The United States And Its Double Standard  Definition Of World Trouble Spots. By Terkura Aku, Esq.

Washington’s Travel warning piece on Nigeria, the second in the year, issued recently by the US States Department, catalogued a number of sins that qualified Nigeria a spot on its list of top thirty world trouble spots.  This must have elicited a mixture of reactions among Nigerians.  While it might have aroused a feeling of indignation in some, others might have felt the country deserves it, yet others might feel indifferent. Details


Crude Oil Import From Iraq: Another Obasanjo’s Grand Deceit At Kaduna Refinery. By Saint Azuh

The revelation that the Kaduna Refinery now imports crude oil feedstock from Basra, Iraq is not only laughable but could best be described as a well- packaged grand deceit by President Olusegun Obasanjo, the sole administrator of the Petroleum Ministry since May 1999. Details


In Defence Of El-Rufai. By  Hajara Yakubu Wanka

They may say I am talking this way because I applied for El-Rufai’s plot.  I don’t really care for I am only out to defend El-Rufai especially against those who do not care to know the other side of the story. Details


Feasibility Of The Proposed November 4th 2006 Local Government Election. By Akinyemi Akinlabi

The main issue at stake now is that since Iwu’s INEC announced October 7th for the commencement of the voters register nationwide, the FOSIECON or any of its State Chairman has not come out to tell the world if the local government election will still hold on November 4th, 2006 or if would be changed. A general election is a very serious issue and its dates and preparation should be sacrosanct. Details


Nigeria @ Her 46 Goosebump Years. By  Sylvester I. Ukusare, Esq.

This is the moment that the citizenry of this great nation should seeks for a better political environment  through looking for the process to moral change moreover these are the desperate desires of  “Mama Nigeria”. She’s come to passed through these sorrowful years wandering in the wasteland through optimism to improve her predicament for a better tomorrow so to be relieved from the life of nomadic that unfortunately beclouded the bright future. Details


The Relationship Between Poverty And Good Governance. By Suleiman Haruna

When I came across the World Banks Comprehensive Development Framework (CDF) document, I realized that Dr. Okonjo Iweala was not operating in a vacuum. But far from the general belief that she was following a scripted blueprint, she was actually adopting a process that has worked for other countries. Details


The ANPP Convention Elections: A Victory Over Military Dictatorship. By Jide Ayobolu

General Muhammadu Buhari’s chances of contesting the 2007 presidential elections on the platform of his political party, the All Nigeria People’s Party (ANPP) hung in the balance as his candidates for the party positions were worsted at the national convention of the party in Abuja. Details


General Muhammadu Buhari And Governor Attahiru Bafawa’s Misunderstanding Needs To Be Resolved Soon. By Dr. Abubakar A. Muhammad

I am sorry I have digressed. The Buhari-Bafarawa misunderstanding must be nipped in the bud, in the interest of peace and for the interest of the North: that is if such misunderstanding is indeed real. The two leaders must face the true politics of give and take; politics without bitterness, as one of my past and esteemed political leaders, Alhaji Ibrahim Waziri would say. Details


Atiku Got His Wealth Through Hard Work. By Saliu Iyanda

A lot of questions have been asked about how the Turaki Adamawa, and the vice president of the federal republic of Nigeria, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar made his money. The reason for this is not far-fetched as a prominent political figure and very important politician in the country, people will certainly want to know more about how he became who he is, since he his a role model to a lot of people in the country and beyond. Details


There Is Ability In Disability.  By Fatima Muhammad Audu

The need for beggars to be wiped off our streets should be emphasized. Some of these disabled beggars beg in the daytime and at nights. They serve as informants to armed robbers. Sometime last year, the police in Maiduguri arrested a disabled beggar. The man is a beggar but also specialized in the supply of human beings to ritual killers! Details


Let He Who Is Without Guilt Cast The First Stone. By D. Akinsanya Juliuson

Honesty is not the best policy in Nigeria of today. Sensitivity is. Some people are born insensitive, some achieve insensitivity and others have insensitivity thrust upon them. This is not the right quotation. But I am sure we all know why I make that remark now. We are dealing with several silly someones, several brood of vipers. If only we had a thick skin, a thick hide, this would be fine. Details


Ogun And The Antics Of A Desperate Opposition. By  Adegbenro Adebanjo

The opposition in Ogun State has gone full circle. At the inauguration of the Government of Otunba Gbenga Daniel they sneered at what they described as his lack of experience in Government that would result in low performance. After the governor has been universally acknowledged to have done creditably well by giving governance a new human face, the opposition changed tactics, calling his projects white elephants. Details


Why Ehindero Must Resign Now. By Jide Ayobolu

The present IGP, Sunday Ehindero has failed woefully in the discharge of his duties and responsibilities in the country. The politically motivated assassinations are a very serious and dangerous dimension to the already very volatile political situation in the country and the IGP has not been able to apprehend anybody. Just come to think of it, if you take stock of what has been happening from 1999 till date, nobody has been caught for these political killings. It’s all left to speculation. Details


EFCC: Ndaguba's Words Against Terrorism. By  Nduka Nzuakpundu

Of the series of coups in the country – thank goodness, the high frequency has melted since 1992 – Ndaguba will, most probably, recall – on a precise lane of memory – the one of 1976, in which the head of state – General Murtala Mohammed, his aide-de-camp and Colonel Ibrahim Taiwo – the governor of Kwara State – were felled. That year, he had the duty – on the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Lagos – to anchor a live programme on the execution of the Buka Suka Dimka-led coup-plotters. A mournful Ndaguba – accoutered in a black shirt – had to apologise for the poor visuals of the execution – at well after sundown – at the Bar beach. That the visuals of the execution were so ‘poor’ may have been a deliberate editorial judgement by the NTA – for fear of offending the feelings of some viewers with an explicit coverage of what later became known as ‘bar beach show. Details


Unmasking the Kano Masquerades. By Jaafar Jaafar

Of course, as things seem to unfold, every right-thinking indigene of Kano should be worried sick about the way the government runs its affairs. In a way, one gets stunned by the way the government embraces propaganda and deception as if articles of faith. Details


Obasanjo: Mere Speeches Are Not Just Enough. By Jide Ayobolu

President Obasanjo should know that mere speeches are not just enough. He should do what is morally and legally right. Nigerians can no longer be taken for a ride. People are watching closely, the unfolding political scenario and time will tell; in the final analysis those who will be on the right side of history.  Details


Nigerian Oil Sector:  Obasanjo’s Lamentable Upstream Of Distress. By Senior Fyneface

The situation is pathetic and no matter how many trips Dr Edmund Dakouru makes to China to woe investors, as long as President Obasanjo continues to combine the post of the president with that of the Petroleum Minister, the pitiable condition of the nation’s upstream sub-sector would continue to grow from bad to worse. Details


Aftermath ANPP election and Buhari's Comment. By Sani Garba Mohammed

Lastly, I want assure the General, Kano delegates did not in anyway gives room for rigging to be carried out, and will never be a party to those against you. More so, even if they did not vote your {our} candidates, it is their inalienable rights, for in politics there is no permanent friend but permanent interest, let them have their way, and we have our say. Details


The Technicalism  Of  Evolutional Trends In Governance. By Sylvester I. Ukusare

However, the countdown to Nigeria’s polls in 2007 is now  by the wayside with less than 227 days. Meanwhile,  the drum beaters with the trumpeters are now with their propaganda  instruments in every nook and crannies of the Nigerian nation seeking for grassroots votes through the melodic rhythm composed with the song of optimistic and futuristic government to come  next year Details


Corruption In Nigeria: A Restless Run Of Locust. By Jide Ayobolu

In the report, it was said that 64.1 per cent of the respondents said that corruption has increased in Nigeria since 1999; 13.9 per cent said that corruption has increased slightly; while 7 per cent said it corruption had remained the same; 9 per cent said corruption has slightly decreased; 3 per cent said corruption has decreased a lot and 3 per cent said they don’t know. Details


Understanding the Revenue Allocation Formula. By Yushau A. Shuaib

The politics of revenue allocation even in the present democratic dispensation has been so contentious that a week after, the Special Committee headed by House Leader, Abdul Ningi had to undertake Public Hearings between August 28 to30, 2006 across the six geopolitical zones. In all the centres there were heated debates and even some threats...The spirit behind lumping the funds into FG’s, is to guard against the repeat of constitutional errors which the Supreme Court voided in its ruling of April 2002. The 6.5% would be applied as follows: Ecological Fund 1.50%, Solid Mineral Fund 1.75%, National Reserve Fund 1.50% and Agricultural Development Fund 1.75%. Details


The Metamorphosis Of Obasanjo Since 1999. By  Jide Ayobolu

The point is that Nigeria is still very rotten from head to toe. And, nothing has changed significantly in the country, in terms of corruption since 1999, except for much sound and fury signifying nothing. The fact remains that corruption still goes on in very high places in government and nobody is doing anything about it, for instance, the RMFAC has said repeatedly that the NNPC has failed consistently to remit all its revenue into the federation accountDetails


Shekarau and  2007 Election. By Kabiru Inuwa

The general belief among the people is that no incumbent Governor ever ruled Kano twice right from the second republic up to the forth republic. But barring any unforeseen circumstance and considering the way he has so far handled various interest group, it is most likely that Mallam Shekarau may break the jinx to stage a triumphant come back to the coveted seat of governance at the Africa house. Details


A Review of Niger Delta Human Development Report. By Otive Igbuzor, Ph.D.

In Nigeria, the challenges of development of the Niger Delta dates back to the colonial times and efforts to deal with the problem also dates back to that period. However, in recent years, the urgency to deal with the challenges has become more critical with increasing crime wave in the region, hostage taking of oil workers and emergence of militias. Details


Is Peace Impossible in Nigeria? By  Victor E. Dike

Nigeria is currently pictured as a society everyone wants to avoid, as a chaotic and unsafe society, as a corruption-infested society and as a society where the common belief is that one may not succeed in whatever one does honestly and with integrity. For many, life is hopeless and unbearable and this negativism is affecting every aspect of life in the nation. Details


Torn Between EFCC And Due Process. By Farouk Martins, Omo Aresa

The Economic and Financial Crime Commission has come under fire lately for the rough but Nigerian ways of dealing with looters. Of course, I am concerned about due process. I am even more concerned about those who think they can get rid of Nuhu Ribadu and would like to give a dog a bad name before they hang him. I hear hypocrites’ cries about how “his” war against corruption is sectional and a tool for Ali Baba, I mean Baba Iyabo, against his enemies. But when he asked how many Nigerian Head of State has allowed anyone to go after his friends, they go deaf and dumb. Details


There Is No Such Thing As Niger Delta. By Carlisle U.O. Umunnah

Today, what we have is Niger Basin not Niger Delta. Niger Delta is an external-creationism imposed on us to keep us divided, disorganized to display irresponsibility to our families and own kind. Now that you know the genesis behind Niger-Delta and the collectivism found within the framework of Niger-Basin Authority, the attended deprivation based on non-visionary, non-peoples programs and the other based on visionary, peoples programs what do we do?  Details


More than anywhere else on the face of the earth, the above otherwise curious but, all the same, factual statement aptly captures the exact situation with our fabled electoral process here in Nigeria, in which the results of contested elections usually turn out to be anything other than the true reflection of the wishes of the electorate that brave the odds - and there are multitude of them Details



The Buhari/Bafarawa Needless Feud. By  Mohammed Bala

The recent face up between Gen. Buhari and the Governor of Sokoto State, Bafarawa has attracted the attention of many Nigerians, especially Northerners, who mostly regard the imbroglio as needless. What galvanized the duo to engage one another in the feud, is surely a very small issue that does not need the harangued and unsavoury remarks made by them on one another. Details


Political Stalemate In The Offing In 2007 Senate President And Not ING To Fill Discovered Lacuna. By  Omo Omoruyi

There is an organized plan to foist stalemate on the political succession come May 29, 2007.  From the way the Independent National Election Commission (INEC) is made to carry on with its assignment by this administration, it should be obvious by now that no conclusive Presidential election would result from the exercises that would commence in April 2007 and there is likely not going to be a person to be sworn in on May 29, 2007. Details


Ribadu and His Learned Friends. By Olasite Edward

I usually do not respond to issues in our country by writing in the public space. However this time I feel the situation demands a response. The issue this time is the responses of two public commentators I hold in high esteem, namely Reuben Abati & Levi Ebijiofor to the call of the outgoing NBA president for EFCC chairman Nuhu Ribadu & FCT minister Nasir El-Rufai to be removed. Details


Buharism And Nigerian Masses: The Need For The Struggle. By  Ishaku A Liman

The concepts fought gallantly to reduce if not totally eliminate the privileges of some little nobility to enthrone the equality of all citizens before the law. The term also indicates a total battle against indiscipline, nepotism and bad manners, corruption as well as bribery.  Details


Therefore, it would not be surprising if Nigeria’s State Security Service (SSS) agents tried to ‘take a second look’ on an unusual behavior of a foreigner in Nigeria even if that foreigner happens to come from a country that is friendly to Nigeria. According to the news, SSS press release stated that the so-called "intern" was reported to have had extensive connections with Saudi Arabia, was an American, living in an administrative premise of an organization Details


Care For Disabled Children: Who’s Responsibility? By Jennifer Ozumba

It soon became apparent that Social Welfare had their hands tied, as there was little they could do without the sufficient funds or existing adequate services to tap into.  In one case, some money was promised by a Local Government yet it never came in time and the child sadly died. Details


Reflections On The Ogoni Ethnic Minority Of Nigeria’s Niger – Delta Region. By  Oche Onazi

Exclusion or the lack of equitable distribution of political and economic resources is central to claims of Minorities in Nigeria. Nevertheless, description of minorities in the Nigerian context is problematic; they are defined strictly in numerical and ethnic terms; social, religious, linguistic or even geographical perceptions of the term are lacking.  Details

El-Rufai And The Night Club Pledges. By Isa Sanusi

No one, not even the land dealers and habitual violators of laws of the nation will take away the credit due to Mallam Nasir el-Rufai for the good work he has been doing in giving Nigeria at least one and only city where things work. Living in every other city for only a day tells one that indeed the nation needs people like el-Rufai to make cities like Lagos, Port Harcourt, Maiduguri, Kano, Enugu, and Kaduna safe for human habitation.  Details


Bakassi: What Nigeria Should Have Done, And, What It Should Do. By Fatihu A. Abba

Now that the “resource rich” Bakassi peninsula has been formally ceded to Cameroon by Nigeria, and considering the validity of Dr. Sergei Vinogradov’s statement over ten years ago that “every square kilometer ‘obtained’ or ‘lost’ in boundary demarcation or delimitation could mean millions of dollars of ‘gained’ or ‘lost’ resources”; The question is, “what should have been done to have averted ceding Bakassi and its enormous natural resources to Cameroon as a result of the Decision in the case concerning the Land and Maritime Boundary between Cameroon and Nigeria (2003, ICJ Rep. 272 hereinafter the “Case” or “Instant Case”)? Details


INEC’s Fraudulent Practice. By Jide Ayobolu

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) recently submitted a supplementary budget of N19.7 billion to the House of Representatives in order to meet its financial obligations for the conduct of the 2007 general elections. Its submission of the supplementary budget to the House Committee on Finance arose from its delay in submitting to the budget office on time. The submission of the budget came just as the special adviser to the president on Budget Monitoring and Price Intelligence Unit, Professor Adekunle Wahab, criticized INEC for inflating its vehicles budget by N34 million. Details


Why Must “Power Shift”? By Babayola Toungo

The clamour for power shift by disparate political groups across the country has taken a life of its own to the detriment of issues.  The fad now is to shout loudest as to the desirability of your local area to produce the President or else the world will come to an end.  No one among the plethora of these later day irredentist gives a hoot about what they will do with the power once it is “shifted” to their locality or what may be in it for the average poor man.  Details


In Defence of EFCC. By Abdulrahman Muhammad Dan-Asabe, Ph.D.

The Nigerian leader, President Olusegun Obasanjo, is on record as one of the few African leaders who have publicly denounced corruption and vowed to fight the menace by putting an end to the culture of “business as usual” in Nigeria.   The president rightly recognises corruption as a major factor that has stagnated the growth and prosperity of African nations in general and Nigeria in particular.  Details


AshakaCem N5.5 Billion Coal investment in Gombe State. By Bakura M. Bajoga

In Nigeria, coal is presently used as our energy fuel in brick factories, foundries, laundry and brickets industries.  Other factories for which it forms an important raw material base are in tyre and battery manufacture as well as substitute for fuel wood in domestic cooking.  And will be used in cement production when AshakaCem Plc starts coal burning.  Details


The Case Of A Drowning Man. By Anas Abdullahi

To sum it all, the North as it is today is grossly underdeveloped. Poverty, illiteracy, poor healthcare, malnutrition, infant mortality, polio, street beggars, are all very visible in the North. All the issues highlighted above are very essential for the development of the North once such setback are addressed it will gradually have a multiplier effect on the entire economy of the North and the country in general. But who will do this Details



What Would Obasanjo Change If Suddenly He Could? By D. Akinsanya Juliuson

This is the right time to show the world that we are serious and we can achieve just about anything we want. Let’s show the world that we’re tired, frustrated, depressed or that we don’t believe in ourselves, and the world will probably agree. We have forever been playing around with our economy and having too good a time, but thank God, we are now in a position, to start behaving like mature Nigerians.  Details




N600 Million Loan To Federal Ministry Of Education: The Truth Professor Peter Okebukola Does Not Want Not Tell. By Samuel Akinbode Agbaoye

I could go on and on and on raising questions that beg answers on this matter.  The simple truth is that Prof. Borishade and Prof. Okebukola had made personal gains on this deal and were eager to conclude it, even if it meant breaking the law. Details


Rejoinder: 2007: Vatsa And Other Political Distractions. By Dr. Azimeh Arigu

IBB’s hands are full of questions, he needs to answer the questions satisfactorily and Nigerians should be allowed to do some analysis on him, ask him questions as he is trying to come back in 2007. He has been given opportunity many times to defend some of his actions on some issues that happened during his reign and he has always avoided answering them.  Details


Open Letter to Members of the National Assembly. By Abubakar Sadiq Farouq

The question would then be: Why is the Commander-in-Chief, President Olusegun Obasanjo, who has been fingered on so many occasions for office malpractices e.g. alleged illegal withdrawal of huge sums from the federation account running into billions, be walking about free from the oversight sanction of the Senate? Have the Distinguished Senators forgotten so soon that their colleague and former President, Senator Adolphus Wabara, was removed from his position for “mere” 55million Naira bribery scam. Details


Nigeria’s Senior Citizens Deserve Better Treatment. By  Victor E. Dike

People fight against social injustice because political struggles are about social justice, which is most often guided by a person’s ideological ethical and ideological conviction. However, many of the political leaders in Nigeria are not concerned about social justice because they care mostly about how much public money they could steal and whom to kill to remain in power. Details


PDP And 2007 Adamawa Governorship Race. By Zayyad I. Muhammad

While in every state of the federation the PDP factions are either called Obasanjo or Atiku faction, Ahmadu Ali or Lar faction, in Adamawa state the two factions have names dubbed to them by ordinary man on the streets; the Obasanjo-led faction under the leadership of Jibrin Aminu is called ‘PDP mai bindiga’ (PDP by the barrel of the Gun), while the Atiku led faction is called ‘PDP mai jama’a’ (PDP of the people). Details


Does African Philosophy Exist? By Michael Oluwagbemi

Were our forbearers non-thinking creatures? Are we still thinking? Do we have a school of thought that equips our policy makers, guides our scholars and provide guidance for our development? Or are we just living on borrowed thought and precepts? Were the beautiful arts of Africa, especially today’s Nigeria looted by the European aggressors and now in their museums and private collection, shaped by a non-thinking mind? Details


The North and the Search for Oil! By Zayyad I. Muhammad

Out of the forty-six years of Nigeria’s political independence; northern elites had power on their grab for nearly thirty-eight years; what is boggling the minds of northern talakawas is; what had stopped the elites then, in making a true resolute effort in the search for oil in north, despite the fact that, preliminary geological survey had shown evidence of oil existence? Details


The Uncertainty  Of Nigeria  Indivisibility. By Mr. Sylvester I. Ukusare, Esq.

In all, Madam Dr. Ngonzi Okonjo-Iweala is a celebrated progeny of Delta state  likewise a pride to the corporate state so she’s commended to keep her shoulders high for being a professional and she should adopt to the condom of linguistic simplicity with pride since by destiny, the sky is her limit. Details


Can USA Police System Work In Nigeria? (Part Two). By Kunle I Sowunmi

The first part of this article called for the establishments of State and cities police system of administration in Nigeria following the much frightening unsolved murder cases in the last five years in Nigeria. The article called for the police system to be fashioned along the USA style. Details


2007: Vatsa And Other Political Distractions. By Capt.  Abdul  A. Alliu

First, it was retired General Domkat Yah Bali who came out to say that there was “not enough evidence” before the Armed Forces Ruling Council (AFRC) in the 1986 conviction and execution of General Mamman Jiya Vatsa and company for a coup plot. Really!!! Then, there was the hypocritical and mischievous spectacle of President Obasanjo receiving Mrs Safiya Vatsa and sons (missing Bali!) at the State House with a promise to “review” the conviction and execution of her husband. All these, ostensibly, are supposedly political plots to embarrass or intimidate former president Ibrahim Babangida from contesting the 2007 presidential election. Different tactics has also been put in place to check-mate any other possible contestant for that position. Details


Adamawa Healthcare Delivery: The Howard University Visitors. By Babayola Toungo

There was a news item in the Daily Trust of Monday July 31st, 2006 to the effect that physicians from the Howard University in the United States treated 10,000 patients and performed surgery on 300 others in Adamawa State within a period of two weeks.  This may sound laudable as part of the state government’s effort in providing qualitative healthcare to the people of the state.  But then I asked myself certain questions that I believe should have been made public by the authorities as part of the news item. Details


The Unjust Detention Of Two Journalists In Ebonyi State. By Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

Nigerians, especially, the press and civil society, and all friends of Nigeria, should rise this time and the challenge the crude, illegal action of the Ebonyi State Government and insist that on no account should Gov Egwu or anyone use a dead law to intimidate journalists carrying out their legitimate duty.  Details



Unsolved Murder Cases: Can USA Police System Work In Nigeria? By Kunle I Sowunmi

I was astonished and scared to last the liquid of the marrow of my bone to read the list of the unsolved murder cases in Nigeria as published and as listed below in the last 5 years in one of the Nigerian news media. The list could be endless because it does not include those killed by voodoo and armed robbers throughout the 36 states in the corporate entity called Nigeria including the death of Dele Giwa in 1986 and the wife of MKO Abiola in 1996Details


Nation:  Invested With Nest Of Killers. By Lanre Ogundipe

The sectarian killing that has engulfed the political landscape of Nigerian nation is a pointer to the fact that the state has failed in its primary duty as enunciated in the constitution to provide security for its citizens. Neither is there any picking of bones from the seat of powers to start shifting blames on any of its apparatus saddled with the responsibility of providing security. Details


Nigeria Will Be Broke Before May 2007. By Senior Fyneface

From the way the President is carrying on by committing the incoming government to projects that they cannot reverse without incurring financial loose to the nation, his actions will cause havoc a have a destabilizing effect on the system especially now that we are trying to nurture the first handover ever from one democratically elected government to another. Details


The Place Of The Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation In The Economic Transformation And Development Of Nigeria. By  Otunba Olajide

One of the cardinal programmes of the Obasanjo led administration when it came on board in 1999 was the radical development of agriculture in all its ramifications, not only as a veritable way of bringing about the all-round development of the Nigerian state, but also as propitious channel of systematically diversifying the mono-cultural tendencies of the Nigerian economy. Details


Still On Nigerians In Diaspora. By Anthony A. Akinola

Unlike in the past when those who stayed behind were considered as failures, “diasporean” Nigerians of today are skilful professionals contributing substantially to the sustenance of their host of new nations’ economy and social infrastructures.  Details



Baseless Optimism Will not Change Nigeria. By John Iteshi

One has now stronger reasons to shift further away from the popular belief that Nigeria’s failures have been caused largely by poorly educated people at the helm of affairs. The seemingly unanimous belief  among Nigerians that once you have grabbed chains of PhDs, you are ripe for leadership positions has to be quashed as a better view seems to be that one hundred and twenty million Nigerian PhD holders cannot change Nigeria without basic understanding of relevant issues as well as some unity and sincerity of purpose. Details


How to Help EFCC Succeed. By  E. Terfa Ula-Lisa, Esq.

Could it be that the contracts were given to party hacks and the payments shared out in the usual Nigerian practice without regard to performance of the job? Are the contracts a means of doling out patronage to party faithful? That is what the EFCC was set up to find out and stem. They should be allowed free access to do their job. Support the EFCC. Details


Letter to ‘President’ Jerry Gana. By Nasiru L. Abubakar

Many people are still questioning your moral stance to aspire to be the number one citizen of this country. They are quick to point at the ignominious role you played in the now buried third term ambition of the president, which would certainly have denied you, and many others, the level playing ground for you to realize this tall dream of yours. As for me, you are very much free to aspire to any position in the country. But your formal declaration was nothing but a charade. Details


Kukah’s Embarrassing Intervention. By  Ugochukwu Ejinkeonye

When I heard that Professor Jerry Gana, the unabashed defender and Chief Propagandist of the most horrible and extremely corrupt and brutal dictators that have ever misruled Nigeria, has also joined the race to become Nigeria’s president, I wondered what kind of country I have found myself in. Details


Obasanjo Blindfolds The Nation On Transcorp. By Jide Ayobolu

However, it has always been said that in actual fact, the president has about 600 million shares in Transcorp, and only 200 million of the shares are held in blind trust. The shares were bought for N1 each and in less that six month there was a private placement for N6 per share, so, the president made cool billions effortlessly, Details


The Sermon During Funsho Williams Burial. By Jide Ayobolu

The sermon preached during Funsho Williams burial told the whole story about why Nigeria has remained the way it is.  When people who are at the helm of affairs fail to do what they ought to do, when it should be done, and after sharing crocodile tears, they cry over split milk. The sermon by Reverend Father Ubili’s was full of fire and admonition. Details


Brain drain:  the Nigerian Situation. By Dr. Jide Adelugba

They relentlessly pursued their own agenda It is doubtful if one can really discuss the issue of brain drain without making some reference to patriotism. Patriotism, that is, love and devotion to one’s country can not be absolute, quite often it is situated in an identifiable social context. Details


Nigerian Students’ Movement In Perspective. By Ibrahim Kolawole

Without mincing words, the state of the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) is nothing to write home about. The Nigerian students’ movement has lost all the radical fibres it was formerly recognized for.  Details


Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala My Foot. By  Nduka Uzuakpundu

The political injustice and gender-related maltreatment to which the Obasanjo administration has subjected Okonjo-Iweala is the denouement of massing conclusive evidence that the Nigerian political terrain is no quarters for the diligent, altruistic, if unsmiling, public servant. Details


Welcoming Back The National Assembly Members From Recess. By Jide Ayobolu

Closely, related to this is the worrisome and disturbing issue of unbridled politically motivated killings in the country, for one, not a single case of all those that have been killed since 2000 have been unraveled, yet, the assassinations have continued unfettered, the fact of the matter is that life is so cheap and meaningless in Nigeria. Details