Low Men, High Miseries. By Abiola Falayajo

EFCC is a strange beast or if you like, call it monster. A monster created either willingly or otherwise by the ineptitude administration of Obasanjo to hunt not only the corrupt elites but also other financial crime perpetrators. So why any one in his or her right senses would would not support such commission? Except for the obvious reasons. It is not a law unto itself, yet the key role of the commission at this stage of out national life is to improve the way government works. The commission should be commended for getting right in to the belly of the country’s institutions, trying very hard to eradicate decades of corruption and inadequacy. Details


NNDC: Arewa’s Harbinger of Economic Development. By  Bashir Ibrahim Hassan

I am sure NNDC is not averse to new ideas. In fact, the company has been thriving on ideas. Ideas that work, that is. Abdullahi Musa did not tell his readers the fantastic ideas he was at NNDC to sell. However, as a responsible corporate entity, a conglomerate by all standards, NNDC may have its standards of judging unsolicited proposals. Details


National Energy Council (NEC): Oil and Gas and Power Reform Committees – A Return to the Drawing Board? By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

The setting up of new Oil and Gas and Power Sectors Reform Committees respectively, under the auspices of the National Energy Council (NEC) and the inauguration of their respective members by President Umaru Musa Yar Adua on Friday, August 7, 2007 are another set of major landmark policy actions from the President within the first 100 days of his administration.  Details


Boosting Brand Nigeria With The Golden Eaglets Win. By  Uche Nworah

If there were any such team or group responsible for managing the internal and external images of Brand Nigeria, perhaps they would be thanking the gods now for the opportunities they have laid out for them on a golden platter, or rather on a golden cup. This can only be the stuff that brand management dreams are made of; to have your brand being thrust onto the global stage by the activities of a few young men still in their teenage years who through sheer endeavour have used their God-given talent to do themselves, their families and country proud.  Details


Carnage On Our Roads: FG, NURTW, to Blame. By Abdullah Musa

I am beginning to see the wisdom in not caring, not having any values, neither in comparing myself with others. Life seems more attractive, simpler, when I do not have to tackle problems. If the sphere of my influence keeps shrinking, if all of a sudden a catastrophe may wipe out hundred years of investment in either people or places, I should not be motivated to raise any alarm. Details


New Naira Policy: Yar’ Adua’s Ingenuities and Deceptions! By Josiah Ogege-Abedi

Ever since May 29th, 2007, that the Yar’ Adua led administration took over the reigns of power in Nigeria, the onslaught has been slash and burn on the past administration’s economic policies and the reforms as a package altogether. There’s nothing wrong for a newly formed government that has the peoples’ mandate to revisit, rectify, and fix bad past policies of previous administrations, but there’s a grave danger when that government has no defined manifestoes, clear-cut economic plank or economic blueprint or, an articulated sense of direction for the nation to follow through. Details


Election Reform: Confronting a Moral Challenge. By Bashir Usman

The solution to these cumulative legitimacy cankers, there fore, lies not necessarily in constituting a reform committee, not least with a leadership in which few, if it at all people could invest confidence. I am sure as my reader is that all the laws forbidding electoral frauds had been in the electoral system when the PDP rigged the 2003 and 2007 elections. Weren’t they? But they did so because the causative factors   summarized above had been their defining stratagem. So why shall we expend useful resources unnecessarily? Details


Rivers' Amaechi Vs Omehia/PDP: Politics Of Smear Campaign. By Senior Fyneface

Political landscape in Rivers state has always been characterized by interesting features which most times posed difficulties in interpretations using common sense. In the two interesting election-related cases in Rivers state, smear campaigns have emerged as a potent political ploy directed at swaying popular public opinions and maybe decisions of both the apex court and election tribunal. Details


Yar’adua-Okiro Alliance For Police Reform, Anti-Corruption. By Nduka Uzuakpundu

The image of the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) could be a lot better than it presently is. Whatever the perception of the Nigerian public about the officers and men of the NPF may have been reinforced by the recent discovery that some top officials in the Force, who ought to be part of government’s anti-corruption campaign – under the Obasanjo administration – were, much to the chagrin of the Nigerian tax-payer, part of the stench. Details


What Are Yar’Adua’s Ideologies, Values, and Intentions? By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

Where is he taking the country? And no one has asked the President what his philosophy about governance and the rule of law are. No one has asked about his promises and his determinations. No one has asked about his thinking on various aspects of leadership, development and nation building. No one knows his thinking about the man who installed him in power. Details


In Defence Of Obasanjo. By Max Siollun

Nigerians are harsh judges and critics.  With some justification they reserve their harshest criticism for their governments and public leaders.  Thanks to decades of misrule and corrupt incompetence, the stock and respect for public officials has fallen to rock bottom.   Nigerians may have become so accustomed to bad governance that they have blinded themselves to the positives of the last government. Details


Carry on, President Yar Adua. By Gideon Ahiaba

Nigerians should all rise up in support of president Yaradua in order to make the enormous and challenging task of ruling Nigeria fairly easy. Nigerians are hard working and good followers if only they can detect some elements of sincerity and transparency in those that claim to be their leaders; all they are asking for is a conducive environment for them to thrive under. Details


Redenomination Debate: Soludo And His New Naira. By Sani Ibrahim Taura

We earn in dollar and purchase perishable and manufacturing consumables in dollar for our consumption. This particular episode would not auger well for a comparative Naira to a dollar denomination particularly in an economy that has not yet received a concrete price control mechanism and inflationary pressures is yet to be properly checked. Targets and result are only achievable in the long run and is under probability, according to this school of thought. Details


Abuja Makes You A Dirty Multi Millionaire. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

We also know of the new waves of Indians, Chinese and Lebanese who are looking for Nigerian partners that can front for them in order to get some contracts. Of course they will be adequately compensated once the contract survives. If you think these are only desperate and hungry Nigerians who fall for this scheme, you are wrong. You are aware of those who gained oil blocks only to turn around and sell it to foreigners. Details


The National Energy Council (NEC) and Sustainable Energy and Power Sectors Reforms in Nigeria. By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

With the much awaited establishment and inauguration of the National Energy Council (NEC) by President Umaru Musa Yar Adua, the nation may not be far away from getting  new national energy and power policies from the President. The NEC is President Yar Adua’s own “COBRA” team that will from now on, deal with the emergency situations in the nation’s energy and power sectors respectively. Already, a new oil and gas management regime for the country has been unveiled by President Yar Adua at the Wednesday, 29 August 2007 Federal Executive Council (FEC) meeting. Details


Open Letter to Yar'Adua. By Dawari Dan-Harry

Second, a new police force should be formed that will operate parallel to the present Nigerian police. Every recruit of the new police force will have a bachelor’s degree from a Nigerian University because only those who have lived in Nigeria all their lives understand Nigeria better and should have a greater stake in changing the country. The new police force will be trained in Nigeria by ex-police officers recruited from USA and Britain. Details


Governor Celestine Omehia And The Issue Of 100 Days In Office- A Study In Illusion And A Fallacy! By Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

As others celebrate and enjoys full democratic dividends and democratic environment we in Rivers State shall be celebrating Semi State of emergency where the military are in total control of determining when we should wake-up or go to our homes and conduct ourselves on the streets- what a sad feat for Omehia to celebrate. Details


Governor Lamido And Jigawa’s Re: Orientation. By Sani Ibrahim Taura

The advent of the incumbent Civilian administration in Jigawa State with Alhaji Sule Lamido as a Governor is seen by some as a new vista of opportunity to them seeking the Jigawa civil society’s reorientation. But this particular era of Governance under Sule Lamido is unique in style and approach to those who sought for the retention of the status qua ante. Details


Maduekwe: Democracy As Propellant Of Nigeria’s Foreign Policy. By  Nduka Uzuakpundu

The present foreign policy bent is an applauding desire to give the nation’s image renewed refulgence, especially in the manner foreign broadcast and print media would, in the short run, perceive the activities of the Nigerian government. A repeat of a recent unhelpful feature report on the crisis in the Niger Delta, beamed world-wide by Cable News Network (CNN), should be guarded against. Details


Militarization of the Niger Delta is a Threat to Peace. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

The case has already been made by this and other commentators that the recent implosion and explosion in Rivers State (and its environs) was as a direct result of weak institutions, corruption of politics, absence of government and the personalization of law and order by individuals in and out of governments. In effect, the government failed itself and also failed the people. This being the case, the government of President Yar’Adua cannot now turn around and militarize the state all in the name of law and order. There may be a change in personality and attitude, but really, this government is a continuation of the Obasanjo regime -- a regime under whose watch the rot began. Details


Nigerian Police: ‘To Serve and Protect With Integrity?’ By Kabeer Adamu

Sometime last year, the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) carried out a recruitment exercise of some 40,000 young men and women to increase the manpower in the force. I would not have bothered to comment if appropriate measures were taken to properly finance, train and equip these young people. To begin with, the Nigeria Police is grossly under funded to cater for the needs of the existing police officers not to talk of recruits. Details


Nigeria And Her Perpetually Diminished Assembly. By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

Everyone can now appreciate my pain and sadness. Nothing seems to change in our National Assembly, whether it is their strange mindset or the way their leaders are always handpicked by external forces and imposed on them. When Anyim Pius Anyim became Senate President by the “vote” of one man, former President Olusegun Obasanjo, who was not even a member of the National Assembly, and he began to place his godfather’s interests over that of the nation, I lamented here in an essay I titled: “The President Obasanjo Gave The Nigerian Senate.” Details


A Diminished Man. By Obiora Fabian Chukwuma

Nigeria is a nation with a very tragic irony. It boasts a long list of ‘men and women who have contributed immensely to nation building’. Our immediate past president fancies himself as leading the pack in this ‘rare’ breed. But a cursory look at Nigeria vis-à-vis developmental indices throws up very uncomfortable questions especially for Obasanjo, Nigeria’s self acclaimed super-hero. Nigeria is so blessed, yet her people are some of the poorest in the world. What exactly have these ‘patriots’ especially Obasanjo been building? Details


CNN, God’s Warriors and the Rest of Us. By Ahmed Joe

One cannot say with confident finality if the recent 6- hour CNN documentary “God’s Warriors” is another cinematographic rendition of the type of psychological conditioning and mind games the silver screen is better known for. Details


Obasanjo: Beyond the Demonisation. By Patrick Pad

But I feel that criticisms of Obasanjo are grossly overdone. While Obasanjo is definitely not without faults and known weaknesses, few critics give him his due. Certainly in the annals of our political history, Obasanjo seems to be the only leader that has recorded irrepressible achievements in two sectors - banking reforms and in the uptake of mobile phones and internet penetration. Details


Carnage On Our Roads: Agenda For The New Corp Marshal. By Okorie Uzodinma Athan

The human factors which contribute immensely to accidents are many but the high points are drunk driving, over speeding, non adherence to traffic codes, unqualified drivers on the wheel etc. In this country, many drivers do not go through driving school before they start driving. I have heard about people who bought cars and start driving without any form of training. This is very dangerous and should not be encouraged. Details


Violence And Political Thuggery, Who Can Save Our Sokoto Today? By Yusuf Dingyadi

As indigene of Sokoto state, I watched helplessly of how my state is now turning to a battle ground, courtesy of political thuggery. The state that is known for peace and religion tolerance is now turning into arena of violence and political thuggery. This is as result of inadequate security and selfishness of some leaders from the two major political parties of the state PDP and DPP. Details


Challenges Before Nigerian Women NGOs. By Kabiru Inuwa Tsakuwa

The raging debates against the back-drop of the yet to be prove corruption scandal  involving the leadership of the house of representative of the federal Republic of Nigeria had reached a fever-pitch that majority of  the people are at a loss to decipher clearly the hullabaloo of excitement among the generality of Nigerians. Details



In the few years of its establishment no law enforcement agency has established notoriety for such flagrant abuse of due process like the EFCC. While we support the establishment of the EFCC to fight corruption, it has unfortunately fallen into the cesspool of corruption itself and this is why we support the recent call by one of the patriots of this country, Festus Keyamo on Mr. President to investigate the commission  Details


The Restructuring of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC): Some Pertinent Observations. By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

The Unbundling and re-branding of the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) as announced by the Federal Executive Council (FEC) after its regular meeting of Wednesday, 29 August 2007, is another public policy change that may face a lot of public debates in the coming weeks. These debates are going to focus more on the legality, appropriateness and timelessness among other concerns regarding the new policy pronouncement. The debates will be more intense coming just after the now suspended controversial Naira Re-denomination policy announced by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Details


Economic Agenda: Between Theory and Reality. By Yushau Shuaib

Despite the skepticism, the present administration is winning the souls of ordinary Nigerians through populist measures. Some of the measures were influenced by public agitations like the reversal of the Value-Added Tax from 10% to 5%, the reduction of fuel price from N75 to N70; the revocation of the sale of Kaduna and Port Harcourt refineries; the deferment of issuance of waivers and exemptions from the payment of taxes and other tariffs, the suspension of ‘right-sizing’ of civil servants _ a euphemism for job cuts; suspension of illegal deductions from the federation account and the release of Allocation of over N10 billion belonging to local government councils of Lagos State, which the former President Obasanjo had ordered frozen even against the apex court’s ruling. Details


Plea Bargain: Escape Route? By Danlami Alh. Wushishi

While we celebrate the successful civilian to civilian transition, the issue which remains fresh on the lips of conscious Nigerians is the principle of Plea Bargaining. The contention now is whether there is room for the operation of adoption of plea Bargain in Nigeria, or whether the rationale behind the adoption of plea bargain by EFCC is to device a clandestine escape route for some Ex- Governors accused of looting their state treasury. Details


Boarding School. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

I didn’t like day schooling. And I wasn’t sure how things would turn out when the idea of a boarding school was broached. Nevertheless I remember that years before my sojourn, I envied those who went to boarding school. There was something about them: something about their goings and comings, and how they did and said things. Details


The Green Passport Reality TV Show. By  Femi Olawole

Every Nigerian is a critic.  We love to criticize others (except ourselves) for every problem in the world.  We especially love to criticize leadership in every stratum of life---government, employer, church, mosque, institution and even family.  Criticism, to us Nigerians, has been turned into a balm to soothe personal pains, anguish and frustrations in our day-to-day lives.  And this explains our criticism of others even for personal failures, arising from poor life planning. Details


Soludo and Soludonomics. By Max Gbanite

When Prof. Soludo came to head CBN, he made it clear to the deputy governors heading various departments, that he was their god. He spared no one, and was willing to uproot any who stood on his way to making sure that his policies carried the day. It is even whispered in hush-tones that the fear of Soludo is the beginning of wisdom. However, a fearless woman, and the first and only woman deputy governor, Mrs. Mselia; an appointee of Obasanjo stood her grounds against Soludo, and that caused her to be fired. Details


Etteh, PDP, and the Rest of Us. By Olufemi Nelson Fajolu

This case also brought to mind the secret way in which our government is being run. For heaven’s sake, why should government’s activities be run like a secret society? What is wrong in publishing the names of the various contractors handling various government contracts and the amount of respective contracts? Why should the public be left be in the dark about how their taxes are being spent? There is an urgent need for President Yar’Adua to sign the Freedom of Information bill into law now. Details


Yar’adua Finds Credibility In Naira Baptisim. By Michael Okoye

Since 14th August when Prof. Chukwuma Soludo shouted ‘eureka’ he forgot he was  in Nigeria and not at Princeston University conducting some economic research. This day newspaper’s called it the BIG BANG and since then Nigerians who normally have a common way of reacting to news failed nobody’s expectation. Details


Re-discovering Water in Kano. By Suleiman Haruna

The problem is compounded by deteriorating facilities, especially the reticulation, which has remained more or less the same since 1932. The various upgrades conducted by former Governments did not by any means come close to providing the almost 10 million people of Kano with water.  Details


Harmonize Traditional Medicine Before Our Dying Moments. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

There are lessons to learn from Nigerian movies because for the first time some of the fetish practices were brought into open. Once it is transparent, it can be observed for monitoring and regulation. Before these movies, many people heard about shrines with all sorts of exaggerations, myths and innuendoes. Each time we hear the police discover a shrine anywhere in Nigeria, we are surprised at the caliber of people who patronize them. Details



Traditional Values And Culture Take The Back Seat In Nigeria. By Dr. Wumi Akintide

A Tsunami wind of change is currently blowing thru our country’s traditional values most especially in Yoruba Land as traditional rulers, one after another, are quietly and more openly embracing Christianity or Islam, while abandoning their culture, traditional beliefs and values. Details


Where Is The 49% Stake Of Government In NITEL/MTEL? By Mbonu Chris

Mtel staff have never had it this rough!  How could Transcorp that claims to be a world class company fail to revamp Mtel whose network is proud of “voice quality” almost a year after its take over?  How could they allow the staff of Mtel to cry of lack of payment of salary and allowances.  Just how could Transcorp do a thing like that;  could it be sheer wickedness or lack of concern for their staff?   Details


A Letter to Tanko Yakasai. By Babangida Dangora

Sir, Kano has virtually lost its glory, courtesy of my generation. We have not been able to manage let alone, sustain the legacies of your generation. The combined years of Kabiru Gaya, Kwankwanso and the near five years of Shekarau could not bring the desired progress towards building a modern and viable state. Details


Soludo’s Honest Mistake. By Mr. Sabella Ogbobode Abidde

There is even now a rumor to the effect that the boss of the Central Bank of Nigeria may lose his job. But why? The CBN boss need not lose his job over mere miscommunication with the president. Ok, may be it is more than “mere miscommunication” between the governor and his boss; but whatever it was -- unless there was willful attempt on the part of Mr. Soludo to undermine the President, bring disrepute to the country, cause mischief or attempt to injure the nation’s national interest -- there are no valid reasons to fire him or ask him to resign.



Soludo: We Are Not Financially Literate. By Abdullah Musa

Soludo has the un-enviable task of convincing the business class, dominated by illiterates and semi-literates that he means well for the nation. What of the chance however that Soludo being an employee of World Bank is enacting policies that would ruin us for the benefit of his bosses, the white men? That is a possibility, but who asked you to give him the job in the first instance? And like I hinted earlier, we have to define our relationship with Europe and America. Details


Contradictions in the Strategic Agenda of the Naira. By Nazifi Abdullahi Darma

It is surprising that at this material point in time; the Central Bank Governor Professor Charles Soludo has brought to fore, his disdain for the Nigerian people through his proclaimed Strategic agenda for the Naira.The policy pronouncement in essence contained four major planks, each of which left alone to be implemented to the fullest, portend grave danger to the livelihood of 140 million Nigerians living and earning their incomes in the geographical entity called Nigeria. Details


Nigeria: The Schism Persists. By Abdullah Musa

We are not really concerned with the fate of Soludo. He is a professional, has personal financial security, and may pick up his professorial chair afresh if he so wishes. Of interest to us is the jaundiced view of policies. We should not come to equate policies of the nation as being designed to favor a particular segment. We are not saying it does not happen. Obasanjo failed woefully when he became extremely lopsided in his appointments, not trusting other Nigerians to hold all the parastatals he gave to his kinsmen and women. Details


Madam Speaker Plays Her Level. By  Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

By my rough calculation, the whole money involved here is nearly N700 million. What are Etteh and her people doing with Toyota Land Cruiser vehicles? Have these people totally wiped off the notion of service from public office? Is public office in Nigeria merely an all expense-paid very costly, luxury holiday resort, where you merely enjoy yourself at someone else’s expense, and contribute nothing in return?  Details


Niger Delta Under Siege: The Princewill's Option. By Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

Ahamefula Ogbu a Journalist with Thisday Newspapers described the early attack of the militants on the residents of Port-Harcourt the capital of Rivers State thus 'Rambo could not have done better. With automatic rifles in their hands and hate, revenge and murder hanging around their necks, warring cultists took Port Harcourt, Rivers State, by storm yesterday for the second day running. Pandemonium broke out as residents ran for safety. It was sorrow, tears and blood. At the end of it all—or, more aptly, at the interval, for no one knows the end yet—15 persons had been dispatched to their early graves' and true to this unsung prophet no body knew the end as the next few days saw about eighty innocent souls wasted by an agitation uncommon to our people in the Niger Delta.  Details


Yar’Adua’s Image Problem.  By Tochukwu Ezukanma

Ordinarily, Nigerians should be much enthused about a Yar’Adua presidency. For one thing, he is a rare breed in the corrupt and cupid milieu of Nigerian politics. He reportedly has an unquestionable record of probity, decency and incorruptibility. In addition, he cuts the image of a humble, patient and disciplined man. He seems like a listener whom is willing to learn.  Details


Clannish Edward Oparaoji! By Chudi Ikwueze, PhD

Late last year, immediately following the selection of Umaru Yar’Adua as the Peoples Democratic Party’s (PDP) presidential candidate for the April 2007 general elections, Dr. Edward Oparaoji was quick to comment, he ran to town, to the media, with an unsubstantiated allegation to the effect that Umaru Yar’Adua was Islamist. When I read it, it was hard to comprehend what exactly he intended to achieve especially given that Eddy Oparaoji claims membership of Peoples Mandate Party (PMP). Details


Transcorp, IPPs and the Stock Exchange. By Abdullah Musa

There is no synergy as to choice of technology, or even the type of power plant: hydro, gas-powered, coal-fired and so on. I even mentioned the issue of finance. Former NEPA failed because it belonged to the government. With State governments as the new owners of power plants, you cannot rule out appointments based on political patronage; lack of maintenance due to desire of the appointee to make money; and before you know it we would be saddled with numerous power plants with no power supply. Details


There Is More To Democracy Than Voting. By Hamilton Odunze

In the past few years, democracy has become a familiar word with Nigerians; yet, it is obvious that our understanding of the concept is narrow. Otherwise, Obasanjo’s totalitarian regime would not have gained legitimacy by pinning democratic labels upon itself. Details


Lost in Space: Chaos in Nigeria’s Telecoms and Information Technology (IT) Policies. By Abubakar Atiku Nuhu-Koko

The latest attempts by President Yar Adua’s administration to right the many wrongs of his predecessor’s chaotic Telecommunications (Telecoms) and Information Technology (IT) policies failures and blunders is a welcome development. However, some of the present government’s supposedly corrective measures still leave the Telecoms and IT policy arenas murkier than clearing the fog beclouding them. Details


In A Lighter Mood: The Way We Seriously Feel About Our Leaders. By Akintokunbo A Adejumo

There is too much liquid cash circulating in the various governments. State Governors, normally, should not be able to spend a single kobo without approval from their States’ Houses of Assembly. But in Nigeria, most Governors have the state legislators, irrespective of political parties, in their pockets; hence they are in collusion with each other to steal money. You should see them sharing the loot, eyes bulging out with greed. It is not a pretty sight. Details


The Opposition Parties And Instrument Of Persecution In Rivers State. By Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

It sounds like a fairy tale when at the tail end of Sir Odili's administration that the members of the family of the former Speaker of Rivers State House of Assembly Hon Rotimi Amaechi were thrown to the streets based on the order on them by the then Governor Odili to vacate the house being processed through the monetization policy of Federal Government that states that Government Functionaries are free to purchase their official residential houses at the end of their tenure in office. Details



Too Early to Celebrate! By Kabiru Inuwa Tsakuwa

I’m not an agent of doom neither an in-curable pessimist. I’m only afraid about the new frenzy of celebrations by Nigerians about some few positive measures taken by Mallam Umar Musa ‘yaradua’s administration so far, taking into consideration the phenomenon of History that has an un-usual ability to always find a way of repeating it self. We are very much aware about the same populist measures adopted by all the previous administrations to gained the much needed legitimacy, after which, they turned out to be worst than the governments they replaced! Details


Mrs. Etteh Financial Scandal. By Usman Falal

I have always defended women because i am passionate about mothers, but the recent madam speaker action of reckless abuse of office and misappropriation of public funds in less than 100 days of assuming the leadership of House of Representatives is reprehensible. This story is not worth saying much on, I know its going to happen. Details


What Is The Real Meaning Of The Proposed Re-Denomination Of The Naira? By Ibrahim Umaru

It therefore appear that the CBN is in a hurry to accomplish within a short term what has taken other countries careful planning, commitment and decades to establish. We have demonstrated elsewhere that the Nigerian economy has in the last eight years performed appreciably well especially in the area of macroeconomy, but poorly in the socioeconomic sphere and ecological department. Details


A Qualitative Cost Benefit Assessment Of The Redenomination Of The Naira. By  Dr. Emmanuel Ojameruaye

As with any major economic issue, the announcement was accompanied by both praise and condemnation by Nigerians from all walks of life. The objective of this paper is to examine the likely benefits and costs of the proposed redenomination of the naira, and make some recommendations to improve the process. The analysis is qualitative due to the paucity of relevant data and time constraint to conduct a quantitative analysis. I will begin by describing what currency redenomination is all about and the rationale for it. Details